Current project: Thoroughly overhaul all the Egyptian God articles. A lot of the current pages (including the previously linked page, the card pages, the Tips, Trivia, and Appearance pages, the episode summaries, and so on) are badly organized and have inconsistent and repeated stuff everywhere.

First step: Rewatch every episode in which an Egyptian God appears or is mentioned, preferably in both the dub and original, and keep track of what effects it appears to have or not have as well as what characters say about it. Another important thing is to keep track of what may be a Battle City vs OCG/TCG rule difference instead of a card's effect. For example, Kaiba reviving Obelisk and having Yugi's attack automatically redirect toward it is most likely a Battle City rule difference, as similar 'interceptions' have occurred before.

All episode details will be recorded below as they are watched. Currently watched: 1 episode.

Episode 54:

  • Kaiba Summons Obelisk, then Tributes 2 monsters. Obelisk is able to destroy "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" (4500 ATK) and drop the opponent's LP from 4000 to 0. When he activates Obelisk's effect, in the dub, he says "Absorb their power to increase your own", and Mokuba says "He defeated Ultimate Dragon with a single punch". The (rather poor) Japanese subtitles of the original have Kaiba say "Use your maximum strength...absorb the energy of the two monsters", followed by one of the technicians saying "The [attack] is increasing fast". Mokuba says something along the lines of "The [opponent's] Life Points were drained in an instant".
  • It appears that Obelisk is actually declaring an attack during the Battle Phase rather than using an effect during the Main Phase. It's also implied that Obelisk's ATK has increased, but no number is shown. Either way, this episode doesn't provide too much clear information.

Episode 60:

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