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Hello, I am an avid fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! for many years. I play the OCG competitively, got into the top ranking lists for 2018 Season 2. My main decks are Chaos Dragons (TCG), Gladiator Beasts, Gouki (Pure and Knightmares) and Prank-Kids (OCG)

As a wiki member, I'll try to help around and usually try to keep the card pages updated, but generally assisting my fellow Content Moderators when they need a hand.

I am also an active Discussions and Discord Moderator and wish for the two communities to engage with each other more often. Feel free to go there for a chat or ask anything Yu-Gi-Oh!-related. The fun has just begun! ;)

God Blaze Prank-Kids (Jan 2019 OCG Banlist)
Pure Gouki (Jan 2019 OCG Banlist)
Campus League Singapore Top 4: Gouki (Jul 2019 OCG Banlist)
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