aka Mizael , Bane , Magneto , Davy Jones

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on December 6
  • My occupation is Sith Lord of the Empire, Barian Emperor and Resurgient of HYDRA
  • I am Male

Hi im Bill24601 and I am a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan , I Love the shows and the card game.

Favorite Anime

Its hard to choose my favorite cause they are all good, But.... My favorite would have to be Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters (the original/Classic)

Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal surprised me, at first i wanted nothing to do with it but then i watched it and began to like both versions. I follow its best part yet with The Legendary Number War as well as one of my favorite openings as well (Dual Ism of Mirrors)

Favorite Zexal Episodes

  • Episode 82-83
  • Episode 94
  • Episode 95-97
  • Episode 99-100
  • Episode 101-102
  • Episode 108-109
  • Episode 110-111
  • Episode 112
  • Episode 114-115
  • Episode 119-123

Favorite Individual episodes

  • Episode 121- I just loved this episode it gave you so much and set in motion the climatic beginning of the final battle: the first ever rank 13 monster card, Astral's return, a cool flashback of Don Thousand and Astral's battle with great music cue. Shark and Rip revealed as the missing Barian Emperors, Eliphas revealing Don Thousand's existance to Yuma and Even his parents are shown after a long time. And to end it all Don Thousand laughing evily about to begin his plan of merging the worlds!

Yu-Gi-Oh DM Gx had a rocky start but got better as it went along and Seven Stars to Season 3 had one of my favorite ending themes of all time (Wake up your Heart)

Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds well it was good and at times great (mostly the Road to Destiny arc as well as Arc Cradle) I also liked the Earthbound Immortals arc.

I also am a music fanatic and love the Dub music as well as the Japanese music from all 4 shows.

Favorite Character

  • Yugi Moto/Yami Yugi The Original King of Games
  • Seto Kaiba
  • Jaden Yuki

Favorite Villians

  • For original Yugioh I loved Marik/Melvin , also Dartz and Bakura/Zorc
  • for Gx - Sartorious and Yubel were interesting
  • for 5Ds easily the Three Emperors of Illyaster and Z-One
  • For Zexal - Vetrix/Tron was cool but i really love The Seven Barian Emperors namely Vector, Durbe and Mizael. and i do want to know what Don Thousand is about.


I have many decks mostly Character Decks

  • Yugi Moto Deck
  • Seto Kaiba Deck
  • Jaden Yuki Deck
  • Yuma Tsukamo Deck
  • Dragon/Mizael Deck
  • Light Machine Deck
  • Dark Destruction Deck

Number cards i have collected

  • Number 6 Chronomoly Atlandis
  • Number 9 Dyson Sphere
  • Number 16 Shock Master x2
  • Number 17 Leviathan Dragon
  • Number 22 Zombiestein
  • Number 30 Acid Golem of Destruction
  • Number 39 Utopia x2
  • Number C39 Utopia Ray/V/Victory
  • Number 40 Gimmick Puppet of Strings
  • Number 46 Dragulon
  • Number 50 Blackship of Corn
  • Number 69 Heraldy Crest
  • Number 96 Dark Mist
  • Number C96 Dark Storm
  • Number 104 Masquerade
  • Number C104 Umbral Horror Masquerade
  • Number 107 Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon
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