hey im batboy267 yea don't know how to make a good user page.... im trying to make a good ancient gear deck I know it will never beat the advanced decks (like monarch, zombies and Dark) but i want to make one any way here is what I have right now:

Deck Lists

comments and or tips are appreciated and encouraged but plz no flaming.

The goal of the first (Old) deck is to get Ancient gear golem, Gadjiltron Dragon and/or Ultimate en masse and end the game very quickly.

There is a reason i put 3 double summons it's so I can help with the monster summoning for exsample: special summon cyber dragon with is effect use double summon or Ultimate offering to get athoer monster (treeborn frog, poisen draw frog, a gadget, ect.) Then sack for Golem. (and if Gadjiltron was in the grave I'd special summon him with monster reborn or premature)

The new deck has cards that power up the lesser powered ancient gears while Rainbow Veil stops problem solvers (D.D. Warrior Lady, Neo-Spacian Grand Mole, Marshmallon, ect.) and Anti-Spell Fragrance slows down there spell cards making it harder to regain field advantage.

Just made a new but experimental Venom deck check it out

I made a skill drain deck and it's my answer to Lightsworns, Gladiator Beasts and Dark (Dark Armed Dragon) decks

I know these decks has many problem but if know some ways to fix them plz let me know and don't just criticize the deck. Thanks for reading

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