Yu-Gi-Oh Histroy

I Started playing Yu-Gi-Oh during the year 2003, during the year the anime first came out in Australia, also, due to peer pressure i bought my first pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards from the Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon booster pack. My first cards i got from that pack were Basic Insect, Spike Seadra, Dragon Capture Jar, Wasteland, Larvas, Dissolverock, Firegrass, Darkworld Thorns and Mammoth Graveyard. I really liked these cards and I've still got them today.When i went to school the next day, everyone pretty much had Counterfeit cards and no one would trade with me, because there fake Blue-Eyes White Dragon had 3000 ATK and can destroy everything. I really got angry, so i decided to buy a few Starter Decks, first starting off with the Starter Deck: Pegasus. And it owned everyone in the school. I was the best duelist in the school and I was the only one who had Toon World.

As you would do, i decided to buy more cards to build up my deck. I bought all the Starter Decks and then i bought the Blue-Eyes White Dragon Tin. With two Blue-Eyes White Dragon's in my 100 card Deck (lol). I just got better and better, and then came that dreadful day, when some punk stole me Hinotama Soul card. After that i gave up on dueling at school and just collected the cards. Of course, like all fads, the schools popularity of Yu-Gi-Oh dropped, and i kept it secret to myself that I still play and collect the cards. But after a while, i gave up on collecting cards and lost interest.

It wasn't until 2006 that i started up on Yu-Gi-Oh again. And this time I learnt to become a better player. By the middle of 2007, i found the site called the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker. From there, i learnt that 70 card decks were bad, especially when i started to play Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2006 on my GBA. Ever since then, i have become a way better duelist than i ever was. By the time i started on the YCM forum, i gave up on card collecting and started to play online, due to me getting sick of getting bad cards when i buy a pack. To this date, I run many different types of Decks, yet try to keep up with the meta. I consider myself to be a good duelist, yet I believe i can be a better one. There is so much to learn about this game and im willing to learn them all.

My Favourite Cards

Spell Striker (He's just cool)

Cyber-Tech Alligator (Same with Spell Striker)

Dark Paladin (Sweet Artworks)

Time Wizard (Love his effect)

Elemental Hero Prisma (Effect just kills everything)

Gaia Knight, the Force of the Earth (Name and art kicks ass)

Obnoxious Celtic Guard (He's cool)

Marauding Captain (Just love this guy, awesome card is awesome)

Break the Seal (I Know, Anime Card, But its really good Exodia support)

Armitael, Phantasm of Chaos (Hes just awesome)

-I'll add more to this list later-


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