aka AnaDelta

  • I live in México
  • I am Your Boss (?)

Let's try to write something here.

  • I'm fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! until 2003 when i see Second Series on TV and i start to play on TCG.
  • But GX was very dissapointing for me (and other partners) and i quit to duels.
  • To be serious, 5D's change my life; and is for me, the best serie with best characters and that things. (Don't tell me you never seen Future Colors).

And as you can see: I'm a big fan of Aki.

The first Synchro Summon of a Synchro Monster that i see was Black Rose Dragon's, and is for that what is my favorite Synchro Monster.

I edit things than i see are incomplete... just for my sake.


I'm from México, so that means my native language is Spanish, my english is good around 70% (that say a stupid TOEFL exam); but if you see something wrong with me, edit me. xD

Y si hibas a meterte aquí sin saber Inglés... pa'que nacías. (?) Y si alguien de Guanajuato o sus alrededores anda editando por acá, estaría genial que me dejaran un mensaje.

I really don't edit in Spanish Wikis because i don't like Spanish names. (lol)

And yes, i'm a Girl.


  • I used to play an X-Saber Deck, for the fault of Wayne and how he becomes the key card in my first Synchro Deck, now i'm trying more combos.
  • I like the form of duel for Infernity and Tech Genus decks... but i really don't play any one.
  • I hate the Blackwing archetype, just... i hate Crow Hogan too, don't ask why, i just HATE them... even that, my best friend is a Blackwing user, .... and i recently beat him. :P .. But i continue heating Crow. ¬¬
"Prototype of 'Saber of Chaos'"
Side Deck

1st Speed Deck (With TGfU & Rabbit)

"Saber Calumny"
Side Deck

Thinking seriously in add 1 BLS:EoB.

Side Deck

Chaos Dragon
Side Deck

Favorite Cards

No sense cards

Reasons why i don't enter DN more

•Pleople who think...

•People who forget...

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