Hello everyone. My name, well my username, is AtlasXII (pronounced Atlas Twelve, Atlas Ecks-Eye-Eye, or whatever you prefer honestly). I've been a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan since I was a kid, and though I haven't played the game consistently through my life, I like to keep track of the franchise via this wiki. By now, some of you have probably noticed my edits, but I've been editing this wiki as a free user before the change that required user profiles.

While I do enjoy trading card games as a whole, both in terms of strategy and technicality, I like to think of myself (in the terms of Magic: the Gathering– my other favorite game) as a "Vorthos" player. That being, I like the story that goes along with the card game, and to that end I pay a lot of attention to the Anime, Manga, and card flavor. I like to write about flavor because it gives me a chance to go out and research something new, and I always do my homework before I post about flavor– even if it's just wikipedia (though I prefer to double check sources and search around more). I do subscribe to SJ online as a way to follow the english edition of the Zexal manga, and I occasionally watch subbed episodes online. I do not, however, do the reverse (I don't watch the English Anime, I can't read the Japanese manga). I can provide information on these sources, though I don't log in regularly. (update: I have terminated my subscription to SJ Online, and no longer follow the manga series. I now occasionally check in on the anime, but I do not plan on making any edits related to the anime).

Just a quick details to close, my favorite decks to play in the real world are Scrap, Synchro Warriors, Constellar, and Sylvan. For those of you who play Magic, I usually run Blue-Black-Red; I run Grixis Delver in modern, Izzet Blitz and Slivers in pauper, and Eldrazi in Legacy. I'm also a big fan of casual formats and EDH, and I follow the lore of MTG very closely.

Update; I no longer subscribe to SJ online; I'll update again when/if I renew. --AtlasXII (talkcontribs) 06:55, December 13, 2014 (UTC)

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