aka Chris

  • I was born on August 21
  • I am Male





  • B.I.R.D. Empire -YCM
  • B.I.R.D. Empire (Turbo Duel) -YCM
  • Demonlord's -YCM
  • Gemknight of the Red Lotus
  • Chaotic Dark World of 100 Eyes
  • The Different Dimensional Winged Dragon of Earthbound Obelisk
  • FlameLords
  • Ally of Justice
  • Lightlords
  • More To Come

My name is not important, but you can call me Altyrell. My Dueling Status has resumed. I play defensively and like an a**hole. I am also thinking of selling some of my Cards.

The Committee

I am the Leader of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Committee, a Group of Duelists in my area. The following are the Rules that we abide by:

  1. Please DO NOT take a duel seriously. If you get mad during a duel, your opponent then has the right to scoop and walk away.
  2. Treat your opponent with respect and exercise some restraint when antagonizing your opponent.
  3. Unless you ask a fellow duelist to watch your cards, The Committee and other Duelists are not liable for any missing or stolen cards.
  4. No take backs or redoes on moves you make while Dueling. Any moves you make, even if you make a move you didn't mean to do you are not allowed to go back and do something different. The only time you will be able to is if you accidentally make an Illegal Move.
  5. The Committee will not force any duelist to use the Committee's Ban List as it is only for fun. The Committee's Ban List isn't legal at any Official Tournaments.
  6. The Committee has the right to make up new types of Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Games, Expand upon, and/or Modify existing variations of games within the Committee.
  7. The Committee's Rulings are final and can only be superseded by the Official Konami Rulings.
    1. Ask permission to view your opponent(s) Graveyard or Cards when dueling.
    2. Any Duelist not currently in the Duel must respectively remain quiet when a Duel is in progress unless specifically asked a question.
    3. When in a Duel consisting of 3 or more Duelists, ONLY the person who has Attack Rights can play any cards that would change the starting Hands (ex. Card Destruction, Hand Destruction)


The Following are the 2 YCM Decks I use. I also have added the Decks with Real Life Cards below.

B.I.R.D. Empire (45 Cards + 11 Synchros)
B.I.R.D. Empire [Turbo Duel] (42 Cards + 11 Synchros)
Demonlord's (59 Cards)
Gemknight of the Red Lotus (40 Total + 3 Side + 15 Fusion)
100 Chaotic Dark World of 100 Eyes (49 Total + 2 Synchros)
The Different Dimensional Winged Dragon of Earthbound Obelisk (50 Total + 8 Side)
FlameLords (44 Total)
Ally of Justice (45 Total + 15 Synchros)
Lightlords (50 Total)
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