Serenity Wheeler is my favorite character followed by Valon, Joey, Mokuba, Kalin, Yusei, Seto Kaiba, Luna, Leo, Chazz, and Dextra. Two twin characters I created for a manga I write named Lexi and Kacy, share her (Serenity's) birthday of 11/20. Kacy, the younger one, is based on Serenity. They were born to Kiwi and American hippie parents. They are my life.

Favorite Duels

  • Serenity, Duke, and Tristan Vs Nezbitt
  • Joey Vs Keith
  • Joey Vs Valon
  • Joey Vs Yami Marik
  • Joey Vs Weevil
  • Yugi Vs Bakura (Battle City)
  • Yugi & Joey Vs The Big 5
  • Joey Vs Rex (Waking the Dragons)
  • Joey Vs Johnson
  • Seto Vs Lector
  • Yugi Vs Gansley
  • Joey Vs Mai (Waking the Dragons (rematch))
  • Seto Vs Gozaburo
  • Seto Vs Alister (rematch)
  • Yugi Vs Rafael (rematch)
  • Valon Vs Duke & Rebecca
  • Yugi Vs Arkana
  • Seto Vs Noah
  • Joey Vs Apdnarg
  • Jaden Vs Chazz (Society of Light)
  • Jaden & Syrus Vs Paradox Brothers
  • Syrus & Hassleberry Vs Frost & Thunder
  • Aster & Jaden Vs Sarina
  • Bastion Vs Reggie Mackenzie (manga)
  • Chazz Vs David Rabb (manga)
  • Bastion Vs Jaden
  • Aster Vs Sartorius
  • Alexis Vs Titan
  • Syrus Vs Zane
  • Chazz Vs Don Zaloog
  • Chazz Vs Jaden (School Duel)
  • Chazz Vs Slade
  • Chazz Vs The Czar
  • Zane Vs Maddog
  • Alexis & Bastion Vs Adrian & Jesse (manga)
  • Chumley Vs Crowler
  • Bastion Vs Chazz (manga)
  • Crow Vs Greiger
  • Jack Vs Carly
  • Leo/Luna Vs Devack
  • Yusei Vs Akiza (Fortune Cup)
  • Yusei Vs Grieger
  • Misty Vs Akiza (rematch)
  • Luna Vs Yusei (manga)
  • Luna Vs Professor Frank

Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! Video Games

Contrary to popular opinions some of my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh games are Nightmare Troubadour, Legacy of the Duelist, Stairway to the Destined Duel, Falsebound Kingdom, and Reshef of Destruction.

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