How fun... my own page!

Wee.... !

Ok, I had my fun.

Guess I ought to make this yugioh related.

I shall start by listing my favorite deck types:

1) Exodia

Nothing like being able to say: "Exodia Obliterate!"


2) Toons

The first few times I saw the silly cartoon, I decided that Pegasus had a neat deck!

Hard to play in real life, but fun when it works!

3) Dragons with a Dark Paladin OTK twist!

Can you say: "It's over 9000!" ?

4) Burn

Especially if it uses the Raging Flame Sprite as the main weapon!

If they can't stop it... death in 5 turns!

5) Rock Bounce

Ever get bounced by a Guardian Sphinx ?

Yeah? Well, then.

6) Normal Beatdown with Skill Drain

Nothing says death like a Blue-Eyes White Dragon that you can't stop.

Now, my most despised deck types:

1) Monarchs

Monarchs and every single variant of a Monarch deck ever built.

They cut down every single creative deck ever made!

It was like this:

If you couldn't beat them, join them.

Or... enjoy losing to them.

2) Gladiator Beasts

So evil, so evil, so evil.

Same concept really... run them or run something better!

Ever got locked down by Gladiator Beast Heraklinos ?

Yup, not fun. Just surrender, right then and right there.

3) Lightsworns

If they are not popping out something with 2100 attack.

They are popping out something else that can take out whatever defense you rigged up.

Then of course, do not forget their grand finale: Judgement Dragon

Pray you can stop it, or you die!

4) Blackwings

Swarm, swarm, swarm... attack for game.

Synchro at will!

Any response?

No, I didn't think so!

5) Anything Meta... Period!

It gets old facing the same deck types again and again.

Usually, you have to run one or lose.

Or rig up some really great anti-meta deck.

Me... I prefer to make semi-creative decks and enjoy a fun competitive duel.

Here is an example of what I am talking about:

I was playing this guy at a tourney years ago.

He was playing an old school warrior deck.

Mystic Swordsmen , Exiled Force , D.D. Warrior Lady

that type of thing. Not too creative, but it wasn't another monarch deck.

I was using my slow Rock Bounce deck.

An odd mix of stall, bounce, and OTK!

Megarock Dragon

It was hard, because if he got out a Mystic Swordsman... say like:

Mystic Swordsman LV2

my face down rocks would die.

Somehow I got out my Megarock Dragon.

But, I did not win right then.

Here is how it ended...

He had out his Obnoxious Celtic Guardian in attack mode.

He had like 400 life points left.

On my turn I got out a Gigantes and attacked for the win!

Well, that is enough from me.

AceCloudKicker 07:37, 27 August 2009 (UTC)

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