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===Judge Program Forum Rulings===
===Judge Program Forum Rulings===
Last thread was: "[https://tcg.konami-europe.com/judgeforum/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=436&sid=e2d0c42e34d8bed22dd674d14e6afa15 Spirit Reaper Vs. Book of Moon]"
Last thread was: "[https://tcg.konami-europe.com/judgeforum/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=865&sid=af8d3b9e96afcb47a74d52c92d4c7983 starlight road v heavy/torrential/dark hole+]"
<br/>''Page 13''
<br/>''Page 13''

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TCG Official Rulings Update

Last Card was: Card Rulings:Depth Amulet
(from Ancient Prophecy)

Judge Program Forum Rulings

Last thread was: "starlight road v heavy/torrential/dark hole+"
Page 13


list of monsters with "and sends it to the Graveyard" effect

(last update 7/6/2015)


OCG Rulings

OCG Rulings Full Q&A Rulings

Judge Program Forum Rulings

Update the new Rulings of Tag-Team Duel. [1]

Uncategorized Official Rulings


Card Rulings to be Investigated

Group Rulings

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Problem-Solving Card Text Rulings

  • Costs are always paid at activation. If the card tells you to pay, discard, Tribute, or destroy in the activation text (before the semicolon), it’s a cost.
  • Any activation conditions (written before the colon) only have to be met when you activate the card. If something changes before the card resolves, and the conditions aren’t met anymore, it doesn’t matter. (Any conditions that STILL have to be true when the effect resolves will be listed separately.)
  • A colon or semicolon on a monster, or on a Continuous Spell/Trap, means a chain starts. (Remember that activating a Spell or Trap Card starts a chain, too.)
  • For any card that targets, if the effect text (after the semicolon) still refers to a ‘target’, you have to double-check that any targeting requirements are still met.
  • Otherwise, if the card refers to the target using any other word (like ‘it’) in the effect text, the targeting requirements only had to be met when the target was originally targeted.
  • For any card that targets, if the effect text refers to ‘both’ (or a similar term) in the effect text, you have to be able to apply the effect to ALL of the targets. If even one of the targets is no longer eligible, then the whole effect disappears.
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