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Until Noble Arms are Needed Once Again
(せい) (けん) (みちび) () (らい)
English Until Noble Arms are Needed Once Again
French Jusqu'au Retour des Armes Nobles
German Bis Edle Waffen wieder gebraucht werden
Italian Fino a Quando ci Sarà di Nuovo Bisogno delle Nobili Armi
Korean 성검이 이끄는 미래
Portuguese Até que as Armas Nobres sejam Necessárias Novamente
Spanish Hasta que se Necesiten las Armas Nobles Nuevamente
Japanese (kana) せいけんのみちびくみらい
Japanese (base) 聖剣の導く未来
Japanese (rōmaji) Seiken no Michibiku Mirai
Japanese (translated) The Future Guided by the Holy Swords
Card type Trap TRAP
Property Normal Normal
Passcode 87800375
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