Unicorn is a small series of monsters which consist of the signature cards of Team Unicorn in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime. The three monsters are "Thunder Unicorn", "Voltic Bicorn", and "Lightning Tricorn". Each Unicorn is a Synchro Monster with powerful battle-related abilities. Each as 300 more ATK than the previous one, reflecting the number of horns they have. In Duelist Revolution, other Unicorn-themed monsters have been made to work with the Unicorns.

Playing style

Each Unicorn Synchro has different effects. "Thunder Unicorn" lowers the ATK of opposing monsters for each monster you have. "Voltic Bicorn" mills your opponent's Deck when destroyed. "Lightning Tricorn" Special Summons "Thunder Unicorn" or "Voltic Bicorn" from your Graveyard for you to reuse when it's destroyed. Unicorn-themed monsters remove cards for their Special Summon so you can Synchro Summon quickly at the cost of limited reuse. This deck is thoroughly helped if there are many searching cards such as "Key Mouse", which adds a Beast to your hand, "Dark Desertapir", which special summons a Beast when it is removed from play and "Super-Nimble Mega Hamster" which has a flip effect that special summons another Beast. This makes this deck capable of getting the right cards in your hand.


A weakness of the Unicorns is removal from play. If "Thunder Unicorn" and "Voltic Bicorn" are removed, the effect of "Lightning Tricorn" becomes useless. However, "Burial from a Different Dimension" can help defend against this.

Due to the low attack points of most effect monsters cards with high attack will easily take down most monsters but in this deck you rarely see a duelist placing these monster in attack position unless they run "Rhinotaurus" or "Bazoo the Soul-Eater" in the deck for good beatsticks also "Bazoo" can help with remove from play.

Unicorn Synchro

This Deck resolves on trying to Synchro Summon any of the "Unicorn Trio" very quickly to be used as beatsticks. "Egotistical Ape" and "X-Saber Airbellum" make decent Tuners. "Spiritual Forest", "Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest", and "Nimble Momonga" can buy some time.

In Traditional Format, chains of "Rescue Cat" can easily get a Unicorn out on the second turn. "Monoceros" is a key card in this deck as it allows to special summon a Beast tuner so it is easy to synchro summon a high level monster.

"Egotistical Ape" is a tuner capable of raising its level and is of EARTH attribute which can make synchro summoning very high level synchro monsters like "Naturia Leodrake", "XX-Saber Gottoms" and "Ally of Justice Decisive Armor".

Recommended cards

Recommended cards

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