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Ultra Rare

Ultra Rare (Japanese: ウルトラレア Urutora Rea, or simply Ultra) cards are identified by having a gold card name and a holofoil image. The card name can also be red, but these are only available in Japanese promos. The odds of getting an Ultra Rare in a Booster Pack was around 1:12 in Booster Packs before Soul of the Duelist. From Soul of the Duelist onwards, the odds became around 1:24. Reprint sets released after Soul of the Duelist such as Dark Revelation Volume 3 use the 1:12 ratio. After Tactical Evolution the odds dropped back down to 1:12. In the oldest OCG packs, such as Premium Pack 1, almost all cards are Ultra Rare.

In earlier pre-made decks, both starter and structure, there is one card (except Structure Deck: Dragons Collide which contains two) printed in Ultra Rare. Later Structure Decks, such as Synchron Extreme Structure Deck and Master of Pendulum Structure Deck, can have more than 1. These are usually the featured cards of the deck and the highlight of their collection. However, these cards are always predetermined, so it's entirely for show.

The chance of getting Ultra Rare cards in Duelist Packs is 1:12.

Ultra Rare cards are often more valuable than other cards, because they are harder to find and usually more powerful.

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Other games

  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM, Ultra Rare cards and are identified by Ultra Rare (Series 1), Ultra Rare 2 (Series 2) or Arena Ultra Rare (Side Series). These cards have a cost of over Card Pieces 250 or ranging from 5 to 29 Duel Points.
    • After the new shop update on August 8, 2013, these cards have a cost of Duel Points 2 to 22.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena, cards that are Secret Rare are displayed and counted as Ultra Rare cards, with seemingly the same "pull rates" as other Ultra Rare cards.


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