Ultimate Bingo machine

The Ultimate Bingo machine

The Ultimate Bingo machine was a device used to determine the quarterfinal pairings for the Battle City tournament.[1]

It is a bingo machine modeled to look like "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon". One of the dragon's three heads is inside a ball drum, with balls numbered 1 to 8. Two balls randomly go into the head and come out each of the other two heads. The quarterfinalists whose numbers corresponded to the ones drawn Dueled each other.[1]


The following match ups were drawn from the machine.

Order Duelist 1 Duelist 2 Duel
1 7 Ryo Bakura 5 Yugi Mutou Link [1]
2 4 Katsuya Jonouchi 2 Rishid (officially as "Marik Ishtar") Link [2]
3 6 Mai Kujaku 1 Marik Ishtar Link [3]


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