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A Type (Japanese: (しゅ) (ぞく) Shuzoku; (ぞく) -zoku when suffixing Type names) is a characteristic of a Monster Card. All monsters have one Type, such that monsters of the same Type can be grouped together (in a similar way to Attributes) and support cards can grant various effects to a specific Type of monster.

There are 25 different Types in the TCG and OCG. Two of these types are highly exclusive: the Divine-Beast-Type is shared only by the Egyptian Gods, and was originally considered illegal until their tournament-legal versions were released; and the Creator God-Type is exclusive to "Holactie the Creator of Light". A 26th Type, Immortal, only appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses.

"Type" is different from "type" (with a lowercase "t"), which refers to the three main types of cards: Monster, Spell, and Trap.

From "Starter Deck: Link Strike" onwards, the word "-Type" is removed to save space in card texts. However, its OCG counterpart retains the word (ぞく) .


These Types exist within the OCG and TCG.

Type Vector Sprite
Aqua Aqua.svg Aqua.png - Aqua-DOR.png Aqua Aqua-TF06.png Aqua-DG.png
Beast Beast Beast.png DDM-VG-Beast.png Beast-DOR.png Type-Beast-YDT1.png Beast-TF06.png Beast-DG.png
Beast-Warrior Beast-Warrior Beast-Warrior.png - Beast-Warrior-DOR.png Type-BeastWarrior-YDT1.png Beast-Warrior-TF06.png Beast-Warrior-DG.png
Creator God Creator God - - - - - - -
Cyberse - - - - - - - -
Dinosaur Dinosaur.svg Dinosaur.png - Dinosaur-DOR.png Type-Dinosaur-YDT1.png Dinosaur-TF06.png Dinosaur-DG.png
Divine-Beast Divine-Beast Divine-Beast.png - - - Type-DivineBeast-YDT1.png Divine-Beast-TF06.png Divine-Beast-DG.png
Dragon Dragon Dragon.png DDM-VG-Dragon.png Dragon-DOR.png Type-Dragon-YDT1.png Dragon-TF06.png Dragon-DG.png
Fairy Fairy Fairy.png - Fairy-DOR.png Type-Fairy-YDT1.png Fairy-TF06.png Fairy-DG.png
Fiend Fiend Fiend.png - Fiend-DOR.png Type-Fiend-YDT1.png Fiend-TF06.png Fiend-DG.png
Fish Fish Fish.png - Fish-DOR.png Type-Fish-YDT1.png Fish-TF06.png Fish-DG.png
Insect Insect Insect.png - Insect-DOR.png Type-Insect-YDT1.png Insect-TF06.png Insect-DG.png
Machine Machine Machine.png - Machine-DOR.png Type-Machine-YDT1.png Machine-TF06.png Machine-DG.png
Plant Plant Plant.png - Plant-DOR.png Type-Plant-YDT1.png Plant-TF06.png Plant-DG.png
Psychic Psychic - - - Psychic.png Type-Psychic-YDT1.png Psychic-TF06.png Psychic-DG.png
Pyro Pyro Pyro.png - Pyro-DOR.png Type-Pyro-YDT1.png Pyro-TF06.png Pyro-DG.png
Reptile Reptile Reptile.png - Reptile-DOR.png Type-Reptile-YDT1.png Reptile-TF06.png Reptile-DG.png
Rock Rock Rock.png - Rock-DOR.png Type-Rock-YDT1.png Rock-TF06.png Rock-DG.png
Sea Serpent Sea Serpent Sea Serpent.png - Sea Serpent-DOR.png Type-SeaSerpent-YDT1.png Sea Serpent-TF06.png Sea Serpent-DG.png
Spellcaster Spellcaster Spellcaster.png DDM-VG-Spellcaster.png Spellcaster-DOR.png Type-Spellcaster-YDT1.png Spellcaster-TF06.png Spellcaster-DG.png
Thunder Thunder Thunder.png - Thunder-DOR.png Type-Thunder-YDT1.png Thunder-TF06.png Thunder-DG.png
Warrior Warrior.svg Warrior.png DDM-VG-Warrior.png Warrior-DOR.png Type-Warrior-YDT1.png Warrior-TF06.png Warrior-DG.png
Winged Beast Winged Beast Winged Beast.png - Winged Beast-DOR.png Type-WingedBeast-YDT1.png Winged Beast-TF06.png Winged Beast-DG.png
Wyrm Wyrm Wyrm Type.jpeg - - - - - Wyrm-DG.png
Zombie Zombie Zombie.png DDM-VG-Zombie.png Zombie-DOR.png Type-Zombie-YDT1.png Zombie-TF06.png Zombie-DG.png


Immortal-DOR Immortal is a Type appearing in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses.

The Duelists of the Roses also lists PowerUp-DOR Power Up, Ritual-DOR Ritual, Spell-DOR Spell and Trap-DOR Trap as Types.

Yokai is a Type appearing only in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga.

Human is a Type appearing only in a character's fantasy in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime.

Black Magic, White Magic, Sea Beast, Illusion Magic, and Dragon Magic are among the additional Types used in the Bandai card game.

??? Question

??? is used to indicate that a monster's Type is unknown.

Type line formatting on printed cards

On actual card print, the Type line is the top line in the card text box. All Type and Abilities of the monster are listed on it. The line has different formattings on card print in different languages.


Type eg1
  • 【<Type name> (ぞく)
  • 【<Type name> (ぞく) チューナー】(obsolete)
    • Eg:【ドラゴン (ぞく) ・ チューナー】
  • 【<Type name> (ぞく) /チューナー】
    • Eg:【ドラゴン (ぞく) /チューナー】
Type eg2 obsolete
  • 【<Type name> (ぞく) (こう) () 】 (obsolete)
    • Eg:【ドラゴン (ぞく) (こう) ()
Type eg2
  • 【<Type name> (ぞく) (こう) ()
    • Eg:【ドラゴン/ (ぞく) (こう) ()
Type eg3 obsolete
  • 【<Type name> (ぞく) ・ <Ability>/チューナー】 (obsolete)
    • Eg:【ドラゴン (ぞく) シンクロ/チューナー】
Type eg3
  • 【<Type name> (ぞく) /<Ability>/チューナー】
    • Eg:【ドラゴン (ぞく) /シンクロ/チューナー】
  • 【<Type name> (ぞく) ・ <Ability>/ (こう) () 】 (obsolete)
    • Eg:【ドラゴン (ぞく) ・ チューナー/ (こう) ()
  • 【<Type name> (ぞく) /<Ability>/ (こう) ()
    • Eg:【ドラゴン (ぞく) /チューナー/ (こう) ()
  • 【<Type name> (ぞく) /<Ability 1>/<Ability 2>/ (こう) ()
    • Eg:【ドラゴン (ぞく) リバース/チューナー/ (こう) ()


Type eg1 zh
  • 【<Type name>族】
    • Eg:【族】
  • 【<Type name>族 ・ 協調
    • Eg:【龍族 ・ 協調】
Type eg2 zh
  • 【<Type name>族 ・ 效果
    • Eg:【龍族 ・ 效果】
  • 【<Type name>族 ・ <Ability>/協調】
    • Eg:【龍族 ・ 同步/協調】
  • 【<Type name>族 ・ <Ability>/效果】
    • Eg:【龍族 ・ 協調/效果】


Type eg1 ko
  • [<Type name>족]
    • Eg: [드래곤족]
  • [<Type name>족 / 튜너]
    • Eg: [드래곤족 / 튜너]
Type eg2 ko
  • [<Type name>족 / 효과]
    • Eg: [드래곤족 / 효과]
  • [<Type name>족 / <Ability> / 튜너]
  • [<Type name>족 / <Ability> / 효과]
    • Eg: [드래곤족 / 튜너 / 효과]
  • [<Type name>족 / <Ability 1> / <Ability 2> / 효과]
    • Eg: [드래곤족 / 리버스 / 튜너 / 효과]


All TCG cards follow the English layout for the Type line. Since the introduction of "Starter Deck: Link Strike", Normal monsters now have "monster type/Normal" added to differentiate them from Effect Monsters.

Type eg1 en
  • [ <Type> /Normal]
    • Eg: [ Wyrm/Normal ]
  • [ <Type> / Tuner / Effect ]
    • Eg: [ Dragon / Tuner / Effect ]
Type eg2 en
  • [ <Type> / Effect ]
    • Eg: [ Dragon / Effect ]
  • [ <Type> / <monster card type> / Effect]
  • [ <Type> / <monster card type> / Tuner / Effect ]
    • Eg: [ Dragon / Synchro / Tuner / Effect ]
  • [ <Type> / <Ability> / Effect ]
    • Eg: [ Dragon / Tuner / Effect ]
  • [ <Type> / <Ability> / Tuner / Effect ]
    • Eg: [ Dragon / Flip / Tuner / Effect ]


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