Turbo Pack: Booster Six is a booster that was given out at TCG Tournament locations.


Includes 20 cards + 1 special bonus:


In a set, there are:



Set number English name French name Rarity Category
TU06-FR000 Dark Armed Dragon Dragon Armé des Ténèbres Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TU06-FR001 Sanga Sanga du Tonnerre Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TU06-FR002 Chain Disappearance Disparitions en Chaîne Super Rare Normal Trap Card
TU06-FR003 Masked Dragon Dragon Masqué Super Rare Effect Monster
TU06-FR004 Fishborg Blaster Artilleur Poissonborg Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
TU06-FR005 Quickdraw Synchron Hors-la-Loi Synchronique Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
TU06-FR006 Zombie Master Maître des Zombies Rare Effect Monster
TU06-FR007 Stardust Dragon Dragon Poussière d'Étoile Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TU06-FR008 Red Dragon Archfiend Dragon Rouge Archdémon Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TU06-FR009 Black Garden Jardin Infernal Rare Field Spell Card
TU06-FR010 Armory Arm Griffe d'Arsenal Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TU06-FR011 Alector, Sovereign of Birds Alector, Souverain des Oiseaux Rare Effect Monster
TU06-FR012 Fusion Gate Portail de Fusion Common Field Spell Card
TU06-FR013 Cipher Soldier Soldat Cipher Common Effect Monster
TU06-FR014 Greenkappa Kappa Vert Common Flip monster
TU06-FR015 Creature Swap Permutation de Créature Common Normal Spell Card
TU06-FR016 Magical Dimension Dimension Magique Common Quick-Play Spell Card
TU06-FR017 Bountiful Artemis Artémis, le Généreux Common Effect Monster
TU06-FR018 Gemini Spark Tempête d'Électricité Gémeau Common Quick-Play Spell Card
TU06-FR019 Golem Dragon Dragon Golem Common Effect Monster
TU06-FR020 Transforming Sphere Sphère de Transformation Common Effect Monster

Set number English name German name Rarity Category
TU06-DE000 Dark Armed Dragon Finsterer bewaffneter Drache Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TU06-DE001 Sanga Sanga des Donners Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TU06-DE002 Chain Disappearance Kettenverschwinden Super Rare Normal Trap Card
TU06-DE003 Masked Dragon Maskierter Drache Super Rare Effect Monster
TU06-DE004 Fishborg Blaster Fischborg-Strahlschütze Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
TU06-DE005 Quickdraw Synchron Schnellziehsynchron Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
TU06-DE006 Zombie Master Zombiemeister Rare Effect Monster
TU06-DE007 Stardust Dragon Sternenstaubdrache Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TU06-DE008 Red Dragon Archfiend Rotdrachen-Erzunterweltler Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TU06-DE009 Black Garden Schwarzer Garten Rare Field Spell Card
TU06-DE010 Armory Arm Waffe aus der Waffenkammer Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TU06-DE011 Alector, Sovereign of Birds Alector, Herrscher der Vögel Rare Effect Monster
TU06-DE012 Fusion Gate Fusionstor Common Field Spell Card
TU06-DE013 Cipher Soldier Cipher-Soldat Common Effect Monster
TU06-DE014 Greenkappa Greenkappa Common Flip monster
TU06-DE015 Creature Swap Kreaturentausch Common Normal Spell Card
TU06-DE016 Magical Dimension Magieartige Dimension Common Quick-Play Spell Card
TU06-DE017 Bountiful Artemis Großzügige Artemis Common Effect Monster
TU06-DE018 Gemini Spark Zwillingsfunke Common Quick-Play Spell Card
TU06-DE019 Golem Dragon Golem Drache Common Effect Monster
TU06-DE020 Transforming Sphere Transformationssphäre Common Effect Monster

Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
TU06-IT000 Dark Armed Dragon Drago Armato Oscuro Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TU06-IT001 Sanga Sanga del Tuono Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TU06-IT002 Chain Disappearance Sparizione a Catena Super Rare Normal Trap Card
TU06-IT003 Masked Dragon Drago Mascherato Super Rare Effect Monster
TU06-IT004 Fishborg Blaster Pesce Cyborg Distruttore Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
TU06-IT005 Quickdraw Synchron Pistolero Synchron Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
TU06-IT006 Zombie Master Maestro Zombie Rare Effect Monster
TU06-IT007 Stardust Dragon Drago Polvere di Stelle Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TU06-IT008 Red Dragon Archfiend Arcidemone Drago Rosso Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TU06-IT009 Black Garden Giardino Nero Rare Field Spell Card
TU06-IT010 Armory Arm Braccio Arsenale Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TU06-IT011 Alector, Sovereign of Birds Alector, Sovrano degli Uccelli Rare Effect Monster
TU06-IT012 Fusion Gate Cancello della Fusione Common Field Spell Card
TU06-IT013 Cipher Soldier Soldato Cipher Common Effect Monster
TU06-IT014 Greenkappa Kappa Verde Common Flip monster
TU06-IT015 Creature Swap Scambio-Creature Common Normal Spell Card
TU06-IT016 Magical Dimension Dimensione Magica Common Quick-Play Spell Card
TU06-IT017 Bountiful Artemis Artemis il Magnanimo Common Effect Monster
TU06-IT018 Gemini Spark Scintilla Gemella Common Quick-Play Spell Card
TU06-IT019 Golem Dragon Drago Golem Common Effect Monster
TU06-IT020 Transforming Sphere Sfera Trasformante Common Effect Monster

Set number English name Spanish name Rarity Category
TU06-SP000 Dark Armed Dragon Dragón Armado Oscuro Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TU06-SP001 Sanga Sanga del Trueno Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TU06-SP002 Chain Disappearance Desaparición en Cadena Super Rare Normal Trap Card
TU06-SP003 Masked Dragon Dragón Enmascarado Super Rare Effect Monster
TU06-SP004 Fishborg Blaster Pistolero Pezborg Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
TU06-SP005 Quickdraw Synchron Sincrón de Desenfunde Veloz Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
TU06-SP006 Zombie Master Amo de Zombis Rare Effect Monster
TU06-SP007 Stardust Dragon Dragón de Polvo de Estrellas Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TU06-SP008 Red Dragon Archfiend Dragón Rojo Archidemonio Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TU06-SP009 Black Garden Jardín Negro Rare Field Spell Card
TU06-SP010 Armory Arm Brazo Arsenal Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TU06-SP011 Alector, Sovereign of Birds Alector, Soberano de Pájaros Rare Effect Monster
TU06-SP012 Fusion Gate Puerta de Fusión Common Field Spell Card
TU06-SP013 Cipher Soldier Soldado Cifrado Common Effect Monster
TU06-SP014 Greenkappa Kappa Verde Common Flip monster
TU06-SP015 Creature Swap Intercambio de Criatura Common Normal Spell Card
TU06-SP016 Magical Dimension Dimensión Mágica Common Quick-Play Spell Card
TU06-SP017 Bountiful Artemis Artemis Pródiga Common Effect Monster
TU06-SP018 Gemini Spark Chispa Géminis Common Quick-Play Spell Card
TU06-SP019 Golem Dragon Dragón Golem Common Effect Monster
TU06-SP020 Transforming Sphere Esfera Transformadora Common Effect Monster

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