Tuner Synchro Monsters (Japanese: シンクロモンスターのチューナー Shinkuro Monsutā no Chūnā, spelled as シンクロチューナーモンスター Synchro Tuner Monster in the anime) are Synchro Monsters that are also Tuner monsters.

While it was previously possible to treat Synchro Monsters as Tuners using cards such as "Lightwave Tuning", "Psychic Tuning", etc., printed Tuner Synchro Monsters were first introduced in Starstrike Blast.

In the anime

In the anime, Tuner Synchro Monsters are required to perform an Accel Synchro Summon, a method of Synchro Summoning that uses Synchro Materials that are themselves Synchro Monsters. A monster Summoned by such a method is known as an Accel Synchro Monster. All Accel Synchro Monsters possess an effect in the anime that allows them to be Summoned during the opponent's turn.

In the TCG/OCG, all Accel Synchro Monsters were changed to regular Synchro Monsters, and their inherent effect that allowed them to be Summoned during the opponent's turn was removed. However, certain Tuner Synchro Monsters instead have an effect that allows the player to conduct a Synchro Summon during the opponent's turn, as long as it was one of the Synchro Materials used. In this way, those two monsters could be used to Summon any Synchro Monster during the opponent's turn, rather than just Accel Synchro Monsters.

Tuner Synchro Monsters


 Japanese nameAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Accel Synchronアクセル・シンクロンDARKMachine55002100
Battlewasp - Azusa the Ghost BowB・F-霊弓のアズサWINDInsect522001600
Celestial Double Star Shaman天輪の双星道士LIGHTFairy2100800
Coral Dragon瑚之龍WATERDragon62400500
Crystron Quandax水晶機巧-クオンダムWATERMachine418002000
Deep Sea Prima Donna深海姫プリマドーナWATERSea Serpent715002700
Denglong, First of the Yang Zing源竜星-ボウテンコウLIGHTWyrm502800
Desert Locusts砂漠の飛蝗賊EARTHInsect615002400
Dragunity Knight - Luinドラグニティナイト-ハールーンWINDDragon612001900
Flower Cardian Moonflowerviewing花札衛-月花見-DARKWarrior620002000
Formula Synchronフォーミュラ・シンクロンLIGHTMachine22001500
Garden Rose Floraガーデン・ローズ・フローラLIGHTPlant58001600
Geomathmech Magma炎斬機マグマFIRECyberse825000
Ib the World Chalice Justiciar星杯の神子イヴWATERSpellcaster518002100
Infernoble Knight Captain Roland焔聖騎士導-ローランFIREWarrior52000500
Life Stream Dragonライフ・ストリーム・ドラゴンEARTHDragon829002400
Martial Metal Marcher武力の軍奏WINDMachine35002200
Phonon Pulse Dragon波動竜フォノン・ドラゴンDARKDragon41900800
Puralis, the Purple Pyrotile焔紫竜ピュラリスFIREReptile28001400
Shooting Riser Dragonシューティング・ライザー・ドラゴンLIGHTDragon721001700
T.G. Star GuardianTG スター・ガーディアンLIGHTWarrior51002200
T.G. Wonder MagicianTG ワンダー・マジシャンLIGHTSpellcaster519000


 Japanese nameAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Battlewasp - Azusa the Ghost BowB・F-霊弓のアズサWINDInsect00050000220000001600
Formula Synchronフォーミュラ・シンクロンLIGHTMachine00020000020000001500
Life Stream Dragonライフ・ストリーム・ドラゴンEARTHDragon00080000290000002400
T.G. Wonder MagicianTG ワンダー・マジシャン SCX-1000LIGHTSpellcaster00050000190000000000


 Japanese nameAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Accel Synchronアクセル・シンクロンDARKMachine00050000050000002100
Celestial Double Star Shaman天輪の双星道士LIGHTFairy00020000010000000800
Geomathmech Magma炎斬機マグマFIRECyberse00080000250000000000
Ib the World Chalice Justiciar星杯の神子イヴWATERSpellcaster00050000180000002100
Stardust Spark Dragon閃珖竜 スターダストLIGHTDragon00080000250000002000




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