Trueman plays a variety of Decks, as he can manifest himself out of any variety of cards and copy the Decks of Duelists he defeats.



Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Jaden Yuki 157 Lose
Jaden Yuki 158 Lose
Jaden Yuki 160 Lose
Taigo Sorano 168 Win
4 Obelisk Blue students 168 Win
Chazz Princeton 173 Win
Mindy 173 Win (off-screen)
Jasmine 173 Win (off-screen)
Alexis Rhodes 173 Win

Trueman's main deck is an Archetype Deck, based around using the effect of "Dark Archetype" to quickly Summon a variety of powerful monsters. Because Trueman can manifest through any bunch of cards, his Deck features an enormous amount of variety. Running "Dark Archetype" helps to ensure his deck maintains a degree of consistency, even if it means taking heavy damage early in the game. Also, as part of his "darkness" theme, most of his key monsters are of the DARK Attribute. Trueman's Deck also evolves each time he loses a Duel, as he has an improved (and usually more homogeneous) Deck in his next appearance. Trueman's Archetype Deck features three major stages during Trueman's duels with Jaden.

Trueman also has the ability to copy any Duelist's appearance and Deck, as long as public memory of the Deck exists. After his third loss to Jaden, he defeats Taigo Sorano and mimics both his Horus Lockdown Deck and appearance to blend in with the rest of Duel Academy. He uses Sorano's Deck to defeat most of the remaining student body, including Syrus Truesdale and Tyranno Hassleberry. With a majority of the students pulled into the World of Darkness (and thus memory of Sorano gone), Trueman reverted back to his own Deck to defeat the remaining students, including Chazz Princeton and Alexis Rhodes.

At the same time, Trueman also made use of a special Volcanic variation on his "Dark Archetype" deck for his duel with Axel Brodie– a near-replica of the deck used by Axel's Father.

Trueman's crusade ultimately left only Jaden Yuki and Jesse Anderson unaffected. Trueman presumably also copied both Axel's and Jaden's Deck, as well as their appearance, but never used them since Jaden succeeded in escaping from him.

Dark Archetype Deck

Volcanic Burn

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Axel Brodie 169 Win

For his Duel against Axel Brodie, Trueman copies the Deck of Axel's father and mixes in some of his own cards.

Volcanic Burn Deck


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Tyranno Hassleberry 172 Win
Syrus Truesdale 173 Win
Various Duel Academy students 173 Win
Sorano's Deck


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