Trinidart Ouroboros

Aporia Duel Runner

English name

Trinidart Ouroboros

Japanese name

(トリニダート) ・ウロボロス

Rōmaji name

Torinidāto Uroborosu

  • Aporia

Trinidart Ouroboros[1] is the Duel Runner used by Aporia. It is a combination of the Duel Runners used by his three embodiments of despair, Jakob's Duel Runner, Primo's Terrible Omen and Lester's Duel Board.[2] Following Aporia's defeat by Yusei, it was destroyed and sank into the ocean.[3]


Trinidart Ouroboros' main body is formed from Jakob's Duel Runner, with the front "head" being formed from Terrible Omen and a chain-like "tail" attachment being formed from Lester's Duel Board. The design appears to be based on Cerberus, the mythological three-headed Hellhound that guarded the underworld. The faces of the Duel Runner resemble the face of Paradox's Duel Runner. Trinidart Ouroboros is the largest seen Duel Runner, dwarfing Yusei Go with a scale suggesting it is even significantly larger than a normal car.

Aporia has the ability to combine with his Duel Runner, flaps on his legs opening and connectors extending that wires from the Duel Runner connect to.[2] As with Jakob it would seem that Aporia must combine with his Duel Runner, unlike Primo and Leser who can operate their Duel Runner and Duel Board without exposing their true nature as cyborgs.


The name Trinidart Ouroboros comes from "Trinity", as in a group of three, referring to the fact that three machines are needed to form this Duel Runner, "Dart" for its speed, and the Ouroboros, a symbol of a serpent/dragon eating its own tail, representing a never ending cycle and adding on to the infinity motif of the Three Pure Nobles.


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