This Property entry details every card that can treat itself or other cards as Continuous Trap Cards.

All TCG/OCG "Treated as Continuous Trap Card" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelRankATKDEF
Psychic Megacyberサイコ・ギガサイバーEffect Monster
Monster Card
Vision HERO FarisV・HERO ファリスEffect Monster
Monster Card
Vision HERO IncreaseV・HERO インクリースEffect Monster
Monster Card
Vision HERO Minimum RayV・HERO ミニマム・レイEffect Monster
Monster Card
Vision HERO Multiply GuyV・HERO マルティプリ・ガイEffect Monster
Monster Card
Vision HERO PoisonerV・HERO ポイズナーEffect Monster
Monster Card

All Anime "Treated as Continuous Trap Card" cards

All Manga "Treated as Continuous Trap Card" cards

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