Treasure Cards ( (ほう) (さつ) Hōsatsu) are a series of Spell and Trap Cards whose effects allow the player to draw cards. Their artworks usually feature treasure, feathers, or one or more cards with only the backings visible.

Their English names have no consistency, though they often contain the phrase "Card(s) of/for/from". While the card-drawing aspect is similar, this series is unrelated to "Greed".

With the exceptions of "Cards of the Red Stone", "Precious Cards from Beyond", "Cards of Consonance" and "Card of Safe Return", cards of this series typically have a high cost and/or great draw backs (i.e. banishing/discarding many of your cards, losing your access to your Special Summons and/or Battle Phase that turn, etc.) that may not benefit their user even if they get to draw cards.

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