Transcendent Pendulum Summon

Transcedent Pendulum Summon
Reiji Akaba performing a Transcendent Pendulum to Pendulum Summon "D/D/D/D Super-Dimensional Sovereign Emperor Zero Paradox".


超越 (トランセンデンス) ペンデュラム召喚 (しょうかん)

Japanese (romanized)

Toransendensu Pendyuramu Shōkan

Japanese (translated)

Transcendence Pendulum Summon


Transcendent Pendulum Summon

A Transcendent Pendulum Summon (超越 (トランセンデンス) ペンデュラム召喚 (しょうかん) Toransendensu Pendyuramu Shōkan) is a variant of Pendulum Summon where the player Summon a monster whose Level transcends their Pendulum Scales. This type of Summon is used by Reiji Akaba in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga.

So far, the only monster shown to be capable of this kind of Summon is "D/D/D/D Super-Dimensional Sovereign Emperor Zero Paradox". According to Reiji, to Summon it, he must have performed a Pendulum Summon of a "D/D/D" monster with Pendulum Scales whose total values exceed the Level of "Zero Paradox" - if those conditions are met, he can Summon "Zero Paradox".[1]

This kind of Summon is a reflection of Yuya's Overscale Pendulum; while Reiji must use Scales that transcend his monster's Level, Yuya's lets him perform a Pendulum Summon with Scales below his monster's Level, as shown when he Summoned "Odd-Eyes Phantasma Dragon" with Pendulum Scales of 0.


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