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Tournament Pack 7 is a booster pack that was released to TCG tournament locations. It is the seventh Tournament Pack, following Tournament Pack 6.


Each pack contains 3 cards. The set contains 20 cards:



Card numberEnglish namePortuguese nameRarityCategory
TP7-PT001"D.D. Warrior""Guerreiro D.D."Ultra RareEffect Monster
TP7-PT002"Warrior Elimination""Eliminação de Guerreiros"Super RareNormal Spell Card
TP7-PT003"Fortress Whale""Baleia Fortaleza"Super RareRitual Monster
TP7-PT004"Luminous Soldier""Soldado do Sol"Super RareEffect Monster
TP7-PT005"Breaker the Magical Warrior""Breaker, o Guerreiro Mágico"Super RareEffect Monster
TP7-PT006"Goblin Attack Force""Força de Ataque dos Goblins"RareEffect Monster
TP7-PT007"Amazoness Swords Woman""Espada Amazoness"RareEffect Monster
TP7-PT008"Chaos Command Magician""Mago Comandante do Caos"RareEffect Monster
TP7-PT009"Scapegoat""Bode Expiatório"RareQuick-Play Spell Card
TP7-PT010"Soul Exchange""Troca de Almas"CommonNormal Spell Card
TP7-PT011"Fortress Whale's Oath""Juramento da Baleia Fortaleza"CommonRitual Spell Card
TP7-PT012"Skilled Dark Magician""Mago Negro Habilidoso"CommonEffect Monster
TP7-PT013"Skilled White Magician""Mago Branco Habilidoso"CommonEffect Monster
TP7-PT014"Wall of Illusion""Barreira Ilusória"CommonEffect Monster
TP7-PT015"Last Will""Testamento"CommonNormal Spell Card
TP7-PT016"Haniwa""Haniwa"CommonNormal Monster
TP7-PT017"Prisman""Homem Prisma"CommonNormal Monster
TP7-PT018"Millennium Golem"CommonNormal Monster
TP7-PT019"Dig Beak""Bico de Escavação"CommonNormal Monster
TP7-PT020"Nekogal #2""Nekogal #2"CommonNormal Monster