Tournament Pack 5 is a booster pack that was released to tournament locations. It is the fifth Tournament Pack, following Tournament Pack 4.


Each pack contains 3 cards. The set contains 20 cards:



Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
TP5-FR001"Luminous Soldier""Soldat Lumineux"Ultra RareEffect Monster
TP5-FR002"Big Shield Gardna""Sentinelle au Grand Bouclier"Super RareEffect Monster
TP5-FR003"Magical Thorn""Epine Magique"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
TP5-FR004"Luster Dragon""Dragon Étincelant"Super RareNormal Monster
TP5-FR005"Needle Worm""Vers Aiguillon"Super RareFlip monster
TP5-FR006"Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer""Kycoo le Destructeur de Fantômes"RareEffect Monster
TP5-FR007"Bazoo the Soul-Eater""Bazoo le Mangeur d'Âmes"RareEffect Monster
TP5-FR008"Book of Life""Le Livre de la Vie"RareNormal Spell Card
TP5-FR009"Trap of Board Eraser""Piège du Tampon Effaceur"RareCounter Trap Card
TP5-FR010"Goddess with the Third Eye""Déesse au 3ème Œil"CommonEffect Monster
TP5-FR011"Jowgen the Spiritualist""Jowgen le Spirit"CommonEffect Monster
TP5-FR012"Tornado Bird""Oiseau Tornade"CommonFlip monster
TP5-FR013"Destruction Punch""Coup de Poing Destructeur"CommonNormal Trap Card
TP5-FR014"Beastking of the Swamps""Roi-Bête des Marais"CommonEffect Monster
TP5-FR015"Versago the Destroyer""Versago, le Destructeur"CommonEffect Monster
TP5-FR016"Mystical Sheep #1""Mouton Mystique N°1"CommonEffect Monster
TP5-FR017"Pyramid Turtle""Tortue Pyramide"CommonEffect Monster
TP5-FR018"Curse of Royal""Malédiction du Roi"CommonCounter Trap Card
TP5-FR019"Winged Sage Falcos""Falcos, le Sage Ailé"CommonEffect Monster
TP5-FR020"Dark Designator""Désignateur des Ténèbres"CommonNormal Spell Card

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