Tournament Pack 2018 Vol.3 is the forty-sixth installment of the Japanese Tournament Pack series.




Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
18TP-JP301"Armageddon Knight"「終末の騎士」Secret RareEffect Monster
18TP-JP302"Circle of the Fire Kings"「炎王炎環」Secret RareQuick-Play Spell Card
18TP-JP303"Spirit of Flames"「炎の精霊 イフリート」CommonEffect Monster
18TP-JP304"Strike Ninja"「速攻の黒い忍者」CommonEffect Monster
18TP-JP305"Gearspring Spirit"「ネジマキシキガミ」CommonEffect Monster
18TP-JP306"Windrose the Elemental Lord"「風霊神ウィンドローズ」CommonEffect Monster
18TP-JP307"Gravekeeper's Oracle"「墓守の審神者」CommonEffect Monster
18TP-JP308"Condemned Maiden"「失楽の聖女」CommonEffect Monster
18TP-JP309"Kaminari Attack"「雷神の怒り」CommonFusion Monster
18TP-JP310"Makiu, the Magical Mist"「魔霧雨」CommonNormal Spell Card
18TP-JP311"Chaos Zone"「混沌空間」CommonField Spell Card
18TP-JP312"Fusion Conscription"「融合徴兵」CommonNormal Spell Card
18TP-JP313"Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai"「火霊術-「紅」」CommonNormal Trap Card
18TP-JP314"Fusion Reserve"「融合準備」CommonNormal Trap Card
18TP-JP315"Gokibore"「ゴキボール」CommonNormal Monster
18TP-JP316"Black Feather Counter"「黒羽カウンター」CommonCounter

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