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This pack is the Korean version of Japan's Tournament Pack 2012 Vol.1, except the Normal Parallel Rare cards are Super Rare instead.


The set includes 10 cards. This is comprised of:



Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategory
TP14-KR001"Sorcerer of Dark Magic""어둠의 마법신관"Super RareEffect Monster
TP14-KR002"Gaia Plate the Earth Giant""지구거인 가이아 플레이트"Super RareEffect Monster
TP14-KR003"The Hunter with 7 Weapons""7가지 무기를 가진 헌터"CommonEffect Monster
TP14-KR004"Great Spirit""그레이트 스피릿"CommonEffect Monster
TP14-KR005"Millennium Shield""천년 방패"CommonNormal Monster
TP14-KR006"Boo Koo""부쿠"CommonNormal Monster
TP14-KR007"Neo the Magic Swordsman""마법 검사 네오"CommonNormal Monster
TP14-KR008"Book of Secret Arts""비술서"CommonEquip Spell Card
TP14-KR009"Canyon""단층지대"CommonField Spell Card
TP14-KR010"The Emperor's Holiday""벌거벗은 임금님"CommonContinuous Trap Card