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Tournament Pack 2011 Vol.1 is the seventeenth installment of the Japanese Tournament Pack series.


Each pack includes 2 cards. The set includes 10 cards. This is comprised of:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
TP17-JP001 Super Conductor Tyranno 超伝導恐獣 (スーパーコンダクターティラノ) Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster
TP17-JP002 Snipe Hunter スナイプストーカー Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster
TP17-JP003 Tyhone タイホーン Common Normal Monster
TP17-JP004 Wings of Wicked Flame (じゃ) (えん) (つばさ) Common Normal Monster
TP17-JP005 Skull Mariner (かい) (ぞく) (せん) スカルブラッド (ごう) Common Normal Monster
TP17-JP006 Flying Fish フライング ・ フィッシュ Common Normal Monster
TP17-JP007 Rallis the Star Bird (ほし) () (どり) ラリス Common Effect Monster
TP17-JP008 Mavelus マブラス Common Fusion Monster
TP17-JP009 Instant Fusion 簡易融合 (インスタントフュージョン) Common Normal Spell Card
TP17-JP010 Enchanted Javelin ホーリージャベリン Common Normal Trap Card