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Not to be confused with Tournament Pack 6, which had a Korean release with the prefix TP6.

This pack is the Korean version of Japan's Tournament Pack 2008 Vol.2, except the Normal Parallel Rare cards are Super Rare instead.


The set includes 12 cards. This is comprised of:



Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategory
TP06-KR001"Fairy King Truesdale""요정왕 오베론"Super RareEffect Monster
TP06-KR002"Vampire Genesis""뱀파이어 제네시스"Super RareEffect Monster
TP06-KR003"Archfiend Marmot of Nefariousness""데몬 비버"CommonNormal Monster
TP06-KR004"Beta The Magnet Warrior""마그넷 워리어 β"CommonNormal Monster
TP06-KR005"Rigorous Reaver""리그라스 리퍼"CommonFlip monster
TP06-KR006"Rocket Warrior""로켓 전사"CommonEffect Monster
TP06-KR007"Wall of Illusion""환상의 벽"CommonEffect Monster
TP06-KR008"Black Luster Soldier""카오스 솔저"CommonRitual Monster
TP06-KR009"Black Luster Ritual""카오스의 의식"CommonRitual Spell Card
TP06-KR010"Magic Formula""마술의 주문서"CommonEquip Spell Card
TP06-KR011"Two-Pronged Attack""협공"CommonNormal Trap Card
TP06-KR012"Relieve Monster""몬스터 릴리프"CommonNormal Trap Card