Tournament Pack 2009 Vol.3 is the eleventh installment of the Tournament Pack series.


Each pack includes 2 random cards. There are a total of 12 cards, 10 of which are Common, 2 of which are Normal Parallel Rare.



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
TP11-JP001 Exxod, Master of The Guard しゅしんエクゾード Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster
TP11-JP002 Evil HERO Malicious Fiend E-HEROイービルヒーロー マリシャス・デビル Normal Parallel Rare Fusion Monster
TP11-JP003 Sheep Token (Orange) ひつじトークン Common Token Monster
TP11-JP004 Sheep Token (Pink) ひつじトークン Common Token Monster
TP11-JP005 Giga-Tech Wolf ギガテック・ウルフ Common Normal Monster
TP11-JP006 Ushi Oni うしおに Common Normal Monster
TP11-JP007 Beast of Talwar タルワール・デーモン Common Normal Monster
TP11-JP008 Snowman Eater スノーマンイーター Common Effect Monster
TP11-JP009 Labyrinth Tank めいきゅうせんしゃ Common Fusion Monster
TP11-JP010 Dark Calling ダーク・コーリング Common Normal Spell Card
TP11-JP011 Castle Walls じょうへき Common Normal Trap Card
TP11-JP012 Earthshaker かくへんどう Common Normal Trap Card