The set includes 12 cards. This is comprised of:



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
TP06-JP001"Fairy King Truesdale"「妖精王オベロン」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
TP06-JP002"Vampire Genesis"「ヴァンパイアジェネシス」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
TP06-JP003"Archfiend Marmot of Nefariousness"「デーモン・ビーバー」CommonNormal Monster
TP06-JP004"Beta The Magnet Warrior"「磁石の戦士β」CommonNormal Monster
TP06-JP005"Rigorous Reaver"「リグラス・リーパー」CommonFlip monster
TP06-JP006"Rocket Warrior"「ロケット戦士」CommonEffect Monster
TP06-JP007"Wall of Illusion"「幻影の壁」CommonEffect Monster
TP06-JP008"Black Luster Soldier"「カオス・ソルジャー」CommonRitual Monster
TP06-JP009"Black Luster Ritual"「カオスの儀式」CommonRitual Spell Card
TP06-JP010"Magic Formula"「魔術の呪文書」CommonEquip Spell Card
TP06-JP011"Two-Pronged Attack"「はさみ撃ち」CommonNormal Trap Card
TP06-JP012"Relieve Monster"「モンスターレリーフ」CommonNormal Trap Card
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