The set includes 12 cards. This comprises:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
TP04-JP001 Marshmallon マシュマロン Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster
TP04-JP002 Meteor B. Dragon メテオ・ブラック・ドラゴン Normal Parallel Rare Fusion Monster
TP04-JP003 Fairy's Gift (よう) (せい) (おく) りもの Common Normal Monster
TP04-JP004 Meteor Dragon メテオ・ドラゴン Common Normal Monster
TP04-JP005 Gale Dogra ゲール・ドグラ Common Effect Monster
TP04-JP006 Rare Metal Dragon レアメタル・ドラゴン Common Effect Monster
TP04-JP007 Peten the Dark Clown (やみ) (どう) () () のペーテン Common Effect Monster
TP04-JP008 Man-eating Black Shark (くろ) (ひと) () (サメ) Common Fusion Monster
TP04-JP009 Spell Shattering Arrow () (ほう) (こう) () () Common Quick-Play Spell Card
TP04-JP010 Marshmallon Glasses マシュマロンのメガネ Common Equip Spell Card
TP04-JP011 Raimei (らい) (めい) Common Normal Spell Card
TP04-JP012 Acid Trap Hole (りゅう) (さん) のたまった () とし (あな) Common Normal Trap Card
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