Tournament Pack: 2nd Season is a booster pack that was released to tournament locations. It is the second Tournament Pack, following Tournament Pack: 1st Season.


Each pack contains 3 cards. The set contains 30 cards:



Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategory
TP2-KR001"Morphing Jar""메타모르 포트"Ultra RareFlip monster
TP2-KR002"Dragon Seeker""용살자"Super RareEffect Monster
TP2-KR003"Giant Red Seasnake""씨자리온"Super RareNormal Monster
TP2-KR004"Exile of the Wicked""악마지불"Super RareNormal Spell Card
TP2-KR005"Call of the Grave""묘지에서 부르는 소리"Super RareNormal Trap Card
TP2-KR006"Mikazukinoyaiba""크레센트 드래곤"RareNormal Monster
TP2-KR007"Skull Guardian""로가디언"RareRitual Monster
TP2-KR008"Novox's Prayer""로의 기도"RareRitual Spell Card
TP2-KR009"Dokurorider""스컬 라이더"RareRitual Monster
TP2-KR010"Revival of Dokurorider""스컬라이더의 부활"RareRitual Spell Card
TP2-KR011"Beautiful Headhuntress""참수의 미녀"RareNormal Monster
TP2-KR012"Sonic Maid""소리의 여인"RareNormal Monster
TP2-KR013"Mystical Sheep #1""일루전 시프"RareEffect Monster
TP2-KR014"Warrior of Tradition""전장의 수의"RareFusion Monster
TP2-KR015"Soul of the Pure""천사의 순혈"RareNormal Spell Card
TP2-KR016"Dancing Elf""댄싱 엘프"CommonNormal Monster
TP2-KR017"Turu-Purun""트루푸룬"CommonNormal Monster
TP2-KR018"Dharma Cannon""대포 오뚝이"CommonNormal Monster
TP2-KR019"Stuffed Animal""식인 곰인형"CommonNormal Monster
TP2-KR020"Spirit of the Books""책의 정령 호크 비숍"CommonNormal Monster
TP2-KR021"Faith Bird""세인트 버드"CommonNormal Monster
TP2-KR022"Takuhee""타쿠히"CommonNormal Monster
TP2-KR023"Maiden of the Moonlight""달빛의 소녀"CommonNormal Monster
TP2-KR024"Queen of Autumn Leaves""단풍의 여왕"CommonNormal Monster
TP2-KR025"Two-Headed King Rex""두 머리의 킹렉스"CommonNormal Monster
TP2-KR026"Garoozis""갈자스"CommonNormal Monster
TP2-KR027"Crawling Dragon #2""시체를 먹는 용"CommonNormal Monster
TP2-KR028"Parrot Dragon""패롯 드래곤"CommonNormal Monster
TP2-KR029"Sky Dragon""천공룡"CommonNormal Monster
TP2-KR030"Water Magician""물의 마도사"CommonNormal Monster

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