Tournament Finals
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Tournament Finals

  • トーナメント
  • Kesshō Tōnamento




First chapter

202: "The Eight Finalists"

Last chapter

278: "A New Journey!"


Battle City


King's Memories

Section 7: Tournament Finals arc ( (だい) (しょう) (けっ) (しょう) トーナメント (へん) Dainanahō Kesshō Tōnamento-hen) is a story arc in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.

The Duels between the eight Battle City finalists, Marik Ishtar, Rishid, Seto Kaiba, Katsuya Jonouchi, Yugi Mutou, Mai Kujaku, Ryo Bakura and Ishizu Ishtar take place.





Winners are in bold.

Game Players Penalty Game
Duel Dark Bakura Dark Yugi
Duel Rishid Katsuya Jonouchi
Duel Mai Kujaku Dark Marik Brain Insects
Duel Seto Kaiba Ishizu Ishtar
Ka battle Sorcerer Pharaoh
Duel Dark Bakura Dark Marik Darkness Prey
Battle royal
  • Dark Yugi
  • Katsuya Jonouchi
  • Seto Kaiba
  • Dark Marik
Duel Dark Marik Katsuya Jonouchi Phoenix Dance
Duel Seto Kaiba Dark Yugi
Duel Dark Yugi Dark Marik


Image Number Japanese title English title
Duel 202 The Eight Finalists 闘技場の者たち
Tōgi-ba no Mono-tachi
Our Arena
Duel 203 The First Enemy! 1回目の敵!!
Tōgi-ba no Mono-tachi
Ichi-Kai menokataki!!
YGODDuel145 Duel 204 The Thing in the Dark 潜む者!!
Hisomu Mono!!
Hidden Person!!
YGODDuel146 Duel 205 The Undying Grudge! 怨念の魂!!
On'nen no Tamashī!!
Soul of Grudge!!
YGODDuel147 Duel 206 Unbreakable Spirit! 折れない闘志!!
Orenai Tōshi!!
Unbreakable Spirit!!
YGODDuel148 Duel 207 One-Turn Kill 1ターンの死闘!!
Wan Tān no Shitō!!
One-Turn Deathmatch!!
Duelist149 Duel 208 The Line of Fire 撃てるのか!?
Uteru no ka!?
Are You Going to Attack?!
Duelist150 Duel 209 Jonouchi's Revenge! (絆のために!!
Kizuna no Tame ni!!
For the Sake of Bonds!!
Duelist151 Duel 210 The Trap in the Temple! 神殿の罠!!
Shinden no Wana!!
The Shrine's Trap!
Duelist152 Duel 211 Death Trap World! 死の罠世界 トラップワールド!!
Shi no Torappuwārudo!!
Deadly Trap World!!
The second round of the Battle City quarter-finals continues, with Jonouchi facing Rishid, who is still posing as Marik Ishtar. Rishid's Trap Cards force Jonouchi onto the defensive, and his assault begins to overwhelm Jonouchi.
Duelist153 Duel 212 Those Who Inherit the Duel 決闘を継ぐ者
Kettō wo Tsugu Mono
Jonouchi faces Rishid, who is posing as Marik Ishtar, in the second quarterfinal match of Battle City. Rishid's Trap Monsters overwhelm Jonouchi, causing him to lose his confidence.
Duelist154 Duel 213 The Unexpected Card! 意外なる一枚
Igai Naru Hitohira
A Surprising Piece
Duelist155 Duel 214 The Cursed Bloodline! 復讐の一族!!
Fukushū no Ichizoku!!
The Clan's Revenge!!
Duelist156 Duel 215 The Proof of the Clan! 一族の証!!
Ichizoku no Akashi!!
Witness of the Clan!!
Duelist157 Duel 216 God's Judgement! 神の裁き!!
Kami no Sabaki!!
Duelist158 Duel 217 Darkness Awakens! 闇の目覚め!!
Yami no Mezame!!
Awakening Darkness!!
YGODDuel159 Duel 218 One Duelist 決闘者一人
Dyuerisuto Hitori
One Duelist
YGODDuel160 Duel 219 The Dark Game!! 漆黒のゲーム!!
Shikkoku no Gēmu!!
Jet Black Game!!
Dueslist161 Duel 220 The Unbreakable Duelist 折れない決闘者
Orenai Dyuerisuto
Duelist162 Duel 221 Descent of the God! 神を降ろせ!!
Kami wo Orose!!
God Descends!!
Duelist163 Duel 222 The Rise of Ra! 神の目覚め!!
Kami no Mezame!!
Awakening of God!!
Duelist164 Duel 223 The Depths of Darkness! 闇の深み!!
Yami no Fukami!!
YGODDuel165 Duel 224 The Future is Now 「未来」の始まり!!
"Mirai" no Hajimari!!
The Beginning of the "Future!"
Having defeated Mai, Dark Marik subjects her to a Penalty Game. Then the last Duel of the Battle City semi-finals between Kaiba and the eight duelist, revealed to be Ishizu Ishtar, Marik's sister, starts.
x100px Duel 225 Kaiba Declares War! 海馬開戦!!
Kaiba Kaisen!!
Kaiba's Outbreak!!
Kaiba and Ishizu begin the last match of the quarter-finals. Kaiba plans to wipe out Ishizu's Deck like he did against Yugi, but Ishizu remains confident that her victory is assured.
x100px Duel 226 The Chosen One 「神」が選びし者
The One Chosen by "God"
Kaiba and Ishizu continue the last match of the quarter-finals. Kaiba plans to wipe out Ishizu's Deck, but Ishizu not only predicts the strategy, but forsees that Kaiba will die by his God's own hand.
x100px Duel 227 The Waiting Grave 昏き墓穴
Kuraki Boketsu
The Twilight Cemetery
Kaiba and Ishizu continue the last match of the quarter-finals. Kaiba wipes out most of Ishizu's Deck, only for Ishizu to completely turn the tables.
x100px Duel 228 The Death of Obelisk? 巨神壊滅!?
Kyoshin Kaimetsu!?
The Giant God's Destruction!?
Ishizu has turned Kaiba's Deck Destruction strategy against him, resulting in his Deck only containing six cards. Encouraged by Yugi, Kaiba fights on, believing his only hope to win is to Summon "The God of the Obelisk."
x100px Duel 229 The Eyes of Memory 蒼い記憶!!
Aoi Kioku!!
Blue Memory!!
As Ishizu predicted, Kaiba Summons "The God of the Obelisk." Even so, he's a mere step away from total defeat, when the Millennium Rod activates.
x100px Duel 230 Shatter the Future 未来撃破
Mirai Gekiha
Defeating the Future
Kaiba sacrifices "The God of the Obelisk" in favour of his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon," and he defeats Ishizu, changing the future she saw with the Millennium Tauk.
x100px Duel 231 Out of the Past 過去の闇
Kako no Yami
Darkness of the Past
Kaiba has defeated Ishizu, but his victory is marred when he finds he can understand the horrifying Hieratic Text written on "The Sun Dragon Ra." Meanwhile, Ishizu reveals to Yugi and his friends just why Marik hates them so, starting after a foolish trip aboveground...
x100px Duel 232 The Clan of Darkness! 一族の闇!!
Ichizoku no Yami!!
The Clan's Darkness!!
Ishizu continues her tale. After she and Marik encountered Shadi aboveground, who warned of the tragedy that would soon strike their clan, they returned home to find their father brutally torturing Rishid. With Rishid's fall, Dark Marik emerged for the first time.
x100px Duel 233 Duel in the Dark! 闇の闘争!!
Yami no Tōsō!!
Darkness Conflict!!
As night falls, Ishizu gives her Millennium Tauk to Yugi. Meanwhile, Dark Marik returns to kill Rishid, but is opposed by Dark Bakura and the original Marik, who had implanted part of himself in Bakura when they allied initially. Evenly matched in terms of power, they begin a Shadow Game.
x100px Duel 234 Evil vs. Evil! 闇VS闇!!
Yami Tai Yami!!
Darkness VS Darkness!!
Dark Marik faces off against Dark Bakura in a Shadow Game where the loser will be killed. Dark Bakura is wary of "The Sun Dragon Ra," but Marik has a plan to combat it, vowing to right the wrongs he commited by killing both halves of himself.
x100px Duel 235 The Crumbling Darkness 崩れゆく闇!!
Kuzure Yuku Yami!!
Dark Marik faces off against Dark Bakura in a Shadow Game where the loser will be devoured by the darkness as they lose Life Points. Dark Marik is put at a disadvantage as he tries to draw his God card, despite Dark Bakura losing most of his Life Points.
x100px Duel 236 The Dark God is Born! 暗黒の神生誕!!
Ankoku no Kami Seitan!!
Birth of the Dark God!!
As Kaiba deciphers the second power of "The Sun Dragon Ra", Dark Marik demonstrates the horrifying "One-Turn Kill" in question against Dark Bakura.
x100px Duel 237 The Eve of Battle 死闘前夜!!
s**tō Zenya!!
Night Before the Deathmatch!!
With Dark Bakura devoured by the darkness, Marik turns to Ishizu for help. Meanwhile, both Kaiba and Yugi reaffirm their desire to win. Dark Bakura, meanwhile, has lived on through the fragment of his soul that he sealed in the Millennium Puzzle.
x100px Duel 238 The Dawn of Battle! 決戦の陽は昇る!!
Kessen no Hihanoboru!!
Battle of the Sun!!
The airship arrives at Alcatraz, where the Duel Tower to hold the semi-finals and finals is located. Rather than the use of a lottery to decide the semi-final match-ups, the match-ups will be decided by a four-way Battle Royale Duel.
x100px Duel 239 Cross Purposes! クロスする魂!!
Kurosu Suru Tamashī!!
Cross Souls!!
The semi-final match-ups will be decided by a four-way battle royal. The first two Duelists to lose will face each other.
x100px Duel 240 The Deadly Rebound! 迫撃!!追撃!!
Hakugeki!! Tsuigeki!!
Beckoning Attack!! Pursuing Attack!!
Kaiba taunts Yugi and Jonouchi, as he hopes to face Yugi in the semi-finals to fufil their rivalry and gain an advantage against Marik. Jonouchi, meanwhile, is torn between keeping his promise to Yugi and saving Mai.
x100px Duel 241 Eyes on the Target! 標的を見据えよ!!
Hyōteki wo Misueyo!!
Choose Your Opponent!!
Kaiba continues to manipulate the Duel, attempting to force Dark Marik and Jonouchi to face each other. Jonouchi begins to make a comeback.
Duel 242 A True Duelist 真の決闘者
Shin no Kettō-sha
True Duelists
Duel 243 The Final Stage! 最終ステージへ!!
Saishū Sutēji e!!
To the Final Stage!!
Duel 244 The Hymn of Hell 地獄の詩
Jigoku no Uta
Duel 245 The Darkness of Death! 死の闇に堕つ!?
Jigoku no Uta
Falling into the Deadly Darkness!?
Duel 246 Cage of Fire! 灼熱の檻!!
Shakunetsu no Ori!!
Duel 247 Duel the Lightning! 逆境を貫く稲妻!!
Gyakkyō wo Tsuranuku Inazuma!!
Bolt Out of the Blue!!
Duel 248 God's Third Power! 神 第3の能力!!
Kami Dai San no Nōryoku!!
Duel 249 Phoenix Rising! 不死鳥 舞う!!
Fushichō Mau!!
Dance of the Phoenix!!
Duel 250 Light from the Future!! 未来への光!!
Mirai e no Hikari!!
A Light to the Future!!
YGODDuel192 Duel 251 A Battle to Tear the Skies Asunder! 空を裂く鬨の声!!
Sora o Saku Toki no Koe!!
The Battle Cry Which Splits the Skies
Yugi and Kaiba line-up for their Battle City Duel.
YGODDuel193 Duel 252 Sky Duel Coliseum! 天空決闘闘戯場!!
Tenkū Kettō Togi-Ba!!
The Duel Colosseum In The Sky!
Duel 253 God in Hand!! 神を手に!!
Kami wo te ni!!
God in Hand!!
Duel 254 Secret Plan to Call God! 神を呼ぶ秘策!!
Kami wo Yobu Hisaku!!
The Method to Call God
Duel 255 Obelisk Strikes Back! 迎撃!!オベリスク!!
Geigeki!! Oberisuku!!
Intercept!! Obelisk!!
Duel 256 God vs. God! 神VS神!!
Kami Tai Kami!!
God VS God!!
Duel 257 Memories of Fate 宿命の記憶!!
Shukumei no Kioku!!
Fated Memories!!
Duel 258 The Servants Surpass God 神を超えたしもべ!!
Kami wo Koeta Shimo Be!!
The Servant That God Answers!!
Duel 259 Deck of Glass! ガラスのデッキ!!
Garasu no Dekki!!
Glass Deck!!
Duel 260 Red Spirit 真紅き魂!!
Shinkuki Tamashī!!
Crimson Soul!!
Duel 261 Beyond Hatred 憎しみの先へ!!
Nikushimi no Saki e!!
Past Hatred!!
Duel 262 As a Friend 友として!!
Tomo to shite!!
Become an Ally!
Duel 263 The Monster of Victory or Defeat 勝敗を分かつ魔物
Shōhai wo Wakatsu Mamono
Beast of Defeat!!
Duel 264 The Entrusted Card たくされる一枚
Takusareru Hitohira
Entrusted Piece
30 110 Duel 265 Showdown in the Heavens! 頂上決戦!!
Chōjō Kessen!!
The Climactic Battle!
30 130 Duel 266 The Quick Attack Trap 速攻に潜む罠!!
Sokkō ni Hisomu Wana!!
The Swift Trap!
30 148 Duel 267 Slifer vs. Ra! 激突!!天空竜VS太陽神!!
Gekitotsu!! Tenkū Ryū Tai Taiyō Kami!!
Confrontation! Osiris vs. Ra!
30 167 Duel 268 Ra the Immortal 不死なる神!!
Fushinaru Kami!!
The Immortal God!!
YGODDuel210 Duel 269 Card of Fate!! 運命 (さだめ) 一枚 (カード) !!
Sadame no Kādo!!
The Card of Fate
YGODDuel211 Duel 270 Devil's Sanctuary 悪魔の聖域 (デビルズ・サンクチュアリ) !!
Debiruzu Sankuchuari!!
Devil's Sanctuary
YGODDuel212 Duel 271 Immortal Wall!! 不死なる壁!!
Fushi naru Kabe!!
The Immortal Wall!!
YGODDuel213 Duel 272 Unbeatable? 攻略不能!?
Kōryaku Funō!?
Ineffective Attacks!?
31 087 Duel 273 God's Sword, God's Shield 神の剣、神の盾!!
Kami no Ken, Kami no Tate
Sword of God, Shield of God
31 108 Duel 274 Attack from the Darkness! 闇からの奇襲!!
Yami Kara no Kishū!!
Surprise Attack from The Darkness
31 127 Duel 275 One Point of Life! 1ポイントの命!!
Ichi Pointo no Inochi!!
The Power of 1 Point
31 149 Duel 276 Than Curse the Darkness 生なる闇に光を!!
Namanaru Yami ni Hikari wo!!
The Living Darkness is Shown the Light
Duel 277 The End of Alcatraz 人工島爆破!!
Jinkōshima Bakuha!!
The Man-Made Island Explodes!!
Duel 278 A New Journey! それぞれの旅立ち!!
Sorezore no Tabidachi!!
Everyone Depart!!
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