Tombo Tillbitty

Tombo Tillbitty


Tombo Tillbitty




Yasai Hōsaku

English (Asia)

Housaku Yasai

Anime debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL episode 26: "Let the Duels Begin!"

  • Male


Voice actors

Tombo Tillbitty, known as Housaku Yasai in the Japanese version, is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. He is a participant in the World Duel Carnival. In the English dub he speaks with a Southern United States accent.


Presumably a farmer who grows tomatoes, he uses a vegetable themed-Deck and is known to play by the rules of, what he calls, a "Vegetable Death Match", where the players have to eat a vegetable whenever they declare an attack.

Tombo spent the first day of the World Duel Carnival collecting Heart Pieces through defeating enemies via his special method of Dueling, defeating several Duelists and leaving them passed out on the floor with vegetables stuffed in their mouthes.

Dextra and Nistro were sent to investigate his Duels as they originally thought he had been inflicting bodily harm on his victims, but when Dextra tasted the "blood" of one of the victims, it merely ended up being tomato juice.

When Yuma's rice ball was stolen by a passing bird, Tombo offered him and Tori some vegetables, but in return he wanted Tori to join him in creating a theme-park modeled after tomatoes, known as Tomato Paradise and wanted Tori to be the image girl for the theme park. This angered Yuma, who challenged Tombo because of his dislikes of tomatos.

Tombo challenged Yuma to a Vegetable Death Match. Yuma at first objected, but Dextra and Nistro appeared and gave their approval. At first, Yuma was unable to eat the vegetables, making Tombo very angry. Eventually he summoned his ace monster, "Tomato King".

Finally, upon Tori's urging, Yuma was able to eat one of Tombo's tomatoes, and found that he actually liked it, making Tombo a great deal happier. Yuma went on to win the duel, and won a Heart Piece from Tombo.

Later, Tombo was seen among the spectators watching the final duel of the Finals between Yuma and Vetrix.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
4 WDC Duelists 30 Win
Yuma Tsukumo 30 Lose

Tombo plays a Plant Deck focused on Monster Cards which resemble tomatoes. The deck also focuses on swarming monsters so that he can either quickly Xyz Summon his "Tomato King", or deal major damage through direct attacks and/or with "Tomatopult" .

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