Toad (カエル Kaeru) is a series of a few low Level/Rank WATER Aqua monsters that is related to and supports the "Frog" archetype.

Although the WATER Aqua monsters "Performapal Turn Toad" and "Slime Toad" have Toad (カエル Kaeru) in their names, these monsters are not included in this series because they do not have effects that explicitly support the "Frog" archetype.


Toad monsters share the same appearance as the "Frog" monsters, to which they offer support. The contrasting half-angel, half-demon appearances of "Substitoad" and "Tradetoad" mimics the angels and demons theme of some "Frog" monsters. "Ronintoadin" "Substitoad" and "Tradetoad" all have unique patterns and markings seen on the backs and faces like most of the "Frog" monsters.


Members of the Toad series, just like those of the "Frog" archetype, have their names designed to be intended as puns. The pun theme among Toads and "Frogs" are mostly based off the fact that the interchangeable Japanese words for "Frog" (ガエル Gaeru) and Toad (カエル Kaeru) are homonyms with the neutral conjugation of some Japanese verbs. These puns have been removed from the TCG names, if not replaced by different ones, since they are largely untranslateable.

In the Portuguese versions, "Toad" monsters are called "Frogs", while "Frog" monsters are called "Toads".

English name Japanese name (romaji) Japanese name (base) Japanese name (translation) Japanese Pun (base) Japanese Pun (translation)
Ronintoadin Ikikaeru 粋カエル Classy Toad 生き返る to return to life
Substitoad Irekaeru イレカエル Substitute Toad 入れ替える to swap around
Tradetoad Sashikaeru サシカエル Replace Toad 差し替える to replace
Toadally Awesome Mochikaeru 餅カエル Mochi Toad 持ち帰る to bring back or carry home

Playing Style

See "Frog"

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