Titan is a character in the Tag Force games. This is a video game version of Titan, a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime.


Tag Force

Titan is first met during Part 3, teaming up with a brainwashed Vellian Crowler. After Titan is defeated in Part 3, he can be found in the Harbor starting from 11:00 P.M. during Part 1. Defeating Titan 10 times earns the player Titan's first Deck Recipe and 3 copies of "Archfiend Matador".

Tag Force 2

Titan and Jinzo are the final opponents in Alexis Rhodes' story.

Tag Force 3

In the first event of Excited Bastion's story, Titan and Kagemaru Tag Duel against the player and Bastion.


Titan uses Archfiend Decks, focusing on Beatdown and field control. He focuses on the Chess Archfiends as his normal self, and uses "Archfiend Matador" as a proper Shadow Duelist.

Tag Force

Titan uses his first Deck during Part 1, his second Deck when partenered with the player in Part 2, and his third Deck as a partner or opponent in Part 3.

Dark Duelist ★4
Dark Pillar
Dark Duelist of Truth ★8

Tag Force 2

Shadow Duelist ★6
Titan: Next
Titan: Final
Titan: Revenge

Tag Force 3

True Duel of Darkness - Normal
True Duel of Darkness - Premium
Duel of Darkness - Normal
Duel of Darkness - Premium
Ultimate Duel of Darkness

Tag Force Special

Threat From The Demon World (魔界からの脅威, Makai kara no kyōi) ★3
Fear From The Demon World (魔界からの恐怖, Makai kara no kyōfu) ★5
Darkness From The Demon World (魔界からの闇, Makai kara no yami) ★7


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