Titan plays an "Archfiend" Deck.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Unknown Duelist 5 Win
Jaden Yuki 5-6 Lose
Alexis Rhodes 41 Lose

Titan's "Archfiend" Deck consits of monsters that rely on him paying Life Points to sustain them. His tactics appear to be based around overpowering his opponent with high-ATK Monster Cards whilst protecting them via their own effects and "Dark Arena". Additionally, he maintains a resourceful tactic via the effect of "Pandemonium". His top strategy is a cycle between the effects of "Terrorking Archfiend", "Desrook Archfiend" and "Pandemonium". In his duel with Jaden, his "Archfiend" cards have a chess pieces theme, while in his duel against Alexis, they have a theme centered around Spanish bullfighting.

Anime Deck

Video games

Duel Academy

This Deck focuses on DARK-Attribute Monsters

Spirit Caller

Underworld Bark
Underworld Bark 2
Birth of the Annihilator


  1. This card is Tributed from his hand via the effect of "Ritual of the Matador" in episode 41.
  2. This card is discarded to activate "Double Spell" in episode 6.
  3. This card is Set in episode 41, but is destroyed before activation by Alexis' "Allegro Toile".
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