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Threat of Darkness Demon World is a Japanese Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game. It is the fifth set of Series 3.

In other languages, this set is amalgamated with Power of the Guardian to create Dark Crisis.


This is the first set to identify "Archfiend" as an archetype and as such contains more "Archfiend" monsters and support cards. It includes the chess-themed "Archfiend" cards and an Ultimate Rare reprint of "Archfiend of Gilfer". It also contains cards from the Battle City arc, mainly the ones used by Ishizu Ishtar.


Each pack contains 5 cards and each box contains 30 packs.

There are 53 cards it total, or 57 in the Master Set.



(OCG - Japanese)
Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
305-001 Gagagigo ガガギゴ Common Normal Monster
305-002 D.D. Trainer () () (げん) トレーナー Common Normal Monster
305-003 Ojama Green おジャマ・グリーン Common Normal Monster
305-004 Archfiend Soldier デーモン・ソルジャー Common Normal Monster
305-005 Pandemonium Watchbear () (ごく) (ばん) (ぐま) Common Effect Monster
305-006 Sasuke Samurai #2 (ごん) () (どう) (だん) (ざむらい) Common Effect Monster
305-007 Dark Scorpion - Gorg the Strong (くろ) (さそり) (ごう) (りき) のゴーグ Common Effect Monster
305-008 Dark Scorpion - Meanae the Thorn (くろ) (さそり) (いばら) のミーネ Common Effect Monster
305-009 Outstanding Dog Marron (めい) (けん) マロン Common Effect Monster
305-010 Great Maju Garzett 偉大 (グレート) () (じゅう) ガーゼット Common Effect Monster
305-011 Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu (めい) (こう) () (てつ) Common Flip monster
305-012 Goblin of Greed (ごう) (よく) ゴブリン Common Effect Monster
305-013 Mefist the Infernal General 地獄将軍 (ヘルジェネラル) ・メフィスト Rare Effect Monster
305-014 Vilepawn Archfiend ヘルポーンデーモン Common Effect Monster
305-015 Shadowknight Archfiend シャドウナイトデーモン Common Effect Monster
305-016 Darkbishop Archfiend ダークビショップデーモン Super Rare Effect Monster
305-017 Desrook Archfiend デスルークデーモン Common Effect Monster
305-018 Infernalqueen Archfiend インフェルノクインデーモン Rare Effect Monster
305-019 Terrorking Archfiend ジェノサイドキングデーモン Ultra Rare Effect Monster
305-019 Terrorking Archfiend ジェノサイドキングデーモン Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
305-019 Terrorking Archfiend ジェノサイドキングデーモン Ultra Parallel Rare Effect Monster
305-020 Skull Archfiend of Lightning (じん) (らい) () (おう) -スカル・デーモン Ultra Rare Effect Monster
305-020 Skull Archfiend of Lightning (じん) (らい) () (おう) -スカル・デーモン Ultra Parallel Rare Effect Monster
305-021 Metallizing Parasite - Lunatite メタル () () (せい) (せい) (ぶつ) -ルナタイト Rare Union monster
305-022 Tsukuyomi 月読命 (ツクヨミ) Rare Spirit monster
305-023 Mudora ムドラ Super Rare Effect Monster
305-024 Keldo ケルドウ Common Effect Monster
305-025 Kelbek ケルベク Common Effect Monster
305-026 Zolga ゾルガ Common Effect Monster
305-027 Agido アギド Common Effect Monster
305-028 Legendary Flame Lord (でん) (せつ) 爆炎使い (フレイム・ロード) Super Rare Effect Ritual Monster
305-029 Dark Master - Zorc 闇の支配者 (ダーク・マスター) -ゾーク Ultra Rare Effect Ritual Monster
305-029 Dark Master - Zorc 闇の支配者 (ダーク・マスター) -ゾーク Ultra Parallel Rare Effect Ritual Monster
305-030 Spell Reproduction () (ほう) (さい) (せい) Common Normal Spell Card
305-031 Dragged Down into the Grave (はか) (あな) (みち) () Common Normal Spell Card
305-032 Incandescent Ordeal (しゃく) (ねつ) () (れん) Common Ritual Spell Card
305-033 Contract with the Abyss () (らく) との (けい) (やく) Rare Ritual Spell Card
305-034 Contract with the Dark Master (やみ) () (はい) (しゃ) との (けい) (やく) Common Ritual Spell Card
305-035 Falling Down 堕落 (フォーリン・ダウン) Common Equip Spell Card
305-036 Checkmate ディスカバード・アタック Common Normal Spell Card
305-037 Cestus of Dagla ダグラの (つるぎ) Common Equip Spell Card
305-038 Final Countdown (しゅう) (えん) のカウントダウン Common Normal Spell Card
305-039 Archfiend's Oath デーモンの (せん) (こく) Common Continuous Spell Card
305-040 Mustering of the Dark Scorpions (くろ) (さそり) (だん) (しょう) (しゅう) Common Normal Spell Card
305-041 Pandemonium 万魔殿 (パンディモニウム) (あく) () (そう) (くつ) Common Field Spell Card
305-042 Altar for Tribute (いけ) (にえ) (さい) (だん) Common Normal Trap Card
305-043 Frozen Soul (たましい) (ひょう) (けつ) Common Normal Trap Card
305-044 Battle-Scarred () (こく) (いん) Common Continuous Trap Card
305-045 Dark Scorpion Combination (ひっ) (さつ) (くろ) (さそり) コンビネーション Rare Normal Trap Card
305-046 Archfiend's Roar デーモンの () (たけ) Common Normal Trap Card
305-047 Dice Re-Roll リバースダイス Common Normal Trap Card
305-048 Spell Vanishing (じゅ) (じゅつ) (まっ) (しょう) Super Rare Counter Trap Card
305-049 Sakuretsu Armor 炸裂装甲 (リアクティブアーマー) Common Normal Trap Card
305-050 Ray of Hope () (ぼう) (ひかり) Common Normal Trap Card
305-051 Blast Held by a Tribute (いけ) (にえ) () (ばく) (だん) Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
305-052 Judgment of Anubis アヌビスの (さば) Secret Rare Counter Trap Card
305-053 Archfiend of Gilfer (あん) (こく) () (ぞく) ギルファー・デーモン Ultimate Rare Effect Monster