Thousand Eyes Bible is a Japanese set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is the fourth Booster Pack in the OCG Series 2. Despite the words Thousand Eyes Bible being printed in Latin on the packs, Thousand Eyes Spellbook is a closer translation of the Japanese name, "―千眼の魔術書―".

In other languages, the set Pharaoh's Servant is a combination of Thousand Eyes Bible and Curse of Anubis.


The set contains 52 cards or 56 in the Master Set. This is comprised of:



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
TB-01"Michizure"「道連れ」RareNormal Trap Card
TB-02"Minor Goblin Official"「ゴブリンの小役人」CommonContinuous Trap Card
TB-03"Gamble"「ギャンブル」CommonNormal Trap Card
TB-04"Attack and Receive"「白兵戦」RareNormal Trap Card
TB-05"Solemn Wishes"「神の恵み」CommonContinuous Trap Card
TB-06"Skull Invitation"「死霊の誘い」CommonContinuous Trap Card
TB-07"Bubonic Vermin"「デスハムスター」CommonFlip monster
TB-08"Dark Bat"「ダークバット」CommonNormal Monster
TB-09"Oni Tank T-34"「鬼タンク T-34」CommonNormal Monster
TB-10"Overdrive"「ガトリングバギー」CommonNormal Monster
TB-11"Burning Land"「燃えさかる大地」CommonContinuous Spell Card
TB-12"Cold Wave"「大寒波」CommonNormal Spell Card
TB-13"Fairy Meteor Crush"「メテオ・ストライク」CommonEquip Spell Card
TB-14"Limiter Removal"「リミッター解除」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
TB-15"Rain of Mercy"「恵みの雨」CommonNormal Spell Card
TB-16"Monster Recovery"「モンスター回収」Super RareQuick-Play Spell Card
TB-17"Shift"「シフトチェンジ」Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Normal Trap Card
TB-18"Insect Imitation"「孵化」CommonNormal Spell Card
TB-19"Dimensionhole"「ワーム・ホール」RareNormal Spell Card
TB-20"Ground Collapse"「地盤沈下」CommonContinuous Spell Card
TB-21"Magic Drain"「マジック・ドレイン」Super RareCounter Trap Card
TB-22"Infinite Dismissal"「メサイアの蟻地獄」CommonContinuous Trap Card
TB-23"Gravity Bind"「グラヴィティ・バインド-超重力の網-」CommonContinuous Trap Card
TB-24"Type Zero Magic Crusher"「零式魔導粉砕機」CommonContinuous Trap Card
TB-25"Shadow of Eyes"「誘惑のシャドウ」RareNormal Trap Card
TB-26"The Legendary Fisherman"「伝説のフィッシャーマン」Super RareEffect Monster
TB-27"Sword Hunter"「ソードハンター」CommonEffect Monster
TB-28"Drill Bug"「穿孔虫」CommonEffect Monster
TB-29"Deepsea Warrior"「深海の戦士」CommonEffect Monster
TB-30"Bite Shoes"「朱い靴」CommonFlip monster
TB-31"Spikebot"「スパイク・ヘッド」CommonNormal Monster
TB-32"Invitation to a Dark Sleep"「暗黒の眠りを誘うルシファー」RareEffect Monster
TB-33"Thousand-Eyes Idol"「千眼の邪教神」CommonNormal Monster
TB-34"Thousand-Eyes Restrict"「サウザンド・アイズ・サクリファイス」Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
TB-35"Girochin Kuwagata"「ギロチン・クワガタ」CommonNormal Monster
TB-36"Hayabusa Knight"「隼の騎士」CommonEffect Monster
TB-37"Bombardment Beetle"「爆弾かめ虫」CommonFlip monster
TB-38"4-Starred Ladybug of Doom"「死の4つ星てんとう虫」CommonFlip monster
TB-39"Gradius"「超時空戦闘機ビック・バイパー」CommonNormal Monster
TB-40"Vampire Baby"「ヴァンパイア・ベビー」CommonEffect Monster
TB-41"Mad Sword Beast"「猛進する剣角獣」CommonEffect Monster
TB-42"Skull Mariner"「海賊船スカルブラッド号」CommonNormal Monster
TB-43"The All-Seeing White Tiger"「隻眼のホワイトタイガー」CommonNormal Monster
TB-44"Goblin Attack Force"「ゴブリン突撃部隊」CommonEffect Monster
TB-45"Island Turtle"「島亀」CommonNormal Monster
TB-46"Wingweaver"「翼を織りなす者」CommonNormal Monster
TB-47"Science Soldier"「科学特殊兵」CommonNormal Monster
TB-48"Souls of the Forgotten"「怨念集合体」CommonNormal Monster
TB-49"Dokuroyaiba"「死神ブーメラン」CommonNormal Monster
TB-50"The Fiend Megacyber"「魔導ギガサイバー」Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
TB-51"Gearfried the Iron Knight"「鉄の騎士 ギア・フリード」Super RareEffect Monster
TB-52"Insect Barrier"「虫除けバリアー」RareContinuous Spell Card
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