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Everything that happened so far is a part of me. That is what I lived through. I will never give up. I will move forward.

— Theodore to Varis[1]

Theodore Hamilton (nicknamed Teddy), also known as Takeru Homura ( () (むら) (たける) , Homura Takeru) in the Japanese version, is one of the main characters in season two of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, and a former victim of the Hanoi Project which resulted in the creation of his partner, the Fire Ignis Flame. After his rescue, he grew up idolizing Playmaker as he saved LINK VRAINS from the Knights of Hanoi, and shortly began operating under the avatar Soulburner (ソウルバーナー, Sōrubānā). Since then, he has become one of Playmaker's greatest allies and Yusaku's closest friends.




Theodore is a fair-skinned young man. He has white hair with red highlights and blue eyes. He wears a pair of green framed glasses and he usually wears the standard Den City High School uniform. His uniform consists of a slate colored jacket with light blue trim, a white dress shirt with a pink necktie, black pants, and brown shoes.

During his days off he wears a blue hoodie with dark blue hem and strings with a white shirt underneath, dark teal pants and black shoes with white laces and four dots in either side of his shoes.

As Soulburner in LINK VRAINS, he removes his spectacles and his eyes turn gold. His hair becomes slightly longer and his central bangs reverse direction and become more angular. The upper layer of his hair becomes turquoise, while the bottom layer and his eyebrows both become blue and more prominent. His bangs become red; the framing bangs are shot through with orange, while the central bang turns orange. Soulburner wears a grey jumpsuit patterned with orange flames licking the limbs, red rib sections, and a yellow arrowhead shape running down his chest with a triangular aquamarine gem in the center. He has red shoulder-pads, greaves, and a gauntlet on his left hand and an elbow-guard on his right arm, which is bare to the wrist. Soulburner wears gloves with a similar basic design; the one on his right hand is a fingerless red glove with orange knuckles and a square-shaped section missing from the back of the hand, and the one on his left is black, with red knuckles and a red patch on the back of his hand. He also wears red boots with grey, orange-lined tongues and orange soles. Soulburner wears an unusual scarf around his neck that appears to "flicker"; small sections either hover separately as if they were attached or are constantly emitted. The scarf is able to appear and disappear accordingly, similar to a D-Board.

Before moving to Den City, Theodore wore a white hoodie with yellow highlights over a black shirt, as well as white pants with black and white shoes. He also sported a different hairstyle, having his hair gelled backwards. After returning back to his hometown, he wears the same outfit but with same hairstyle as his current self alongside his glasses.

As a child, Theodore wore a white shirt with a blue jacket, and had his present day haircut.


True to his persona, Theodore is a fiery passionate duelist who views dueling as a way to regain himself, after losing a part of himself because of the experiments done to him by the Hanoi Knights. He is brave, smart and fierce during duels, but regrets that he did not go after the Hanoi Knights like Playmaker did. Even though he knows that the Hanoi Knights are gone, Theodore sees SOL Technologies as being equally culpable to the suffering caused by the Hanoi Project. As a result, Theodore has a deep hatred towards the Hanoi Project for causing the death of his parents, even going as far as blindly challenging Varis to a duel despite the latter's genuine interest in working together.

Theodore views The Gore, Blue Angel and Playmaker as heroes for stopping the Tower of Hanoi, and respects them, to the point where he learned their real world identities (even though he is bad at programming and hacking). He becomes thrilled when he gets to Duel them, regardless of their intentions. Occasionally, Theodore shows a lack of confidence in himself and what he is doing, so he counts on Flame to give him advice on his next move.

After moving to Den City, Theodore has become polite and less rude. As a result of his torturous experience on the Hanoi Project, Theodore had a crippling fear of "Despair from the Dark" a monster that would regularly cause him nightmarish times, both figuratively and literally and that became the symbol of every torment he endured. Thanks to Flame, he was able to overcome his trauma and no longer daunted by the Zombie Monster.

Theodore has also shown to have a sense of justice as he vowed to defeat Windy in order to avenge his partner and when he promised to defeat Bohman and Lightning to avenge Kolter.


When in a Speed Duel, Theodore's Skill is "Burning Draw". This Skill reduces his Life Points to 100, but allows him to draw a card for every 1000 Life Points he sacrifices. Using this ability puts noticeable strain on Soulburner's body, as noted by Flame. Just like the other victims of the Lost Incident Theodore has a special connection to his Ignis Flame and that ability has yet to be seen. Additionally, when in Link VRAINS, he displays pyrokinetic abilities, such as his eyes igniting, or generating a stream of fire with Burning Draw.

He is revealed to have been well-trained in Judo, Jujitsu, and Aikido by his grandfather.



Young Takeru after getting rescued

Young Theodore after getting rescued.

Takeru in Lost Incident

Theodore suffers electrocution during the Lost Incident (cut from the dub).

Theodore was one of the six kidnapped children, who were kidnapped for the Hanoi Project. The children were used to create the Ignis,[2][3] but the project took a toll on Theodore, who greatly suffered from intense Dueling,[4] and after facing a "Despair from the Dark" that brutally attacked him,[5][6] he swore he'd never Duel again.[7]

Young Takeru learning about his Parents death

Young Theodore learning about his parents' death (disappearance in the dub).

After six months in captivity, Theodore was eventually rescued and admitted to an hospital to recover. There, his grandfather and grandmother arrived to check on his well-being. Upon being asked by Theodore as to why his parents didn't come, his grandparents sadly looked away and started crying. Later on after Theodore was released from the hospital, and was taken back to his grandparents home. He eventually learned that both of his parents had died in an accident within those six months, while they were trying to search for the missing Theodore (in the dub, his parents went missing). Hearing this information, Theodore, who had moved in to live with his grandparents, started hating everything and became depressed and closed off.[8] He didn't have much will to live, and instead became a thug, who picked fights against bullies.[9]

Season one[]

After Cyberse World was attacked, Flame sought Theodore out to get help from him in search for the other missing Ignis.[3]

Takeru trains martial arts

Theodore's grandfather teaches his grandson about martial arts.

10 years later, Theodore became depressed to the point he didn't go to school. His friend, Kiku, was worried about him, warning him he'd get expelled, hence why his grandfather visited the school for that issue. He walked away, and felt pain from a nightmare, when he was dueling during the Lost Incident project. He later approached some bullies harassing a boy, and took their attention by glaring them. The bullies left, noting how dangerous Theodore looked, whom the boy thanked for the rescue. Theodore walked away past an electronics store. Flame's voice from the muted TV and calls Theodore's name. Theodore swore he heard a voice, but Kiku smirked, thinking Theodore was afraid of ghosts, who didn't even appear during daytime. Theodore went back home, where his grandmother asked of him to come to the dojo. There, Theodore practiced martial arts with his grandfather, who didn't approve of Theodore missing out on school, and slammed him to the ground. He grasped his grandfather, but hesitated to attack him. Later, he went outside to take a quick shower, cursing his past, before returning to his room to think about his parents. Flame appeared on screen to contact Theodore, muttering about "Link Brains" and "Playmater".[7]

The next day, Theodore was walking by the same bullies he confronted earlier, overhearing about LINK VRAINS' hero, Playmaker, having defeated the Knights of Hanoi. Theodore intimidated the bully into telling him about Playmaker, the Duelist from Virtual Reality space, LINK VRAINS. Theodore walked away, as the bully thought of a plan to take revenge on Theodore. The latter met up with Kiku, who showed him the news on a tablet about Playmaker. While Kiku received a phone call, Flame appeared once more on the tablet, muttering about Theodore's past 10 years ago. Theodore threw the tablet in panic, but Kiku managed to catch it before it fell down. She scolded Theodore how expensive the device was, but to the argument the tablet spoke, Kiku found nothing. Theodore, back home, pondered the thoughts Flame told him about. He found his Duel Disk, on which Flame, in his eye form, appeared to congratulate Theodore for finding the item. Theodore became frightened, throwing the Duel Disk as he screamed the Ignis was actually a ghost his grandfather told him about. Theodore went to smash the Duel Disk, but Flame exclaimed he was an AI, and mentioned Theodore's past was connected to that of Playmaker. Theodore stopped, and listened to Flame, who told Theodore that he, like Playmaker, was a victim of the incident.[7]

Theodore didn't wish to remember his past, but Flame replied that Playmaker was actually confronting his past. Theodore was still alert of Flame, who tried shifting into his true form, but Theodore preferred him to be in his eye form. Still, Flame exclaimed if Theodore were to find Playmaker, he would seek his path, advising to seek him out in LINK VRAINS by going to Den City. Theodore saw he'd have to Duel again, and remembering the trauma, he swore not to Duel ever again. Just as Flame was to continue, Theodore came outside, as a friend came to report that Kiku was taken by the bullies. Theodore went to confront the bullies, but after being told of another message, he came to Flame again. Theodore came to the bullies alone, one of whom challenged Theodore to a duel, due to his interest in Playmaker. Flame spoke to Theodore that this Duel would mark his future, and had to change to face his destiny. Theodore took on their challenge, and told Kiku to go home. Theodore faced the bully, whose brother boasted that he was the national champion.[7]

Takeru deciding to move to Den City

Theodore deciding to move to Den City after the fall of the Knights of Hanoi.

The bully, Ridley, used "Call of the Mummy" to Special Summon a "Plague Wolf" and Normal Summoned another copy of it. Theodore questioned the bully's move, as the wolves' ATK doubled, but could not attack, and were destroyed at the end of the turn. The bully simply revived the wolves with "Surrounded by Fallen Wolves", and drew two cards. Theodore immediately went to play his ace with "Majesty of Fire", "Phoenix Gearfried", and boosted it with "Phoenix Gearblade". With "Valkyrian Knight", Theodore had the two monsters attack. With the wolves slayed, Theodore sent "Phoenix Gearblade" to his GY to have his monsters repeat their attacks. Ridley screamed to fool Theodore, as he played "Howl of the Fallen Wolf", reviving his wolves again, and adding a Field Spell Card, "Edge of Darkness", to his hand. The wolves were pummeled again, but Ridley started his turn. He played "Edge of Darkness" to add a monster to his hand, and Special Summoned it with "Call of the Mummy". Much to Theodore's shock, the monster was "Despair from the Dark" that caused Theodore pain during the Lost Incident.[7]

Flame shouted at Theodore to calm down, while Ridley played "Skull Conductor". Theodore's monsters were destroyed and he took 500 LP damage, but Theodore fell on his knees and begged this torture to stop. Flame reminded Theodore that he had much more strength than he had thought, and should not give up. Theodore claimed he could do nothing against that monster. Flame exclaimed that the death of his parents, the refusal to Duel made him isolated. While Ridley set a card, Flame encouraged Theodore to stand up and "revive" himself. Theodore did so, and using combination of "Rising Fire" and "Tempest Fire", destroyed all monsters on the field to inflict Ridley enough damage to defeat him. Theodore was happy that he won, and Flame congratulated him. Theodore thanked the Ignis, who introduced himself as Flame. Theodore thought its name was a translation to "Fire", but Flame, in embarrassment, ignored Theodore.[6]

Theodore read the news about Blue Angel, The Gore and Playmaker saving LINK VRAINS from Knights of Hanoi,[10] when his friend, Kiku, arrived to inform him he had to go to school. Theodore swore he'd would go, while Kiku reminded the summer break would be starting soon. Theodore admitted he didn't care about that, and announced he would be leaving this town soon, claiming this was not for him. Kiku was surprised, but respected Theodore's decision, who asked of her to watch over his grandparents for him. Kiku noted Theodore was full of life, who thanked her and ran away to Den City, motivated by the news to start fighting, too.[8]

Season two[]

Soulburner pointed out he found Flame's friend. Flame did not wish to be called Ai's friend, seeing that Ignis cowering in fear. When Playmaker was stopped by Bit and Boot, Soulburner, in a fiery whirlwind, appeared with Flame. He let Playmaker continue, as he went to deal with Bit and Boot himself. Flame was relieved it could help Soulburner out, who promised to burn away his enemies.[11] Soulburner took the two on, and Flame supported him, since he was powerful enough to defeat them. Soulburner asked Flame to cool down, and wondered if it was an AI to be telling those things. Flame confirmed he was an AI, and Soulburner's partner. He reminded it was ten years since he was born, and his name being translated from "indomitable soul dream", meaning "Flame", reminding he said this 37 times already. Bit and Boot decided to take on Soulburner to retrieve the "fire Ignis", and fused together as one entity: BitBoot. Flame simply assumed this would make their Duel more fun.[12]

BitBoot quickly summoned "D-Scale Battle Coela". BitBoot moved their Link Monster to the Main Monster Zone, so that through their Skill, Marker's Portal, they could bring out "Judgment Arrows". Soulburner and Flame noted like Playmaker's opponent, these ones used Cyberse monsters and used Link Spells, for which Flame swore to never forgive them. Soulburner hoped they could defeat this duo and interrogate them for information. BitBoot moved their Link Monster to a different Main Monster Zone, to inflict 800 LP damage to Soulburner for each time their Link Monster was displaced. BitBoot were proud of their combo, and Flame reminded they could move their Link Monster three more times before Soulburner would be defeated. Soulburner tried to remove "Judgment Arrows" with "Salamangreat Foxy", but was reminded the Skill BitBoot had activated protected it from destruction. Soulburner was surprised, but reminded he had different options. Soulburner swapped his "Salamangreat Falco" for "Salamangreat Meer", to prepare himself. Flame got fired up, announcing a Link Summon, but let Soulburner conduct it.[12]

Using three monsters, Soulburner Link Summoned "Salamangreat Heatleo". Since "Judgment Arrows" could not be destroyed, Soulburner had the card returned to the Deck with the effect of his Link Monster, and due to the negative effect, "D-Scale Battle Coela" was destroyed. This left BitBoot open for a direct attack, who suffered 2300 LP damage. BitBoot commended Soulburner, but announced their counterattack. After Special Summoning back "D-Scale Battle Coela", BitBoot activated their Skill once more to place "Judgment Arrows" on the field. Soulburner and Flame were in shock, for a Skill could only be activated once, but were informed that Bit had activated his Skill in the first turn, and this time, it was Boot doing it. BitBoot Link Summoned "D-Scale Full Metal Dunkle", and with "Judgment Arrows", the monster attacked with 4800 ATK. Before the attack resolved, Soulburner had played "Energy of Fire" to restore his LP, equal to the ATK of "Salamangreat Falco": 1200. BitBoot were annoyed, but complimented each other for the progress, believing Ignis would soon be in their possession. Flame reminded Soulburner everything depended on his next draw. He drew "Monster Reincarnation" and went to play it, but BitBoot used "D-Scale Chaff" to negate cards on his field and hand.[12]

BitBoot exclaimed they were the greatest, and demanded Soulburner to surrender. The latter smiled, and was pumped up to finish them off. He used his Skill, Burning Draw, taking 1000 LP damage to draw a card. He drew and played "Salamangreat Sanctuary", as Flame reminded that card was unaffected by "D-Scale Chaff". BitBoot were not impressed by these efforts. Regardless, Soulburner used "Salamangreat Heatleo" to Link Summon another copy of it, a move he called Reincarnation Link Summon. Soulburner exclaimed he used "Salamangreat Heatleo" to Link Summon a monster with the same name, since "Salamangreat Sanctuary" allowed him to do that. Soulburner's "Salamangreat Heatleo" removed "Judgment Arrows", and Flame reminded that BitBoot's "D-Scale Full Metal Dunkle" was destroyed. However, the monster was protected from destruction of card effects and moved to a new Main Monster Zone, and went to destroy "Salamangreat Heatleo", which was in the same column. Flame saw it really was over, and realized he really would be taken away. However, as "Heatleo" was Reincarnation Link Summoned, it was able to make the ATK of "D-Scale Full Metal Dunkle" become that of "Salamangreat Meer": 800. "D-Scale Full Metal Dunkle" was destroyed in battle, and BitBoot lost the Duel.[12]

Flame was proud, knowing Soulburner would win, but the latter reminded a second ago Flame was depressed about being taken away by the enemy. Soulburner knelt in pain, since Burning Draw did hurt him, and Flame confirmed this. Soulburner wished Flame to show more empathy, but changed his mind once Ignis started to worry sarcastically. He met up with Playmaker, but was worried when Harlin fled with Bohman behind the restricted area. Before Soulburner logged out, he introduced himself to Playmaker.[12] Skye passed by Theodore, who, from a distance, knew she was Blue Angel. Naoki reported to Skye that the next club meeting would be held in a special room, while Theodore noted nobody knew she was the idol of LINK VRAINS. Flame responded that Naoki was Brave Max, Playmaker's best friend. Theodore saw Yusaku, and noted he was Playmaker in LINK VRAINS. He followed him, but when Yusaku turned his head, Theodore hid in a different room. Flame pointed out Yusaku knew about them, since he had contacted the "Dark Ignis".[3]

Theodore asked of Flame not to do anything on its own, for Playmaker could be alerted. Flame assured him it was fine, since Ignis communicate with each other with a code no human could understand. Theodore objected, but was reminded those were the people that had defeated the Knights of Hanoi. Flame pointed out they were not without confidence, unlike Theodore, and went further to conquer the enemy. Theodore was nevertheless upset, but Yusaku entered the room. Theodore greeted him as Playmaker, which infuriated Yusaku, demanding his name. Theodore explained they met yesterday, with him being Soulburner, fully named Theodore Homura. Yusaku was surprised, and asked what he was after. Theodore claimed he was his ally, and showed Flame, the other Ignis, whose presence surprised Ai. Flame introduced himself, and though Theodore reminded it named itself like that, Flame thought it was a cool name, unlike Ai. Theodore added Flame, whose Attribute was Fire, was based on him, since he was a victim of the Lost Incident, too.[3]

Theodore pointed out after Hanoi's defeat, Flame sought him out, but a new enemy attacked Cyberse World. Ai asked Flame did he know what happened to Cyberse World, but the latter wished to speak to a place more private. Hence, they went to a Ferris wheel. Flame explained what happened after Ai fled, and about the attack on Cyberse World. To gather help, Flame asked for Ai and Yusaku's help. Ai pledged its support, while Yusaku replied he needed to find Jin's assailant. Flame exclaimed those two incidents were linked, since they both used the same Link Spell, "Judgment Arrows", to attack Cyberse World and fight off Playmaker and Soulburner. Thus, Theodore reminded the importance of finding the attackers. Yusaku believed Kolter found more about the attackers, for even while depressed, he was still a focused, determined man. At the food truck, Kolter provided Yusaku and Theodore with beverage. He admitted he didn't anticipate Yusaku to bring a friend, who knew about their identities. Still, he welcomed Theodore and Flame.[3]

Theodore admitted he was also involved in the Lost Incident, and understood Jin's suffering. Kolter nodded, and asked of them to help in search for the assailant of his brother. Theodore promised, while Flame described Theodore as soft, but a boy capable of dueling. Kolter showed that Yusaku's enemies fled through the restricted area, and showed a location under LINK VRAINS. Yusaku thought SOL Technologies were involved; Kolter simply stated something was lurking there. He showed an unknown program, which Theodore did not understand, since that was not his expertise. Yusaku didn't understand it, either, but compared it to the one found in Ai's memories, the Ignis program. Kolter was overwhelmed, while Flame identified it to be the Wind Ignis' program, while Yusaku noted they should check the area out. Before the boys logged into LINK VRAINS, Kolter showed data from Ghost Gal, who obtained it from Akira, about a gate to the restricted area. With their evasion program on, Theodore and Yusaku went into LINK VRAINS as Soulburner and Playmaker. They activated their stealth program and tried to go to the restricted area. However, Ai saw it was right, for they were chased by SOL Techologies' bounty hunters.[3]

Ai recognized The Gore, who was working for SOL Technologies. The Gore announced his pleasure that Playmaker returned to LINK VRAINS, and had his fellow bounty hunters - Kenmochi and Yoroizaka - surround him to prevent his escape. Gore wanted to Duel Playmaker, who didn't have the time for that. Instead, he wanted to evade the pursuit. Gore collided with Playmaker's D-Board, ordering not to let them get away. Even with SOL Technologies' trap activated, Playmaker wanted to continue. He and Soulburner evaded the trap, which two of the bounty hunters were caught in. Per Soulburner's request, Playmaker let him face Gore. Gore refused to deal with Soulburner, claiming he had "no time to be playing with him". Soulburner showed his Ignis, Flame, which made Gore realize Soulburner was one of the victims of the Lost Incident. Soulburner confirmed this, and still challenged his senior. Gore brushed Soulburner off for being called a senior, but accepted his challenge, since his job was to obtain the Ignis. Soulburner cheered as Flame introduced himself, but Gore bluntly replied he would show no mercy and would make Soulburner regret his decision.[10]

Soulburner asked Flame about Gore; Flame joked he'd "go-go" and attack. Regardless, Flame reminded Gore constantly evolved in Duels, and didn't know what Gore could pull out at the moment. Much to Soulburner's surprise, Gore immediately used his Skill, "Dinowrestle Revolution" to play "World Dino Wrestling", as well as to summon "Dinowrestler Capoeiraptor". Despite the change in Gore's Deck, Soulburner was impressed by his opponent. Soulburner proceeded with his tactics to swap "Salamangreat" monsters in his hand and GY to swarm the field, to Link Summon "Salamangreat Heatleo", which Gore noted to be his ace monster. The latter's effect returned Gore's "Dinomuscle", and "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar" was summoned to the Link Marker of "Salamangreat Heatleo". Gore's "Dinowrestler Capoeiraptor" protected itself from being destroyed in battle and switched to defense. Soulburner intended to inflict piercing damage, but "World Dino Wrestling" permitted only one attack per turn. Soulburner laughed, admitting Gore's strategy was impressive, and enjoyed his time.[10]

Gore summoned another "Dinowrestler Capoeiraptor", as well as a "Dinowrestler Capaptera". Using the three monsters, Gore Link Summoned "Dinowrestler King T Wrextle". Gore thought about his life, and reminded he was here to prove he was the best, and he would fiercely fight to prove that. Gore's Dinosaur attacked Soulburner's "Salamangreat Heatleo", and prevented Soulburner from using his set card. Soulburner took 1900 LP damage, while Gore boasted he needed to win to be acknowledged. Soulburner listened to Gore's frustrations over Playmaker. Soulburner doubted Gore was "a stepping stone", but pointed out he was SOL Technologies' loser, who complained to strangers about his problems. Gore was insulted, but Soulburner still bore respect towards him. However, he believed the real Gore would never be pathetic like that. Soulburner admitted he was a fan of LINK VRAINS' heroes, since they defeated the people that hurt him. The courage and believing in strength was what Soulburner motivated to go forward. Soulburner asked where was that Gore, who remained silent. Soulburner wished to fight the "real" Gore, even if he also had a reason to win the Duel.[10]

Soulburner retrieved "Salamangreat Heatleo" with "Link Fire's Return", and inflicted moderate damage to Gore. Suddenly, Soulburner was nearly attacked, and accused Gore of attacking him during the Duel. Gore denied being involved in the attack, as Hayami of SOL Technologies was trying to attack Soulburner to prevent Akira's demotion. She launched another attack, but Gore took the hit, much to Akira and Soulburner's surprise. Gore and Soulburner continued the duel, as the latter and Flame were glad Gore wouldn't resort to such low attempts to capture them. Using "Salamangreat Sanctuary", Soulburner made another Reincarnation Link Summon of "Salamangreat Heatleo", which lowered the ATK of Gore's "Dinowrestler King T Wrextle" to 800. To lower the damage he'd take, Gore's Link Monster forced Soulburner's "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar" to attack it, which prevented "Salamangreat Heatleo" from attacking. By discarding "Dinowrestler Martial Ankylo", Gore protected his Link Monster and took 1000 LP damage. Soulburner noted Gore's monsters were tough, as Flame noticed he mastered his Deck.[8]

Gore intended to win, rather than having an entertaining match when two sides' ace monsters would clash. Gore's "Dinowrestler King T Wrextle" attacked "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar"; to prevent defeat, Soulburner used "Salamangreat Sanctuary" to reduce the ATK of "Salamangreat Heatleo" and gain LP, thus avoiding the defeat with 1100 LP left. To protect his monster from "Salamangreat Heatleo", Gore summoned "Dinowrestler Rambrachio". Soulburner noted Gore put a lot of effort into dueling, but reminded Soulburner also had a reason for winning. Soulburner claimed he came to fight, being inspired by the heroes that fought against the Knights of Hanoi, to free him from his depression. Flame supported Soulburner, who activated Burning Draw skill to draw a card. Much like Playmaker, Soulburner played "Rise of the Salamangreat" Ritual Spell Card, returning "Salamangreat" monsters from his GY to Ritual Summon "Salamangreat Emerald Eagle". Gore reminded his monster still had more ATK. Soulburner tributed "Salamangreat Heatleo" and had his eagle attack, whose effect destroyed Gore's monster and inflicted damage to its ATK, thus making his LP drop to zero.[8]

Ai and Flame shield

Ai and Flame protect their originators.

Gore was defeated, but Soulburner offered him his hand to get up. Gore refused and walked away. Soulburner pointed out Gore was, to him, one of LINK VRAINS' heroes, but swore in order to regain his old self back, had to continue winning. Gore stopped Soulburner, pointing out everyone could lose a duel, but the important thing was whether dwell on the defeat or continue fighting. He claimed the true self was revealed once someone loses, and logged out, but Flame commented Gore was a sore loser to say that.[8] Soulburner and Flame regrouped with Playmaker and Ai. The latter two were pleased to see them, since they defeated Gore, the success Flame attributed to itself. The group advanced on, and eventually crossed through LINK VRAINS, finding the "gate". The two continued crossing through, making Ai doubt whether that was safe, but was reminded they could not turn back. They came to a canyon area, and were nearly swept away by the strong winds, at the risk of crashing and getting hurt. To protect themselves, Ai and Flame emitted a small Data Storm to safely travel through the winds, an idea that impressed Playmaker.[13]

After a while, however, Ai and Flame were too exhausted to use this ability. The shields faded, but strangely enough, the wind stopped blowing, and the group reached to a quiet floating temple. The group went up, and Playmaker sensed something. A monster took shape which Flame recognized to be the attacker of Cyberse World. Just as the monster started attacking, an Ignis appeared, laughing how he fooled the group. Ai described that one to be the Wind Ignis, who asked of Echo to form back; the monster took a different shape, to that of a monk. The Wind Ignis wondered if its joke was funny, but Ai denied that, claiming Flame nearly farted in fear, but Flame attributed that to Ai. The Wind Ignis believed the two were hanging out too much with humans; unlike them, it did not seek its Lost Incident Partner, since it could not trust humans that easily to be captured. Since the Wind Ignis name was mouthful, it decided to be nicknamed Windy. It pointed to the monk, claiming it is a program it named as Echo. Playmaker asked Windy why was it here, but Windy examined him and Soulburner, and had them follow them around.[14]

Windy stated it waited for its friends to come, and created the world to lure them and rejoin them. It believed the Ignis could rebuild Cyberse World, an idea Flame and Ai approved of. More importantly, Windy also wanted to lure the enemy in the territory to fight them, taking revenge for the destruction of Cyberse World, despite its calm nature. Windy proclaimed the place to be a trap, since it did not have the strength to battle the enemy. It is why it needed time to gather the data needed to build the place. Playmaker told that they were after Bohman, who assaulted his friend's brother, while Flame added that Bohman played the card that destroyed Cyberse World. Windy was intrigued, but had no clue, since most people that venture in the world were usually overwhelmed by its wind trap. However, it did notice a strange presence recently. Flame wondered if someone made a new world by using the trap as a cover. Windy was intrigued, and was asked to lend help. Windy refused, stating the facts were just assumptions, and needed proof. Instead, it asked Ai to stay around and help in rebuilding the world. Flame and Ai were tempted, but wished to know more about the attackers of Cyberse World.[14]

Windy saw no point in trying to convince the two. It promised to help them in weakening the Data Storm to access that new world, but asked for a favor. Snapping its fingers, Windy showed Ghost Gal and Blue Gal, whom it wished to see gone. Windy told if the two are defeated in a duel, they would return to the real world. It did not wish to fight them alone, for the sake of exposing itself and the temple. Playmaker accepted the task, asking the winds to be toned down, believing he could convince Ghost Gal to stay down, due to his cooperation with her. The two intercepted Ghost Gal and Blue Gal. Blue Gal still thanked Playmaker for his victory over the Tower of Hanoi, but still wanted to Duel him. Playmaker didn't recognize Blue Gal, until realizing she had been known as Blue Angel. Soulburner complimented her new appearance and thought of changing his own appearance, but was displeased when Flame reminded him that nobody knew him. Ghost Gal noted Soulburner was a victim of the Lost Incident, but asked why did he team up with Playmaker. Playmaker replied they were to collect some consciousness data, which made Ghost Gal think about Bohman.[14]

Blue Gal stated that Ghost Gal and her came to find an Ignis, to have her brother analyze it. Soulburner noted not only bounty hunters were hired, and replied that they would not hand Ignis over to SOL Technologies, since they were also involved in the Lost Incident. Instead, Blue Gal demanded the two to hand Ignis over, since they were still under SOL Technologies' property. Ghost Gal was surprised by Blue Gal's demand, and was told they could use Ignis to find others of their kind. Soulburner and Blue Gal were eager to duel, as the former even wished to battle one of LINK VRAINS' heroes. While Ghost Gal went to track Playmaker down, Soulburner reminded Blue Gal that like Playmaker, he was ruthlessly strong. Blue Gal intended to show the power of her new Trickstars, too.[14] Blue Gal shared her ambitions, wanting to obtain Soulburner's Ignis to have her brother's approval, using the new Deck she had constructed; in addition, she would use the Ignis to find more of its kind. Flame reminded Soulburner about Blue Gal's effect damage tactics, so Soulburner swore to quickly set up a formation to counter that. The two raced to a spot to determine who would take the first turn, and Blue Gal won that race.[15]

Blue Gal proceeded by swarming the field, using "Trickstar Lilybell" and "Trickstar Lycoris" for the Link Summon of "Trickstar Divaridis", and inflicted first 200 damage to Soulburner. She brought "Trickstar Birdhelm", and inflicted 200 points of damage on Soulburner, but could not attack this turn (and neither could she at her first turn). Returning the latter monster, Blue Gal used its effect to equip it to "Trickstar Divadiris". Soulburner's turn started, but he immediately took 200 LP damage, due to "Trickstar Lycoris". Flame and Blue Gal reminded Soulburner could not use Burning Draw, else he'd take 200 LP damage when he would have 100 LP left. Soulburner summoned "Salamangreat Meer", but took 200 LP damage from "Trickstar Divadiris". He noted that the damage would add up, and intended to save his LP by taking out her monsters. He used the effects of his monsters to swap "Salamangreat Meer" with "Salamangreat Falco", and summoned "Salamangreat Wolvie", his LP lowered to 2400. Blue Gal expected Soulburner's "Salamangreat Heatleo", for "Trickstar Birdhelm" didn't allow itself and the equipped monster - "Trickstar Divaridis" - to be targeted by card effects. "Trickstar Heatleo" went to attack, and Blue Gal noted she lost her previous battles, since the enemy broke through her weak ATK monsters.[15]

This time, she used "Trickstar Corobane", which doubled her monster's ATK, thus cancelling Soulburner's ATK and lowering his LP to 900. Fortunately for Soulburner, "Salamangreat Heatleo" became undestructible, as it used "Salamangreat Wolvie" as material. Still, Soulburner complimented her as one of the LINK VRAINS' heroes. Flame reminded Soulburner he had one thing that improved himself, the Ignis. Soulburner, who believed Flame was just arrogant, asked if he could actually do something, but was told Flame could only observe. Blue Gal summoned a "Trickstar Token". This time, the effect of "Trickstar Divaridis" on her monsters to inflict 200 LP damage on Soulburner. To prevent any such small damage being inflicted, Soulburner used "Gate of Fire". Using her new Skill, "Trickstar Gig", Blue Gal sent cards from her Deck, equal to the number of Trickstar monsters she controlled, and added a Trickstar card from her GY. Using "Trickstar Token" and "Trickstar Lycoris", she summoned "Trickstar Holly Angel", thus setting up a Fusion Summon with "Trickstar Fusion", the card she obtained through her Skill.[15]

Using "Trickstar Token" and "Trickstar Holly Angel", Blue Gal performed the Fusion Summon of "Trickstar Band Sweet Guitar". Flame saw Blue Gal continued to develop herself. Cancelling Soulburner's "Gate of Fire", "Trickstar Divaridis" inflicted 400 LP damage, since her new Fusion Monster doubled that Effect Damage. Blue Gal's "Trickstar Band Sweet Guitar" raised its ATK by that amount, while Blue Gal added her "Trickstar Corobane" into her hand. Sending "Salamangreat Racoon", Soulburner gained 2600 LP, equal to the ATK of Blue Gal's Fusion Monster, with the additional effects of preventing effects from being used and preventing the destruction of "Salamangreat Heatleo". Thus, he survived the turn, with Blue Gal using the effect of "Trickstar Corobane" to double the ATK of "Trickstar Divaridis". Despite having not won this turn, Blue Gal's confidence was unwavered, as she added "Trickstar Corobane" into her hand. Soulburner was not glad of the circumstances, but Flame stated there was a card in his Deck that could turn the site of battle around. Soulburner drew a card, but was disappointed it was not the card he wanted. Flame dared him to use his Skill, else he'd think Soulburner was lacking courage to face destiny. Soulburner used his Skill, Burning Draw, and succeeded in drawing the desired card.[15]

He played "Fusion of Fire", but Blue Gal reminded him that even if he summoned a monster, "Trickstar Divaridis" would finish him off. However, Soulburner used the latter monster on her side of the field and "Salamangreat Heatleo" on his side of the field to bring out "Salamangreat Violet Chimera". Its effect increased its ATK, equal to the materials' ATK. To reduce damage, Blue Gal sent "Trickstar Corobane", increasing the ATK of "Trickstar Band Sweet Guitar" to 4400. Soulburner anticipated this, seeing she recognized her weakness and played "Trickstar Corobane". In the change of ATK power, the ATK of "Salamangreat Violet Chimera" doubled to 9700; by attacking her Fusion Monster, Soulburner defeated Blue Gal, who was slammed to the mountain wall. Soulburner approached her, complimenting her strength. Flame stated she lost because she didn't have Ignis as an AI, which made Blue Gal remark the two's friendship. She fainted and logged out.[15]

Ghost Gal confronted Soulburner, who explained the program activated to make her log out. Ghost Gal wanted to face Soulburner, but saw he was weakened from the last Duel. Instead, Flame showed a copy of the program that forced Blue Gal to log out. Ghost Gal took the program, thinking Flame was more charming than Ai. She logged out, proposing to meet someday. Flame, however, blushed at Ghost Gal's charming words.[15] Soulburner went to find Playmaker, and sensed the winds were getting stronger. Flame suspected it was because of a Duel going on. Later, Soulburner reunited with Playmaker, and Flame pointed out the cyberspace was vanishing. Soulburner logged out, as did Playmaker, who wondered who was the one controlling Bohman.[16]

With Theodore by his side, Yusaku told Kolter about Bohman, who apparently possessed the same memories of the Lost Incident as he did. The two believed Bohman has analyzed him to have gained such memories, but the former reminded he was the only clue they had to restore Jin Kusanagi. Since the gate had disappeared, Yusaku apologized to Kolter for lack of progress. Kolter didn't mind that, and showed an extra room for Theodore to log in to LINK VRAINS, and swore to analyze the data from the gate.[4]

Soulburner unconscious

Soulburner in Shepherd's trap.

Later, Kolter found a trace of the gate, opened on one of the floating islands, in the area that was still in development. Ai cursed Windy's choice, but Flame believed this was a logical move he did. Yusaku and Theodore logged into LINK VRAINS and went towards the gate. However, Kolter was too late to warn them the gate was actually a trap; The Shepherd snapped his fingers to suck Playmaker through the trap. Instead, Soulburner bumped into Playmaker and was trapped instead. Soulburner was touched by a particle; Flame watched as Soulburner became paralyzed by the fear from the Lost Incident memories.[4] Despite not the target he wished to capture, Shepherd was nevertheless pleased, since Soulburner had an Ignis, too. Bubbles appeared to show some of Soulburner's memories.[7] Flame appeared next to Soulburner, seeing that Shepherd was destroying the bubbles containing Soulburner's memories. Flame tried to wake Soulburner up, while Shepherd had found Soulburner's weakness: "Despair from the Dark". Flame managed to wake Soulburner up, and told him that Shepherd had trapped him and spied on his memories.[5]

A cave filled with lava was formed before Shepherd confronted Soulburner. Soulburner was not pleased that Shepherd peeked inside his memories, who shot Emma Bessho's surveillance, in form of a data ladybug, down. The two then commenced a Master Duel. Shepherd summoned a "Duplicate Drone"; Soulburner was displeased that Shepherd had his AI explain the card effects, but Flame reminded him to concentrate on his turn. Soulburner proceeded to use "Salamangreat Meer" and "Salamangreat Wolvie" to Link Summon the Link-2 "Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf", then used the latter with "Salamangreat Mole" to summon his ace monster, "Salamangreat Heatleo". Its effect returned Shepherd's "Mirror Coat Unit" to his hand, but its effect let him add a "Duplicate Drone" to his hand. Soulburner was in shock, since the AI didn't mention that effect, but Shepherd simply claimed he didn't let the AI speak. Flame alerted Soulburner of this, for Shepherd did something like that during his Duel with Playmaker. Due to this, Shepherd called Soulburner a fool to trust an AI, for it was a tool that should only serve humans, and showed his right arm as reference.[5]

Since his field was wide open, Shepherd activated "Drone Barricade" to protect himself from direct attacks. Soulburner, using "Salamangreat Sanctuary", summoned a new "Salamangreat Heatleo" to remove the barricade. Much to his dismay, Shepherd countered that by setting a new "Drone Barricade" from his Deck and activate it. Flame noticed that Shepherd did study Soulburner's Deck. Soulburner ended his turn, while Shepherd started his own. The latter declared Soulburner would lose in this turn, to himself. Soulburner questioned the meaning of those words, as Shepherd used the effect of "3D Bio Scanner" to Special Summon "Despair from the Dark" from his deck. Soulburner suddenly became paralyzed with fear, remembering his trauma from the Hanoi Project. Taking advantage of the situation, Shepherd uses the effect of three of his copies of "Duplicate Drone", to move "Despair from the Dark" to the Spell & Trap Zone. The drones camouflaged themselves as "Despair from the Dark", which overwhelmed Soulburner with fear. Flame called upon Shepherd for using that fear to his advantage, but Shepherd simply replied that he'd use everything to win. He proclaimed he'd bury Soulburner in dark despair.[5]

The first "fake" "Despair from the Dark" destroyed Soulburner's "Salamangreat Heatleo". The second one attacked Soulburner directly, who recalled his painful memories during the Lost Incident. To protect himself from the attack of the third monster, Soulburner Special Summoned "Salamangreat Parro", and had its ATK become that of "Salamangreat Heatleo", 2300. Soulburner barely survived the attacks, but Shepherd knew of his weaknesses, proclaiming he won't last the next turn. In fact, due to the incident having happened when Soulburner was a child, Shepherd knew that he still struggled against the trauma. Snapping his fingers, he demanded the Ignis from him, and set a card. Flame, however, asked of Soulburner to calm down. Shepherd still offered a chance to Soulburner to surrender and give Ignis up. Soulburner refused, and played "Rising Fire" to revive "Salamangreat Heatleo". He performed a third Reincarnation Link Summon of "Salamangreat Heatleo". Shepherd doubted in Soulburner's actions, claiming they were pointless. Soulburner countered his point, for "Rising Fire" banished all of Shepherd's monsters, and he took 2800 LP damage.[6]

Soulburner's Duel interrupted

Soulburner's Duel is interrupted by the rescue program.

Shepherd was surprised at these actions, since Soulburner should've been paralyzed with fear. Flame and Soulburner played dumb, as Shepherd realized he was fooled. Flame reminded Shepherd that he did say one should not trust an AI. Flame also added that Soulburner also controlled himself to reveal a part of his memories. Soulburner thanked Flame for helping him with that, and belittled Shepherd for failing to see his weakness. "Salamangreat Heatleo" returned "Drone Barricade", but this allowed Shepherd to set a new barricade from his Deck. With "Salamangreat Foxer", Theodore returned a "Salamangreat Heatleo" and destroyed Shepherd's barricade. Despite Shepherd's set card, Soulburner declared he would make a new step with Flame by his side, which disgusted Shepherd. Shepherd went to play his set card, but Kolter's executed program disrupted the duel, shattering the place. Shepherd fled, while Soulburner returned to LINK VRAINS. Playmaker quickly found him, and reported to Kolter before the boys logged out.[6]

Yusaku walked to school when he was approached by Theodore, who wished to see Kolter. However, Yusaku was intercepted by Naoki. The latter was told Yusaku had no time, but Theodore permitted Yusaku to spend some time with Naoki, and dashed away. Naoki simply smiled, stating they had to speak somewhere else. Theodore came to speak with Kolter at the food truck, and was seen by Ai. Ai suspected Flame obtained some new information, but by accident, Ai bumped into a pillar and crashed down onto Theodore. Theodore and Flame were astounded by falling Duel Disks, but Ai claimed it simply fell, for in its words, "Ai fly". Flame was motivated by this to have Theodore install an engine into his Duel Disk, so he wouldn't have to pay train fare to return home. Theodore was not amused by the idea, but he greeted Kolter. He wanted to give him a present for rescuing him from LINK VRAINS, but Kolter was modest about that.[17]

Ai identified the present to be a burger, and exclaimed one should not bring such food to a food truck. Kolter silenced Ai, reminding it was still important to have a taste of food of his rivals. While Kolter went to grab some coffee, Flame told Ai that Yusaku met up with Naoki for something important. Ai had its doubts about Naoki having something important to say, however. Theodore, inside the food truck, thanked Kolter for the meal, and was impressed by the equipment. Kolter replied one's abilities were more important than the equipment, and noted Yusaku was a much better hacker. Theodore noted how Kolter and Yusaku were in sync, prompting Ai to ask why did the two even teamed up. Kolter told it was a long tale, but Ai talked him into telling the tale. Kolter, however, warned there was a part involving the Lost Incident, which Theodore wanted to hear, too.[17] Kolter continued telling his tale with Yusaku about finding the fabled Cyberse deck to Theodore, Ai and Flame. The three were impressed by the tale, but noted the story didn't tell how Yusaku obtained his avatar name, Playmaker.[18]

Yusaku came to Kolter's truck with Roboppi, where Theodore and Kolter greeted the robot. Plugging in a cable in Roboppi, Kolter found nothing wrong with Yusaku's Duel Disk, considering Ai, who was supposed to be locked, had gone missing. Yusaku mentioned Roboppi and Ai were on a quiz site the night before, which showed a crossword puzzle. Yusaku pointed at a rectangle, which opened a site; Flame noticed that was a clever Ignis algorithm. The site showed a gate, which led Yusaku to believe they needed to log in the VR system to access it. Theodore proposed he and Yusaku should go, but the latter refused; he stated if could be a trap, and insisted on going alone. Flame was surprised at Yusaku, for that program was made by his allies. Yusaku simply exclaimed he didn't trust Windy, since the world that Windy had built was demolished moments after Bohman was defeated. He still let them know they could come after him, should he take too long.[19]

Soulburner's LINK VRAINS log in

Theodore logs into LINK VRAINS.

Kolter traced Playmaker's location in the cyberspace, and Theodore believed something was going on. Flame still trusted Windy, claiming he was their ally. Before Theodore headed off, Kolter installed a program in his Duel Disk, so he would be able to interrupt the Ignis program, but was uncertain in its efficiency. Kolter counted on Theodore, who logged in as Soulburner. He went around the destroyed area, trying to find Playmaker. He and Kolter were shocked at the devastated surroundings.[20] He approached Windy's temple, and noticed the remnants of a large battle. Flame wondered where Ai and Playmaker were, and Soulburner noticed Specter atop the stairs. Soulburner identified Specter, who awaited Soulburner's coming. Specter knew of Soulburner's accomplishments, and that Flame joined him. Instead of dueling Soulburner, Specter wanted of Soulburner to follow him. Flame thought it was a trap, but Specter simply wanted Soulburner to find the truth about the Ignis. He wanted Soulburner to question his alliance with Flame, and threatened to erase him should he not change his mind. Thus, the two went inside to watch Varis Duel Windy, where Specter exclaimed that Varis was just getting started for the climax.[21]

Flame was told that Lightning and Windy trapped Playmaker and Ai. Flame was in shock, while Windy bemoaned that another human-supporter had just arrived. Lightning went to trap Soulburner and Specter, but Flame used Kolter's program: he created a sphere to protect them from that attack, and flinged some of it to Playmaker and Ai to free them. Soulburner and Flame watched the end of the duel, where Varis Synchro Summoned "Borreload Savage Dragon" to defeat Windy. Lightning questioned Flame whether he supported humans. Flame claimed there were no sides, and Soulburner backed him up, for they wanted to resolve the situation without hostilities. Much to their shock, Lightning summoned Haru and Bohman, and revealed the silhouette of his figure: Jin Kolter.[21] Soulburner listened to Lightning, who explained he was the one that had Cyberse World destroyed, and declared war on humanity. Lightning had Jin, Haru and Bohman fly away, but Playmaker and Soulburner were chasing them down. On their way, Soulburner passed Kolter's program to Playmaker, to let Kolter check on them. Soulburner and Playmaker chased them down, and Flame thought that Lighting could not attack when the Knights of Hanoi were active. Lightning used Windy to summon a Data Storm, Soulburner and Flame separated from Playmaker and Ai, who confronted Bohman. Regardless, Flame swore to stop Lightning, and Soulburner supported him.[22]

Soulburner and Flame continued their pursuit.[23] Flame claimed that the fighting would stop once Lightning would be defeated. Flame and Soulburner wanted to confront him and Jin, but since they were stalled by Bit and Boot clones, Jin and Lightning managed to escape. Flame called the clones weak, and Soulburner logged out.[24] While Yusaku spoke with Akira, Theodore and Flame watched them from a nearby roof. Flame thought it was unwise to share their information with SOL Technologies, but Theodore reminded the company had created the Ignis. Flame simply reminded him of the bounty hunters that sought them out, and believed they could not be trusted. The next day, Yusaku, Theodore and Kolter tried to find the two Ignis - Earth and Aqua - finding that he was lurking around LINK VRAINS, trying to find Aqua. He and Yusaku logged in, and split up to find Earth. Kolter discovered Earth's location in LINK VRAINS, and sent it to Soulburner and Playmaker. Soulburner commented that the location was too far away from him, and had Playmaker go after Earth.[25]

Kolter showed Yusaku and Theodore a video of Shepherd chasing Blue Gal, who had the WATER Ignis. Flame believed Aqua was in trouble, and Ai urged others to rescue her from "the gunman". Yusaku nodded, and went into LINK VRAINS with Theodore. Soulburner and Playmaker met up with Ghost Gal, who reported that Shepherd was gone. Suddenly, Blue Gal went back to LINK VRAINS with Aqua, and met up with the trio. As Aqua and Blue Gal, changing her avatar to Blue Maiden, pledged their support, she, Playmaker and Soulburner rode off.[26] In LINK VRAINS, Blue Maiden, Playmaker, Soulburner and Ghost Gal went to the place where Aqua had been imprisoned. They went to inspect traces of Lightning's logs, but Ai found nothing. Playmaker reminded Lightning was not so careless to leave clues behind, which made Ai curse for their predicament.[27]

The group continued searching the network, but found no trace of Lightning. Flame and Aqua advised caution, for Lightning was the type that erased any sort of evidence. Soulburner sensed they could only wait until the situation escalates. Later, Kolter saw a signal in LINK VRAINS, and led Playmaker to it. Playmaker regrouped with Soulburner, Blue Maiden and Ghost Gal, and sensed Lightning beyond the portal. Blue Maiden exclaimed this was their opportunity to face Lightning, and Soulburner cheered her on for her bravery. The group went through the portal, where they saw Lightning and Jin facing Shepherd. Lightning explained to the group that he wanted them invited; he Dueled Shepherd to reduce the amount of his enemies. Thus, the group watched the duel, and noted how Shepherd timed his "Snatch Drone" destroy "Judgment Arrows", though Lightning managed to evade its negative effects.[28]

Soulburner commented how easily Shepherd had cornered Lightning, as Flame stated he had a big advantage. Blue Maiden was surprised at "Armatos Legio Gradius", as Soulburner and Aqua explained that it applied its effect to "Centurion", whom it linked to that monster. The group became frustrated, since Lightning managed to build a solid defense, as well as offense. With the Fusion Summon of "Fortressdrone Beehive", Flame reminded that "Drone Unity" would give all of Shepherd's tokens an ATK of 5000. In the end, Shepherd was defeated. With him gone, Lightning turned to the group, and stated they would be his next targets, then disappeared.[29] At the food truck, Ai admitted he was surprised to hear Shepherd and Ghost Gal were siblings. However, he wondered if they'd see each other, with Lightning having taken the brother. He stopped, and apologized to Kolter for mentioning Lightning, as Flame nodded to him. Kolter didn't mind that, while Yusaku was alerted of Lightning's strategy, who anticipated Shepherd's moves. Flame reminded that an AI can detect numerous patterns, and pointed out Lightning was no ordinary AI, either.[30]

Suddenly, Kolter showed traces of Earth, whose algorithm was detected in LINK VRAINS. Ai cheered that their friend may have escaped SOL Technologies, but others had doubts about that; Flame stated Ai was carefree to believe that. Realizing that even if he had escaped, Ai thought Earth could still be hunted by SOL Technologies, and Flame added that Lightning could be on his trail. Theodore and Yusaku immediately went to LINK VRAINS to investigate more. Inside, Playmaker and Soulburner sensed something was coming. The Gore appeared, and confronted Playmaker, wanting to crush him. The Gore replied he'd take on Soulburner, after he'd defeat Playmaker. Playmaker confronted the Gore, and Soulburner watched with Blue Maiden, who later joined him. Soulburner and Flame gasped, as the Gore used Earth's Link Monster, "G Golem Crystal Heart", showing that Earth's data has been integrated into the Gore.[30] Soulburner and Flame continued to watch their duel, and were shocked when Playmaker fell of his D-Board. Soulburner felt that Playmaker would even lose the duel, but was interested when he Xyz Summoned a new monster. After the Gore's defeat, Playmaker gave Aqua the "G Golem Crystal Heart" card back, as it is the only thing Ai managed to retrieve from the Gore. Ai believed Earth would be more comfortable if Aqua held onto that card. However, Blue Maiden worried how was the Gore doing. Soulburner thought he was also a victim of this battle, a battle Playmaker hoped to end quickly.[31]

Kolter showed footage of SOL Technologies' experiment on Earth to Yusaku and Theodore. The group noted that these were Earth's last moments before its data was passed onto the Gore. Kolter called them ruthless, but Flame feared this could be their future if they would be captured. Ai became frustrated, seeing that SOL Technologies looked upon AI as tools. Yusaku stated Duelists were also treated as tools, and walked away. Outside, Theodore joined Yusaku, and gave him the Duel Disk. He reminded that what happened to Earth and the Gore was not his fault; their clash of beliefs caused this tragedy. Ai reminded that the Gore would sacrifice much to grow stronger, while Earth only wanted to protect Aqua. Ai also mentioned that he recovered some of Earth's memories when he bit the Gore. Theodore feared that the dispute between humans and AI grew larger, and Ai stated that Varis and Lightning's predictions would come true. Theodore and Yusaku realized that they never heard Lightning having mentioned that, and Yusaku asked of him to explain.[32]

Ai replied that Lightning wanted him to join his side, as he believed humanity would turn on him, and remembered how Varis showed up to confront the Ignis. Theodore saw that the AI don't want peace, either, while Yusaku reminded that even AI can develop free will, though they have superior intelligence. He noted that the AI don't feel comfortable around humans, who would eventually fear them; through fear, this would spark a battle, one that Yusaku believed it could not be stopped. Ai was surprised, since they were to find a compromise between two sides, and Yusaku's pessimistic outlook would mean that he already gave up. He reminded that Yusaku stated they had to change the future, and Theodore and Flame supported that thought. Yusaku smiled, stating they had to win this battle, for the sake of the future. However, he noted that both Ai and Flame had to hide after the battle was over, since someone else could try to take advantage of them, thus starting another battle.[32]

He believed another space had to be created for them to hide, and he and Kolter promised to create such space. Ai reminded another AI could easily be created, which was why Yusaku felt that another such battle between technology and humanity would occur once more. Still, he felt that at least the Ignis would stay out of that fight, since they also had the right to live, too. Ai noticed that Yusaku told him he had a life to protect, and Theodore claimed that he and Flame would have to separate after this fight. Theodore stated that Flame was a good Ignis, and wished him to take care of himself, and be well. Ai saw that he and Yusaku would have to separate once more, but the latter swore this had to be the last fight together. Later, Yusaku found a digital card of "Borreload Dragon", and underneath, an image of Varis. In LINK VRAINS, Playmaker and Soulburner flew on their D-Boards. They met up with Blue Maiden and Ghost Gal, who noticed someone crashing into a building, which made Ghost Gal think it was a fool that could not control his D-Board. Much to everyone's shock, Playmaker stated that Varis wanted to meet with them.[32]

Playmaker didn't know why would Varis want to talk with them, but Soulburner wanted to know how could he even know where Playmaker even was. Ai mentioned that Varis knew Playmaker's identity, as he knows about Soulburner's, much to the latter's shock. Flame asked Soulburner to calm down, since Varis, as the leader of the Knights of Hanoi, knew who was involved in the Lost Incident. Ai admitted that they also knew Varis' identity, which surprised Blue Maiden and Ghost Gal. The latter wanted to know who that was, but Ai replied that she could ask Varis herself. Aqua feared an incoming trap, but Ai stated they were not enemies, at least, for Varis gave them a protection program. Aqua still thought this could be a trap, but Ghost Gal wanted to stay, since she had a score to settle with the guy. Despite this, Soulburner was disturbed. As they waited, the area they were in was shielded with a program, as Varis arrived through a portal. Varis noted everyone was present. Ghost Gal demanded to know the meaning behind the barrier. Varis simply stated this was to ensure nobody could spy on them. He wanted to join the group, since they had a common enemy to defeat: Lightning and his group.[32]

Soulburner furious

Soulburner swears to take revenge on Varis.

Aqua noted that he did speak the truth, but Ghost Gal wanted to know the reason behind that, since he wished to eliminate all the Ignis. He wanted to join the main group to fight the enemy, hence why he wanted Shepherd to join them, who refused, but still gave him the advice on how to fight the enemy. He reminded that Shepherd's dueling was perfect, but the Light Ignis was more powerful, and ended up taking Shepherd's consciousness. He knew the enemy was plotting something, and they had act immediately on finding them. Ai sensed that even Varis feared Lightning. However, Soulburner distrusted Varis, due to the involvement of the death of his parents. Soulburner blamed Varis for the condition he was in. Varis stated that he knew how he felt, but Soulburner didn't think so, and demanded a revenge Duel for his parents. Varis closed his eyes, and accepted the challenge.[32]

Soulburner swore to held Varis responsible for all the misdeeds of the Lost Incident project if he won, else he'd surrender Flame to him. Varis calmly accepted the challenge, and the two started a Duel. Soulburner immediately Link Summoned "Salamangreat Heatleo" with "Wolvie", "Parrot" and "Falco". Flame noticed that Soulburner's feelings took control of him, and reminded it was somewhat irresponsible and let Flame at risk of being taken away. Soulburner reminded this was revenge for his parents, but swore he won't lose. Varis drew a card, and ended his turn, surprising Soulburner. The latter demanded a reason for the lack of action, but Varis refused to answer. Soulburner summoned "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar", and had "Heatleo" attack Varis directly, successfully inflicting 2300 LP damage. As he went to attack directly with "Jack Jaguar", Soulburner screamed and fell to his knees. He realized he wouldn't accomplish anything by defeating Varis like that. Varis asked if he was satisfied, but Soulburner denied, since he didn't know anything about Varis.[33]

Varis replied he was Ryoken Kogami, son of Doctor Kiyoshi Kogami, who initiated the Lost Incident. Everyone was shocked that Varis revealed his identity like that. Soulburner was still not satisfied, but Playmaker added that Varis was eight years old during the project, and he felt guilt about the whole project. Ai noted that Varis actually saved them, and that Doctor Kogami had passed away, which frustrated Soulburner. Varis told him they would work together only to defeat the Light Ignis. He reminded once that was done, they would return on being enemies, since they still protect their Ignises. Soulburner calmed down, while Varis wanted to show them something. Since Aqua noted Varis' heart was pure, Blue Maiden and Ghost Gal decided to tag along, while Soulburner swore to fight Varis if he was to trick them. Varis snapped his fingers, conjuring a portal for the group. They went to the place that Varis recently visited, the ruins of the Tower of Hanoi. Soulburner realized they were in the old LINK VRAINS, which was in ruins. Blue Maiden thought that Varis would reconstruct the tower.[33]

Varis confirmed this, for it was the only way to find the Light Ignis. In fact, by scanning the network, Varis believed they could find his hideout. However, he needed a programmer that knew about the Ignis algorithm. Ghost Gal noted that was the reason why he sought Shepherd out. Blue Maiden sensed the risk of using the Tower of Hanoi, since Varis could simply use it as a weapon to delete everything, as he did with Ghost Gal. Varis showed them a program that they could use to simply stop the tower's reconstruction. Playmaker accepted this deal, since they all had to work together to build a new future. The frog and the pigeon were shocked to see Playmaker and Varis teaming up, and wanted to make a new story out of it. However, Varis knew they were hiding behind a rock; to stop them, he locked them up. Outside of LINK VRAINS, Kolter and Yusaku gave approval for this plan, as they analyzed Varis' program. Theodore went out and spoke with Flame, and decided to pledge his support, too. Flame asked Theodore why did Varis invite him, too. Theodore assumed he wanted his attention, but Flame exclaimed that Varis sought out a programmer.[33]

Flame pointed out Theodore was not a programmer, and Varis could've taken Playmaker, Ghost Gal and Blue Maiden in, and later take Flame into his ranks, too. Theodore stated he was part of Playmaker's team, but Flame shook his head, since Varis knew that Theodore would be angry with him. Theodore saw Flame was right, but the latter repeated his question, and believed it was a way to apologize. Theodore noted it was why Varis passed his turn during their Duel. Flame pointed out Varis didn't show that emotion, and Theodore told Flame that he understood humans better. The next day, Kolter and Yusaku finished their part of the program. Kolter wondered if he could join the group, but Yusaku refused, since they may not come back. Theodore promised to join, while Ai considered Kolter better behind the lines, supporting them. Before they went away, Kolter gave them another, but more powerful, escape program, and asked of them to give that to others. Kolter wished them luck, and Yusaku swore to return Jin back.[33]

The group reactivates the tower

Soulburner, Blue Maiden and Specter raise hands to activate the Tower of Hanoi.

Playmaker, Soulburner, Blue Maiden and their Ignises went to the old LINK VRAINS with Specter and Varis. Blue Maiden mentioned that Ghost Gal stayed in new LINK VRAINS, to report to Akira in case of a disaster. Specter mentioned their allies remained logged out, to support the group. The group raised their hands, as they triggered the program. As the Tower of Hanoi was reactivated, Varis had the group shielded from its effects. They noticed LINK VRAINS blurring, as Ai mentioned it was a mirror counterpart of that cyberspace, a world hidden within. The group went through the portal to Mirror LINK VRAINS. Varis wanted the frog and pigeon stay out of the conflict, but changed his mind, since they could report about this clash. The group advanced through the portal, and the passage to the other cyberspace.[33] The group advanced through the portal, and reached Mirror LINK VRAINS. Suddenly, the group faced copies of BitBoot AI, which started a Duel.[34] Soulburner defeated the AI with "Salamangreat Heatleo". Playmaker informed his allies to split and search for Lightning, but the cyberspace started to tremble. The data material disappeared, causing Soulburner to descend down from his D-Board, to a airport-like world. Suddenly, Kolter's program activated, as the latter saw everyone's progress, and sent the link to Varis' allies.[35] They were amazed to see Specter forming an Extra Link of seven monsters, and shocked when Lightning easily destroyed it and defeated Specter.[36]

Windy and Souburner's Master Duel

Soulburner faces the Ignis in the Master Duel.

With the video link severed, Soulburner noted how strong Lightning was. As he and Flame walked, they noticed the airplanes moving, despite nobody being on board. Soulburner was unnerved, and Flame joked those were ghost airplanes, which frightened Soulburner. Still, they noted that the airplanes blocked their path. Behind them, Windy appeared, while the Frog and the Pigeon were summoned, too. Soulburner was pumped up to duel, while Windy braced Flame to battle. Soulburner felt ignored, but Flame believed Windy came because Varis would be too much to take on. Windy tried to silence Flame, while Soulburner realized that Windy thought they were weaker than Varis. Windy belittled Soulburner, who became furious. Flame calmed Soulburner down, since Flame was undertaking a plan to annoy Windy. Knowing that Windy lost his cool against Varis, Flame believed they could use the same exploit to win. He told Windy they'd exceed his expectations by not being weak. Windy bursted out, since Flame was smug to know about everything, and hated him for that. Flame replied that he didn't hate Windy, since he was now different, and asked what had changed inside him.[37]

Soulburner's hand

Soulburner is forced to show the cards in his hand.

Windy admitted this was his true-self, which made Flame exclaim he would never forgive him for the crimes he did. Flame pointed out he believed in Windy, who broke that trust. Windy didn't even expect of Flame to forgive him. Windy, who became impatient, decided to start the duel, while Flame muttered to Soulburner that Windy may have lost his cool. Windy used "Stormrider Griffore", and had the advantage of looking into Soulburner's hand, letting him set "Salamangreat Roar" Counter Trap. Using the fact Soulburner set a card, Windy summoned "Stormrider Hippogriff", and used the two to Link Summon "Stormridership Rockbuster". Using "Hippogriff", Windy destroyed Soulburner's set card, and had it re-set to summon "Stormrider Skyfisher". Finally, Windy Link Summoned "Stormridership Bahamut Bomber". Smug about the monster's effect, Windy had it destroy Soulburner's set card, and inflict 500 LP to him. Soulburner commented how Windy used their card to his advantage, while the Ignis planned on defeating him in the next turn.[37]

Soulburner was nevertheless annoyed, but took his turn. Summoning "Falco", Soulburner used it to summon "Salamangreat Balelynx" Link Monster, and added "Salamangreat Sanctuary" to his hand. Though he could use "Falco" to set "Salamangreat Roar", Soulburner and Flame agreed it would only improve Windy's position. Next, he used "Mole" and "Balelynx" to Link Summon "Sunlight Wolf", and summoned "Fowl" to take back "Falco" to his hand, from his GY. Using the two materials, Soulburner performed a third Link Summon of "Salamangreat Heatleo". Just as he was to attack, Soulburner was stopped by Flame. Windy laughed, seeing what a nuisance Soulburner was to Flame. Flame questioned Windy's words, who thought partners hindered each other down. Flame pointed out this was why Windy tried to kill his partner. Soulburner wanted to know how Windy felt to take part in such a crime, who replied he felt nothing. Soulburner was frustrated, reminding that in Lost Incident, he and other children felt despair each day, as they were forced to take part in that project. However, they had some hope that they'd be saved that day, and their dreams were fulfilled.[37]

Now, Soulburner questioned Windy for thinking his partner as a nuisance. He exclaimed he would never know the feeling to take someone's hope away. Windy called this lame, but Flame reminded him the Ignis were created out the children's endurance towards the despair. He believed they should be thanking them, rather than to steal hope. Windy realized that they talked about thanking partners for creating the Ignis. Windy refused, and wanted to prove they were a hindrance, and bragged just as they would understand this, they would be deleted. Flame saw how arrogant and corrupted Windy was. Soulburner felt it was hopeless to talk Windy down, who sent "Stormrider Gargoyle" to his GY to activate "Stormrider Turbulence", which boosted the ATK of "Bahamut Bomber". Windy knew Soulburner would perform a Reincarnation Link Summon to decrease his monster's ATK. Due to his new Field Spell, any Link Monster with an equal or greater amount of Link Arrows than "Bahamut Bomber" had its effects negated. Soulburner summoned "Salamangreat Beat Bison", returned "Sunlight Wolf" to his Extra Deck and negated the effect of "Stormrider Turbulence".

With that done, Soulburner successfully used "Salamangreat Heatleo" to summon another copy of it. However, Windy banished his gargoyle from his GY to swap "Turbulence" with "Blast" Field Spell. In fact, this new spell negated Soulburner's Link Monster effects, and forced him to attack "Bahamut Bomber" with all his monsters the monster he had. "Salamangreat Heatleo" attacked, but using "Balelynx" from his GY, Soulburner protected his ace, but still took 1200 LP damage. Windy thought it was bad for his enemy to have taken so many steps, but no progress was made. Windy showed that human partners could not do anything, but Flame disagreed. Repeating his last turn, Windy used "Skyfisher" to set "Salamangreat Roar", only for "Bahamut Bomber" to destroy it and have Soulburner take 500 LP damage. Next, Windy used "Skyfisher" to Link Summon "Stormridership Stratastorm". The two monsters destroyed Soulburner's "Salamangreats", lowering his LP to 600. At the end of his turn, Windy banished "Stratastorm" to keep the effects of "Stormrider Blast" intact.[37]

Flame noted despite his trickery, Windy was still an Ignis, who, as a reward, promised Soulburner and Flame a trip to doom. Windy continued boasting, as he'd blow their flame with his winds away. Flame and Soulburner were still pleased to know it won't end like this. Windy noticed they were encouraging each other, which Soulburner pointed out that was what partners do. He swore to take revenge on Windy for his fallen partner, who dared him to try.[37] Playing "Salamangreat Performance", Soulburner summoned a "Fowl", since he had one copy of it in his GY. In addition, using his mole, he returned Salamangreat cards in his GY to his Deck. With "Rising Fire", he summoned "Salamangreat Heatleo" back from his GY to make its ATK equal to Windy's ace, though Windy negated its effects with "Stormrider Blast". To mount an offense, Soulburner played "Salamangreat Sparks", but equipped it on "Stormridership Bahamut Bomber", which prevented the effects of "Stormrider Blast". Windy clenched his fist, while Soulburner used "Salamangreat Claw" to protect his monster, so only "Bahamut Bomber" would be destroyed. Windy was annoyed by this card, and used "Bahamut Bomber" to destroy the claw, and lower Soulburner's LP to 100.[38]

Soulburner anticipated this move, and summoned "Salamangreat Falco", and by the fowl's effect, Soulburner Special Summoned it. Using "Salamangreat Falco", he summoned "Balelynx", and set "Salamangreat Claw" to his field. His fist burning, Soulburner used "Fowl" and "Balelynx" to Link Summon "Sunlight Wolf". Windy continued to use "Blast" effect to negate Soulburner's Link Monster effects. With "Salamangreat Sanctuary", Soulburner used a "Heatleo" to summon another copy of it. Trying to finish Windy quickly, he equipped the latter with "Salamangreat Claw", and since it used a copy of itself as material, "Heatleo" could attack three times. Due to "Salamangreat Sparks", the ATK of "Bahamut Bomber" was lowered down to the ATK of "Heatleo". Windy pleaded Soulburner not to attack, whose "Heatleo" attacked "Bahamut Bomber", and only the latter was destroyed. With two "Salamangreat Tokens" on Windy's field, Soulburner wanted "Heatleo" to destroy them, and inflict piercing damage. Windy begged him to stop, but Flame cut the talk, as "Heatleo" dealt 2300 LP damage to Windy. His eyes ablaze, Soulburner went to finish the Duel with a third attack.[38]

Windy smiled, as he sent "Stormrider Gulldiver" to halve the damage and end the Battle Phase. Flame saw it was a bad situation, which reminded Soulburner of a Skill. Windy gloated, exclaiming he could use Storm Access during a Master Duel. Windy laughed, for his acting made them believe in their premature victory. By banishing "Gulldiver", Windy revived his ace, at the cost of negated effects and halved ATK. To reverse the situation, Soulburner's "Salamangreat Sublimation" made him regain LP, equal to the ATK of the tributed "Sunlight Wolf": 1800. Soulburner proceeded to set the card he drew with the latter's effect, but Flame advised him to think, since Windy could have other measures against set cards. Soulburner frowned, and Flame let him do as he pleased. Windy was amused by Soulburner's foolish decision, and pointed out to Flame this was why they did not need partners. At Windy's turn, he Special Summoned "Stormridership Stratastorm" from banishment. Windy conjured a Data Storm for Storm Access Skill for the Master Duel. Flame claimed that was cheating, but Windy thanked him for those words.[38]

Using his two Link Monsters, Windy Link Summoned "Stormriderflagship Bahamut Bomber Custom". With "Blast" Field Spell, Windy's new ace's ATK became 3700. Furthermore, its effect made "Heatleo" a Continuous Spell Card, thus destroying "Salamangreat Claw". Its final effect destroyed all of Soulburner's cards in Spell & Trap Zone, and since he could not counter that effect, Soulburner took 1000 LP damage - 500 for his set card and "Heatleo". As Soulburner saw Flame was right, Windy gloated, since the human should've listened to his Ignis, which was a superior life form, though siding with a human made them inferior. "Bahamut Bomber Custom" went for a direct attack. Soulburner smiled, as he went to use a Trap, but Windy didn't see any set cards. Flame told Windy he was too excited to win; Soulburner used the card that was just sent to the GY - "Salamangreat Ascetic" - to return "Heatleo", and summoned "Salamangreat Falco" in defense to protect himself. Windy was furious, and had his ace attack "Falco", whom Soulburner protected by banishing "Balelynx". Flame counted on Windy to destroy "Salamangreat Ascetic", who was enraged that he was fooled. Regardless, he counted on "Stormrider Blast", since it could turn Soulburner's monsters into attacking his "Bahamut Bomber Custom".[38]

Soulburner's Xyz Summon

Soulburner overlays his monsters for the Overlay Network.

Soulburner admitted they had been put in a difficult position, which made Windy dare him to try. Flame believed in his and Soulburner's future, and the latter smiled, calling Flame a partner. Soulburner made a pose like his "Burning Draw" Skill, and summoned the monster he drew, "Salamangreat Gazelle". Its effect put "Salamangreat Spinny" to the GY, who was taken to the field by its own effect. Windy claimed these monsters were nothing compared to his ace, but Soulburner made him doubt his words. Using the level 3 "Spinny" and "Gazelle", Soulbuner performed an Xyz Summon, overlaying the monsters into "Salamangreat Miragestallio". Its detachment allowed Soulburner to call upon "Beat Bison" from his Deck. Returning the two "Salamangreat Heatleo" cards in his GY to his Extra Deck, Soulburner negated "Bahamut Bomber Custom" and "Stormrider Blast" cards' effects. "Beat Bison", "Miragestallio" and "Falco" were used to summon "Salamangreat Heatleo" back, and the Xyz Monster, used as Link Material, allowed Soulburner to return Windy's ace back to Extra Deck.[38]

Windy went to protect it by sending "Stormrider Tubieloof" from his hand, to negate that effect. Windy yelled out he could still fight, though Soulburner exclaimed "his wind has stopped blowing." Swapping one "Heatleo" for the other one with "Sanctuary" on the field, Soulburner reduced Windy's ace's ATK, equal to "Salamangreat Spinny" in his GY: 1000. Windy became distraught, as Flame exclaimed the flame could burn stronger than being blown by the wind. "Heatleo" crashed through "Stormriderflagship Bahamut Bomber Custom", and defeated Windy, who was knocked off his Echo program. Windy was uncertain why did he lose, but Flame replied he only thought of himself; as a partner, both Flame and Soulburner had to respect each other to create a strength that could transcend obstacles. Soulburner exclaimed Windy lost that strength the moment he ditched his partner. Windy, set on flame, shouted that he lost because he lost his cool, and called upon Lightning. Flame jumped, and collected Windy's data, but not before Windy swearing he'd curse him.[38]

Soulburner wondered about the curses, but Flame, closing his eyes, replied that AI do not curse.[38] After the Duel was over, soon after, the two saw a broadcast of Blue Maiden facing Bohman. They became concerned when Blue Maiden took an attack from "Cubic Hydradrive Lord", but were relieved when "Marincess Crystal Heart" was brought out. He saw that Blue Maiden was similar to them, too.[39] Soulburner became surprised when Bohman used "Cubic Hydradrive Lord" to Link Summon a Link-4 monster. However, he became pleased when Blue Maiden managed to power up "Marincess Wonder Heart" to outweigh the ATK of Bohman's monster.[40] They were alerted when Blue Maiden lost the Duel. Much to their shock, Soulburner and Flame saw a screen showing Kolter facing Playmaker. The two realized that Lightning was blackmailing Kolter, threatening Jin's life in order to defeat Playmaker. As Playmaker summoned "Decode Talker", Flame noted it could've been summoned to the Extra Monster Zone to point to "Codebreaker Zero Day" and gain ATK. He thought Playmaker had doubts if he should fight. Soulburner confirmed this, since this was his friend they were talking about, but Flame reminded of the consequences.[41]

Soulburner crying

Soulburner cries over Kolter's death

Soulburner's revenge

Soulburner's hatred towards Lightning and Bohman intensifies.

Flame knew that Playmaker could not fight Kolter, as Soulburner added that the latter was like family to Playmaker. As the latter played "Link Satellite", the two acknowledged that Playmaker was safe from attacks for a few turns. Regardless, Soulburner wished there was a way he could help Playmaker out. As "Link Satellite" was destroyed, the two were frustrated to see Playmaker in a pinch. Playmaker barely survived Kolter's attacks, and Soulburner explained that Playmaker was tired due to the emotional damage he was taking. The two were in despair when Playmaker screamed, but were relieved when he summoned "Extended Decode Talker". After Playmaker defeated Kolter and fell to his knees, Soulburner and Flame screamed for their names. After Playmaker confronted Lightning and fell unconscious, Soulburner started crying, as he screamed Playmaker's name. Fueled by revenge, Soulburner promised to avenge his fallen friend whom Bohman and Lightning attempted to trick.[42]

Soulburner was furious that Lightning tried to get Playmaker back up so he could Duel him. Soulburner yelled out he would be their next opponent. Suddenly, the barrier surrounding the players disappeared, due to the work of Varis' allies in the real world. Soulburner started to run, promising revenge for his ally. Remembering the times he cooperated with Playmaker and his allies, Soulburner jumped on his D-Board, and called upon Lightning and Bohman. The latter answered his call, whom Soulburner challenged to a Duel. Bohman led Soulburner to an oasis, and the two were taken underneath the watery surface, to a digital cave. Bohman explained since he had power of the Water Ignis, he made a suitable battlefield. Soulburner was disgusted for Bohman's cruelty. Set ablaze, the former declared he'd never forgive Bohman for his actions. He admitted he became depressed after the Lost Incident, but that changed when he saw hope, in form of hero known as Playmaker. Soulburner claimed he was very different from Bohman, who eliminated those that did not share his viewpoints.[9]

Bohman simply replied that Soulburner worked with Flame, yet was against AI-s. Soulburner yelled out he never said that, for this fight was not about humanity or technology, but about Bohman's villainous action that could never be forgiven. Bohman smirked, amused that he felt an emotion, that Soulburner acknowledged his personality, much like Playmaker did. Soulburner thought Bohman was manipulating him, who decided to accept the challenge, since he had some things to settle; this Duel with Soulburner would be his test to prove himself worthy to face Playmaker. Before the Duel started, Flame reminded Soulburner about Bohman's Hydradrives, which caused Blue Maiden and Aqua to lose. Despite the disadvantage, Soulburner resolved himself not to lose. Bohman started out by Link Summoning "Burn Hydradrive", and summoned "Hydradrive Bringer" to return "Hydradrive Booster" back to his hand. With the latter used to summon "Coolant Hydradrive", Bohman played "Judgment Arrows". With the "Coolant" and "Burn" Hydradrives, Bohman Link Summoned "Twin Hydradrive Knight". Finally, by playing "Hydradrive Protection", Bohman made his knight and arrows immune to Soulburner's effects. As Soulburner analyzed Bohman's strategy, Flame advised him not to go all out at first.[9]

Soulburner played "Salamangreat Shrine", which allowed him to use Reincarnation Link Summons. Playing "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar", Soulburner used it for "Salamangreat Balelynx". Just as Soulburner was to add "Salamangreat Sanctuary" Field Spell to his hand, Bohman's "Twin Hydradrive Knight" prevented that effect, since it shared the Attribute with "Balelynx", FIRE. Due to "Salamangreat Shrine", Soulburner's FIRE monsters were immune to such effects, as he managed to add the "Sanctuary" card to his hand. Bohman was amused, seeing that Soulburner managed to prepare himself against such effects. Soulburner summoned "Salamangreat Mole", and used it and "Balelynx" for Link Summon of "Sunlight Wolf". By returning "Balelynx", Soulburner summoned "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar", only to re-summon the former and return the latter to his hand, due to the effect of "Sunlight Wolf". With the two remaining monsters, Soulburner Link Summoned "Salamangreat Heatleo". Since "Hydradrive Protection" protected "Judgment Arrows", Soulburner's "Heatleo" returned the former to Bohman's deck. Flame applauded Soulburner, who used the power of "Salamangreat Shrine" to perform a Reincarnation Link Summon of "Salamangreat Heatleo".[9]

Since it was summoned, Soulburner returned "Judgment Arrows" to Bohman's deck, triggering the former's effect, which destroyed "Twin Hydradrive Knight". However, Bohman's "Hydradrive Protection", upon leaving the field, protected the knight from destruction by effects. Nevertheless, Soulburner's new "Heatleo" allowed him to make the ATK of the knight the same as his "Salamangreat Mole": 0. Soulburner's fierce attack caused "Heatleo" to destroy "Twin Hydradrive Knight", and inflict 2300 LP damage to Bohman. Bohman nevertheless respected Soulburner, claiming the latter should feel proud for executing this strategy. Soulburner became annoyed by his pride, but Flame tried to calm him down, but the former still declared his rage has not been toned down. Bohman Special Summoned "Hydradrive Booster", and tributed it for "Hydradrive Agent", which allowed him to resurrect "Twin Hydradrive Knight". Using these two monsters, Bohman Link Summoned a new huge Hydradrive: "Paradox Hydradrive Atlas". Flame realized this was the same monster that attacked Cyberse World. For a moment, Flame started to fade away, but stated he was fine.[9]

Flame realized Bohman was the one that destroyed Cyberse World. Flame started shaking, feeling anger and sadness, for this fight reminded him about the loss of his homeworld, and that was his will. Bohman commented that without will, the AI could not evolve. However, he felt that the folly behind the will was to make it like humanity's, which he could maintain well. Instead, he told Flame not to fear defeat or shame, for he could accept him as he was. Flame pointed his finger, as he didn't want to be absorbed by Bohman. The two sides saw they had to settle this by continuing the fight; Bohman declared he'd roll a dice for "Paradox Hydradrive Atlas" to determine its Attribute. Soulburner was surprised that Bohman would rely on luck, who proudly exclaimed he was a part of LINK VRAINS, and luck was a part of him. He caused LINK VRAINS to flicker once more, declaring himself a god as the dice started to roll.[9] He rolled the dice, and the result was that "Paradox Hydradrive Atlas" became a WATER Attribute monster. He rolled another dice, so he could Special Summon a Link Monster from his Extra Deck. Rolling a four, he brought out "Rousing Hydradrive Monarch" to the zone "Paradox Hydradrive Atlas", and gained its attribute. Bohman bosted this was also a good way to deal with Soulburner, while he rolled the dice a third time.[43]

Rolling the FIRE Attribute, Bohman's "Rousing Hydradrive Monarch" destroyed all of Soulburner's FIRE monsters. "Salamangreat Heatleo" was destroyed and Soulburner took 500 LP damage. The monarch made a direct attack, dropping Soulburner's LP to 500. Flame tried to encourage Soulburner to stand up, but felt a shock within himself. As Soulburner made his move, Flame reminded that Bohman's strategy to rely on luck was a random one; unlike AI, Bohman didn't have insight what to do next. Despite Bohman's excellence, using dice effects and predict his next move would be too much for him. Soulburner swore to use a little luck, too, as he returned his hand to the Deck and drew some new cards, with the effect of "Salamangreat Shrine". Using "Will of the Salamangreat", Soulburner Special Summoned "Heatleo" from the Graveyard. Bohman played the effect of "Rousing Hydradrive Monarch", but rolled the WATER Attribute. Bohman noted that Soulburner barely escaped defeat, else he would have lost. Soulburner wanted to wrap things quickly: "Salamangreat Shrine" allowed him to Reincarnate Link Summon "Salamangreat Heatleo".[43]

Since Bohman had two cards set, he explained Soulburner had half the chance of success. Soulburner picked the card on the right, but Bohman used the other one, "Card of Pandora", to redirect the effect to it and draw two cards. Flame exclaimed the choice was the same, regardless of what card Soulburner chose. Next, Soulburner's "Heatleo" lowered the ATK of "Rousing Hydradrive Monarch" to that of "Salamangreat Mole", zero. As "Heatleo" went to attack, Bohman played "Dice Logic", so that the attacking monster's ATK becomes zero or doubled, if the dice's result is an odd or even number. However, Bohman amplified the effect so that he could increase the dice's result by one, so Flame pointed out if it is not a six, Bohman could protect himself. Bohman rolled a two, and the effect allowed him to increase that number by one, so that the ATK of "Heatleo" became zero. As Flame wondered about Bohman's abilities, he continued to flicker. Bohman exclaimed the AI was evolving faster then they thought, and soon they'd take over the humanity. Soulburner didn't think of Bohman as a god, who replied that humanity's time to be at the top was over, and showed that he relied on Flame for his moves.[43]

Soulburner consumed

Soulburner's hands turns into goop, as Windy tries to consume him.

Soulburner denied this, since he thought of Flame more of a friend than an AI. Soulburner exclaimed he didn't actually understand what an AI actually is, but Flame brought him out of the despair; after meeting Playmaker, Soulburner swore that his soul would remain intact, regardless of what happened next. Suddenly, Windy emerged out of Flame's body. Flame became weakened, as Windy reminded he'd curse Flame, whose body started to wither; he admitted that he rewrote Flame, as a program, to revive himself inside Flame's body. Soulburner tried to remove Windy, who splattered his hand to stop him, claiming he was underneath them. Thus, Windy wanted to get his revenge by consuming Soulburner, whose hand was being consumed. Bohman tried to stop Windy, who demanded of Bohman to be quiet and let him continue on. Windy was being restored, but suddenly, Flame started to resist him, and Windy asked where did he get the strength from. Flame ignored Windy, and reversed his effects and absorbed him once more. However, Flame reversed the effects and absorbed Windy back into himself, which amazed Bohman. Flame exclaimed the power of his will, as his soul was indomitable.[43]

Soulburner was pleased for Flame, but the latter continued to flicker. Thinking these were his final moments, he asked of Soulburner to defeat Bohman, using any means necessary. Claiming of Soulburner as his partner, Flame felt proud to be by his side, and was turned into data. Soulburner screamed Flame's name, terrified of the loss of his friend. Bohman apologized that he was unable to do anything, but thought they could not continue the Duel on. Soulburner reminded if he quit now, Flame's sacrifice would be in vain, for this fight became personal. Bohman smiled, as Soulburner used "Salamangreat Burning Shell". Using that, he summoned "Parro", and used it and "Heatleo" for a Link Summon: Link-4, "Salamangreat Pyro Phoenix" appeared. Though he could not activate effects or attack with that monster, he played "Salamangreat Transcendence" to Super Reincarnate Link Summon "Salamangreat Pyro Phoenix". Since it was summoned in that fashion, the "Phoenix" destroyed all of Bohman's cards. However, "Paradox Hydradrive Atlas" could not be destroyed or targeted for attacks. Furthermore, due to the destruction of "Dice Logic", Bohman summoned another "Rousing Hydradrive Monarch".[43]

Soulburner's Burning Dice

Soulburner rolled the right result.


Soulburner turns to data.

Soulburner attempted to deal 3000 LP damage, equal to the ATK of "Monarch", with the effect of his phoenix. This time, Bohman played "Judgement Roll" Trap from his hand, tributing the monarch to let Soulburner make a dice roll. Claiming Soulburner should make his own fate, Bohman explained if he rolled the FIRE Attribute, his monster's ATK doubled, else its ATK turns to zero. Thus, Bohman put the fate of humanity, and Flame, too, on Soulburner's hands. Soulburner accepted the challenge, and calling upon Flame's strength, he made the "Burning Dice" roll: the FIRE Attribute. Swearing to exact justice for Cyberse World, Soulburner had "Salamangreat Pyro Phoenix" attack. Bohman claimed it would not work, either, as he played the second Trap from his hand, "Hydradrive Gravity". This moved "Pyro Phoenix" to the Main Monster Zone "Paradox Hydradrive Atlas" pointed to, turning it into WATER Attribute, and due to "Judgment Roll", its ATK became zero. Soulburner became overwhelmed by this revelation, as he took damage, equal to the original ATK of his attacking monster, 3000. Soulburner cursed, as he was flinged in air in defeat. Soulburner, before being deleted, apologized to Flame that he could not keep the promise to him, and left the final fight to Playmaker.[43]

Season three[]

After Bohman's defeat, Soulburner was reformed back in LINK VRAINS, along with the rest of the victims. He was glad to see Playmaker and Ai, noting that they had defeated Bohman. Soulburner asked if they had saved Flame, to which Ai apologized to him and Blue Maiden, as they were unable to rescue the Ignis. In the real world, sometime later, Theodore came to the truck, commenting she would be surprised if she knew their actual identities. Yusaku replied that she doesn't need to know, and gave Theodore a cup of coffee. Theodore admitted he had no money for that, but Yusaku stated that this was on Kolter's behalf, as thanks for saving his life, for now they could order coffee as much as they wanted. As he took the cup, Theodore assumed that Kolter was with Jin, and wondered what happened to Ai.[44]

Yusaku told that Ai disappeared, and Roboppi was disabled, too. Theodore thought the two were travelling through the network; Yusaku reminded that he had been a hostage, and with the battle over, there was no reason to keep him. Takeur also admitted he felt bad for Flame's loss, and thought he'd still be here if Theodore had been stronger. Theodore believed Ai felt the same way, and remembered the times with Flame, with whom he was inseperable with. He also admitted he didn't expect to team up with the Knights of Hanoi, and was still disturbed by that, since he came to Den City to settle his past, and thought of his confrontation with Varis. However, Yusaku reminded that with his help, they managed to uncover what happened to Cyberse World, as well as Lightning's plans. Yusaku commented that Artificial Intelligence was created to help humanity, but it evolved into an unexpected stage. Theodore thought of Bohman, an Ignis created from another Ignis, who proved to be a formidable opponent, by absorbing most of the Ignis to power himself up. Theodore could not imagine what future Bohman had seen, while Playmaker stated that despite AI and humans having lives, they were very much different. Theodore agreed, for AI didn't have any desires, unlike humans, who had daily routines to live for, and didn't blame AI for not comprehending a human's life.[44]

Yusaku noted that the world could've been different if the AI had won and took contol over humanity. This made Theodore think that AI and humaity cannot coexist with each other. Yusaku felt there was hope for that, reminding that Ai and Flame showed that the two sides can bond with one another. Theodore commented that the two must've had a rough time to fight one o their own kind: Ignis. Ryoken and Specter arrived, and the former explained they didn't need to sympatize with them. Yusaku and Theodore were alarmed at their presence, as the latter remembered Varis stating his true name - Ryoken Kogami. Ryoken explained that the AI were still a threat, for humanity was the dominant life form. To maintain peace, Ryoken felt that humans should stay as the dominant species. This made Ryoken's allies continue monitoring the network, as Ryoken still believed the Dark Ignis to be a threat to humanity, too, since it was very different from humans.[44]

Yusaku disagreed, for the previous threat was made all because of Lightning's ambitions. Ryoken simply stated he still distrusted the Ignis, unlike Yusaku, whose life Ai saved during the battle at the Tower of Hanoi. It was why Yusaku and Theodore had agreed that Ai and Flame, like the other Ignis, should go into hiding when the fight was over. With peace having returned, Yusaku assumed it was only fair that Ai had the chance to live freely, unlike the other Ignis, who had been deleted. Theodore agreed with him, unlike Ryoken, who exclaimed their pact has been broken, since they had no common enemy anymore, and promised he would not show mercy the next time they would meet. Theodore stated that he still had quarrel with Ryoken, who acknwoledged that and walked away with Specter.[44]

After the school was over, Theodore met up with Yusaku. However, Theodore stuttered, and ended their discussion, which confused Yusaku. Suddenly, the latter got a call from Kolter, who wanted both of them to come to his truck. There, Kolter explained he got an e-mail message, telling they needed to meet with Playmaker and Soulburner. Kolter added it was Akira Zaizen, who wanted to meet them at the central station in LINK VRAINS. Theodore suspected it was a trap, but Kolter pointed out a recent incident caused Playmaker to be dropped from the wanted list. Yusaku thought it was for the best to go to the meeting, and Kolter decided to accompany them, too. The group logged in to the deserted LINK VRAINS, where they soon met up with Akira and Blue Maiden. The former welcomed them, and thanked them for coming. Kolter introduced himself as Unnamed, who had provided support for the other two avatars. Before they started the meeting, they were joined by Shepherd, the Gore and Ghost Gal, who also came on Akira's request. The Gore wanted to thank Playmaker, who wondered the purpose behind that gratitude. Unnamed sensed something large must've happened if Akira assembled everyone in this meeting.[45]

Akira explained that the top executive, Queen, had been attacked recently. He feared he'd be the next target, as he had the other piece of the code key to the central computer. Unnamed stated that SOL Technologies has a share over the network's infrastructure, which could easily be destroyed. Blue Maiden added that they'd have control over SOLtiS androids, too. Akira told that the culprit even revealed their identity, and played the message they had left behind. He showed Ai and Roboppi, who threatened to attack Akira and take his code key in three days. Soulburner and the rest were shocked that the DARK Ignis was behind that. Soulburner demanded the reason why would Ai do this. Akira had no answer, but that Ai had declared a war. Ghost Gal noticed that Ai sought revenge on the company, and Shepherd assumed it was just because he was an AI program.[45]

Takeru and Yusaku at sunset

Theodore and Yusaku wonder about their future.

He assumed Playmaker knew where he was, but Soulburner and Akira wanted of Shepherd to cease his accusations. Akira reminded he fought for AI and humanity to cooperate together, but some assumed Playmaker would've done something about that by now. Akira turned to Playmaker, asking for his help, knowing he knew Ai more than anyone else, even if his innermost feelings were conflicted about Ai. Playmaker simply asked for more time to think of it. Outside LINK VRAINS, Theodore and Yusaku were by the riverside. Theodore admitted he felt like returning home, but with the new incident, he decided to meet Ai one final time, in hopes to learn something about Flame. He asked Yusaku what he thought of it. Yusaku simply thought of Ai's sadistic smile, even as he hurt people. However, he trusted Ai and his intentions. Sometime later, Soulburner was waiting with others when Varis and the rest of the knights appeared before Akira, who called them for help in hunting the Ignis. Ghost Gal asked didn't they hate SOL Technologies, to which Varis stated that the LIGHT Ignis revealed his true colors, and their thirst for revenge faded away.[45]

Blue Maiden reminded everyone of their crimes, of which Varis was aware of, and admitted after the mission would be over, they'd turn themselves in. Soulburner regardless felt conflicted. Akira showed pictures of the cyberspace, believing Ai and Roboppi were near it. He deployed Soulburner and Varis to the route's entrances, as guards. Soulburner wondered that Akira should remain logged out for security purposes. Shepherd denied, thinking Akira's consciousness would be stolen that way, and Akira assured him that there was no way they could reach him in real life. Before going, on Akira's request, Varis gave Pandor to Blue Maiden, Ghost Gal and the Gore to help them out. Soulburner also noticed Playmaker having logged in, and became pleased by his arrival.[45]

Soulburner rode with Varis around cyberspace. They were joined by Playmaker, and the trio went to confront Ai and Roboppi. Suddenly, the radar showed more opponents approaching, to which Varis swore he would show them no mercy. However, Ai met up not only with Soulburner, but with Varis and Playmaker at the same time. Ai thought that Soulburner hated him for failing to save Flame, and blamed himself for his deletion. Soulburner replied that he does not hate Ai, and reminded that Flame wouldn't want Ai to be fighting them. Ai simply stated there was no way to know that, since Flame was not around to say that. Since neither of the three knew which was the real Ai, the trio started a Duel against Ai's copies. Ai played "Ignister AiLand" to swarm his field, Link Summoning "Fire Phoenix @Ignister" against all three opponents. Ai also played "A.I. A.I. Wall" to make both sides unable to conduct their Battle Phase for three turns, also the time increases if his opponent Link Summons a monster. Soulburner was annoyed that Ai used the tactic against him.[46]

Soulburner continued to Duel one of Ai's copies.[47] After hearing from Kolter that Ai and Roboppi were going to Akira's location, Soulburner had "Salamangreat Violet Chimera" defeat Ai's copy. Ai noted that copies could not defeat them, but they served their purpose of stalling them. Soulburner regrouped with Playmaker and Varis at Akira's location, but saw nobody present. Varis explained Akira and Blue Maiden were never here, as their forms manifested in a different location, where nobody could reach them: an airplane, protected by a program that Varis had developed.[48] Soulburner remained with Playmaker and Varis, and the latter sensed Pandor had the advantage over Ai.[49]

Ai summoned Playmaker, Soulburner and Varis to watch his duel, linking their data to the cyberspace he was currently in. Soulburner watched the duel, and was shocked when Ai played "Judgment Arrows". He became angry, asking Ai did he even knew what it meant to use that card, seeing he could never return. Ai told he couldn't even return, with the crimes he did. When Akira summoned "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" with the effect of "Marincess Decision", Soulburner thought it represented the bond of the two siblings.[50] Soulburner cheered for the two siblings, whose cards were in sync. He did note that Ai was fighting because he had nothing to lose, but Varis reminded Ai was still their enemy. He told Soulburner he shouldn't feel sympathy, who glared Varis. When Ai defeated Blue Maiden and Akira, he absorbed Akira's data and gained the code key. Soulburner yelled at Ai, claiming he went too far this time.[51] Yusaku, Theodore and Kolter head to the airplane where Skye and Akira were. Skye blamed herself for what happened, but Yusaku assured her that it was not her fault. Telling her to watch her brother, Yusaku and the others left. Skye askd if they are going after Ai and wondered if they had any leads. Yusaku admitted that he didn't, other than Ai controlled SOL Technologies. Later, Yusaku discovered that Ai opened LINK VRAINS with all its features unlocked. Kolter informed him that Varis sent him a message asking to meet him and Soulburner.[52]

Varis explained that Ai shut down SOL Technologies, firing all of the employees and replaced them with SOLtis. When Soulburner asked if they could find Ai, Varis states he couldn't, as Ai was using a new algorithim that could not uncover his location. With no other options Playmaker and Soulburner decided to enter LINK VRAINS in search of clues. While exploring LINK VRAINS, Soulburner found an island he had never seen before. Landing on it he met Roboppi, from whom Soulburner demanded to know where Ai was. Roboppi refused to tell him and demanded that he left the island. Soulburner asked what he and Ai were planning to do, but Roboppi admitted that he has no idea what Ai was planning. Roboppi stated that he planned to conquer the universe, much to Soulburner's disbelief. Roboppi ordered Soulburner to leave his island but the latter replied that he wouldn't, until he knew where Ai was located. The two decided to settle things in a Duel. Soulburner kept his guard up, for Roboppi had been able to defeat both Ghost Gal and Shepherd, despite him being an household AI.[52]

Playmaker came to Soulburner and Roboppi, who explained that Ai put him in charge. Roboppi claimed that he could feel and think, ever since Ai linked his data to Roboppi to make a backup. Soulburner understood that, since he, too, would've seen the world from a different perspective. However, he stated he was fine as he was currently. Roboppi claimed he was like Soulburner, as he was happy before the change had happened. Now, Roboppi felt even more happy that he could think, and claimed this was what made Roboppi different from Soulburner. Soulburner thought Roboppi was provoking him, to which Roboppi claimed he could let Soulburner look into his head, but doubted if he would understand what Roboppi knew. Soulburner noted that Roboppi was acting high and arrogant. However, he swore to defeat Roboppi, to which Roboppi wanted him not to hold back.[53]

Souburner summoned "Salamangreat Gazzele" and "Spinny", then overlayed them to perform an Xyz Summon. He summoned "Salamangreat Miragestallio", and used its Overlay Unit to summon "Jack Jaguar" from his Deck. He used the two to Link Summon "Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf", triggering the effect of the stallion, to return "Appliancer Propelion" to the Extra Deck. In response, Roboppi used "Appliancer Coating" to negate that effect. Soulburner returned "Miragestallio" to revive "Jack Jaguar", and use it to Link Summon "Salamangreat Balelynx". The latter and "Sunlight Wolf" were used to Link Summon his ace, "Salamangreat Heatleo". Roboppi was annoyed that his set card was returned to the Extra Deck, while Soulburner continued with using "Salamangreat Sanctuary", to Link Summon another "Heatleo", by using the former as material. Roboppi was in distress to see this summoning method. "Heatleo" reduced the attack of "Propelion" to that of "Balelynx" in Soulburner's GY, 500. Roboppi reminded that "Celtopus" could give 1000 ATK to the co-linked monster, so it was still not enough to defeat him.[53]

To counter that, Soulburner equipped "Salmangreat Claw" and "Fang" to "Heatleo". Due to "Fang", "Heatleo" gained 300 ATK for each Link Marker on Soulburner's field, summing it to 900, while "Claw" could let it attack three times. While the ATK of "Popelion" was raised to 2500, it halved the ATK of "Heatleo" to 1600. While Soublurner took 900 LP damage, "Salamangreat Claw" protected "Heatleo" from being destroyed, and the effect of "Propelion" wore off. Roboppi became infuriated: while "Celtopus" gained 2000 ATK, it could not use its effect a second time on "Heatleo", who performed the attack. With the "Fang", Roboppi took the damage, half of the ATK of the monster destroyed by battle. With a third attack, "Heatleo" destroyed "Vacculephant"; Roboppi thus took 3000 LP damage in one turn. Roboppi's face turned grim, noting that he underestimated Soulburner. The latter was for the option to stop the duel, if Roboppi gave them Ai's location.[53]

Roboppi claimed he'd never betray Ai, for all the things he owed him. Soulburner questioned Roboppi, for he could make his own path by co-existing with humans. Roboppi reminded it was Ai who showed him the world, and swore to defeat the one that tormented Ai, to repay for his kindness. Soulburner was surprised to hear that he was tormenting Ai. Roboppi confirmed this, and blamed Soulburner for Flame being deleted. He reminded that Ai blamed himself for everyone getting deleted. Roboppi exclaimed her hatred towards Soulburner, but Playmaker reminded that there was no other way left to defeat Bohman, and Ai knew that well. Roboppi stated he didn't know that, and didn't even want to know.[53]

Roboppi took his turn by summoning "Socketroll" and use it as Link Material for "Appliancer Kappa Scale". He then tributed it to revive "Propelion", then used to Link Summon "Appliancer Laundry Dragon". Soulburner remembered Pandor having some data on it, but Roboppi knew far too well that humans could not remember everything. "Laundry Dragon" went to attack, and both it and "Heatleo" were banished. Roboppi then played "Applaincer Reuse", banishing "Applaincer Kappa Scale" and "Salamangreat Balelynx" from both GY. Furthermore, Roboppi revived "Laundry Dragon", while Soulburner selected "Heatleo". This time, the non-co-linked "Laundry Dragon" attacked "Heatleo", immediately destroying it and having Soulburner take damage equal to its ATK, 2300. Soulburner's LP was lowered to 800. Soublurner sent "Lemming" from his hand to the GY to revive "Gazzele". However, Roboppi's "Appliancer Reuse" banished it, shocking Soulburner. Roboppi claimed the match was getting started, which frustrated Soulburner.[53]

Roboppi continued boasting about himself. He swore to conquer the universe, fuse with it and defeat Soulburner. Soulburner was uncertain what Roboppi was talking about, as he was focusing on the duel. Soulburner summoned "Falco", revived "Spinny" and used the two to Link Summon "Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf". Using the effect of the "Falco" that was sent to the GY, Soulburner set "Salamangreat Claw", then used "Jack Jaguar" to return "Heatleo" to the Extra Deck and summon the former to the zone "Sunlight Wolf" pointed to, which triggered "Sunlight Wolf" to add "Falco" to Soulburner's hand. Roboppi became displeased that Soulburner was regaining the advantage, as he Link Summoned "Salamangreat Balelynx", then used it and "Sunlight Wolf" to Link Summon "Salamangreat Heatleo". Its arrival caused Roboppi's set card to be returned to the Deck, while Soulburner continued on with Reincarnation Link Summoning "Heatleo".[54]

The second "Heatleo" returned Roboppi's second set card. Soulburner, however, equipped "Heatleo" with his set "Claw", which let "Heatleo" attack three times per turn. Roboppi pretended that he was not good enough to beat Soulburner. Thus, his "Appliancer Electrilyrical World" let him move his "Appliancer" monsters around Main Monster Zones, as he proclaimed this was a card he had reserved just for this moment. He had "Laundry Dragon" co-link to "Celtopus", who granted it 1000 ATK. "Laundry Dragon" retaliated and banished "Heatleo". Roboppi continued boasting himself, but Soulburner stated he also had a reserved card. As "Heatleo" left the field, Soulburner had the effect of "Salamangreat Zebroid X" activate from his GY, reviving it and "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar", and overlay them for an Xyz Summon.[54]

Soulburner Xyz Summoned "Salamangreat Blaze Dragon", who gained 300 ATK, due to "Zebroid X" being its Xyz Material. As "Blaze Dragon" went to attack, Soulburner also activated the Quick-Play "Salamangreat Tail" from his hand, which let the dragon gain ATK, as well as Soulburner recovering his LP, equal to the DEF of "Blaze Dragon": 1200. Soulburner proclaimed he would win once the attack would go through, but Roboppi protected himself by banishing "Appliancer Reduce", to halve that damage. Roboppi was left with 200 LP, but as he was pushed away, Roboppi continued smiling. Soulburner is frustrated he could not finish Roboppi off, and ended his turn by setting a card. Roboppi laughed, as he still had LP left, to which Soulburner noticed his mood has changed.[54]

Roboppi applauded Soulburner, seeing humans aren't as dumb as he had thought. However, Roboppi, whose eyes turned red, and his pupils bore the mark of the universe, claimed he was at the peak of his intelligence. He declared he surpassed the limits, even that of Ai. Roboppi played "Appliancer Test", which let him Special Summon "Appliancer" monsters from his GY so they co-link to his "Celtopus". He Special Summoned "Propelion" and "Vacculephant", then had the latter destroy "Blaze Dragon" With its effect. To protect it, Soulburner simply detached an Overlay Unit from his "Blaze Dragon". Roboppi, however, Link Summoned the Link-1 "Laundry Dragon" and "Dryer Drake". Since he co-linked two monsters, Roboppi's "Appliancer" monsters gained 2000 ATK, plus "Dryer Drake" gained 1000 ATK of its own. Roboppi had "Laundry Dragon", whose ATK was raised to 3500, attack "Blaze Dragon".[54]

However, Soulburner used "Salamangreat Ring" to raise the ATK of "Blaze Dragon" by 500 and make it protected from monster effects. However, that was not enough against "Laundry Dragon", and Soulburner took 400 LP damage, and "Blaze Dragon" detacted its Overlay Unit to remain on the field. "Dryer Drake" went to attack, but Soulburner played the final effect of "Blaze Dragon", which let him summon another copy of it, using it as Xyz Material. Declaring Reincarnation Xyz Summon, Soulburner brought out the second copy of "Salamangreat Blaze Dragon", who gained 500 ATK through "Salamangreat Ring". Since it was summoned this way, "Blaze Dragon" went to destroy "Appliancer Laundry Dragon". Roboppi was annoyed by Soulburner's effects, and used the effect of "Appliancer Coating" from his GY to resurrect "Laundry Dragon", then banished "Appliancer Coating" and "Salamangreat Balelynx" from both GY.[54]

Roboppi laughed, as his Battle Phase still continued: "Dryer Drake" attacked "Laundry Dragon", inflicing 200 LP damage. While "Blaze Dragon" protected itself again, "Laundry Dragon" attacked it, destroyed it and lowered Soulburner's LP to 700. Soulburner pointed out he still survived the turn, but Roboppi told underestimating technology was what made Soulburner a human. He swore to conquer the universe, and went to finish Soulburner off by having "Dryer Drake" swap places with "Laundry Dragon", activating their non-co-linked effects and have the attack again. Soulburner became frustrated, for he had nothing else left to stop "Laundry Dragon". Roboppi continued laughing, for in his current state, he could even defeat Ai, and proclaimed himself as the savior of LINK VRAINS, and to save Ai's future.[54]

Suddenly, Roboppi started to glitch, his voice changing. Much to Soulburner's shock, Roboppi ended his turn, and stated he'd do a major cleaning of the universe. Suddenly, he fell down, and shifted into his original form. Soulburner wondered what was going on, to which Playmaker explained Roboppi was a household AI. Roboppi reverted back, and started talking about cleaning his master's room, which held many precious memories. Playmaker became disraught, and had Soulburner finish the duel. Soulburner drew "Rising Fire" and played it, reviving "Heatleo" and having it attack. Soulburner claimed Roboppi was dumb. The latter reacted, stating that was the forbidden word. However, it turned around, witnessing the attack of "Heatleo". He commented that was a beautiful light, and was glad to see it before its LP dropped to zero.[54]

File:Soulburner receives Roboppi's data.png

Soulburner obtains Roboppi's data on Ai's whereabouts.

With the Duel over, Soulburner saw some data, which took shape of a letter. It containted info about Ai's whereabouts.[54] As Soulburner was looking at the clue, Varis appeared, demanding the clue to be given to him. Playmaker and Soulburner questioned him, to which Varis answered he'd use it to find Ai and defeat him. Soulburner refused, stating he was in the possession of the item, and wanted to give it to Playmaker. Varis suspected Playmaker would not delete the Dark Ignis, to which Soulburner pointed out Varis' doubts. Varis stated this was not about doubt whether Playmaker would let Ai go, but about casualties; Ai could even go as far as to destroy humanity. He swore he would take the clue by force, if needed. Soulburner became grim, seeing Varis was looking at them as enemies, and reminded that they still haven't settled their score. The two sides decided to have a rematch, and Varis promised to leave Soulburner if he were to lose. Playmaker was concerned about the two sides, but Soulburner asked of him to let him Duel Varis, who claimed Soulburner would never find peace otherwise.[55]

Soulburner asked of Varis not to let him win. The latter reminded back then they had to combine their forces, but this time, Varis swore not to show mercy. Soulburner noted Varis being confident, who changed the setting: the location of the Lost Incident. Varis stated this was the best setting, where he and Soulburner would conclude their destinies. Soulburner claimed this was the perfect setting, and he would not find satisfaction, as he was blaming Varis for what had happened. Varis noted that he, too, had lost his inner peace at this place, and claimed it was time for them to conclude this. As the virtual rain occurred, the two started their duel. Soulburner immediately Link Summoned "Heatleo", using "Parro", "Wolvie" and "Jack Jaguar" as materials, then set the turn. Varis smiled to see Soulburner's ace, while Soulburner swore to use the same setup and defeat Varis with it.[55]

Varis took his turn by summoning "Anes-" and "Silver-rokket" dragons, with "Boot Sector Launch". Varis used the two to Link Summon "Quadborrel Dragon", then had "Rokket Recharger" discarded to have "Quadborrel" destroy "Salamangreat Heatleo" with its effect. Moreover, Vairs summoned all three "rokket" monsters from his GY, then Special Summoned "Noctovision Dragon". Using the four Effect Monsters, Varis Link Summoned his ace, "Borreload Dragon". Soulburner smiled, as Varis was taking him seriously this time. "Quadborrel Dragon" inflicted 1000 LP damage from direct attack; Varis claimed it was a disappointing end, as "Borreload Dragon" went to make a direct attack. Soulburner used "Salamangreat Geyser", returning "Heatleo" to his Extra Deck and reducing the ATK of "Borreload" by the number of Link Markers of "Heatleo" times 1000: 3000. Soulburner smiled, for he took no damage, and Varis noted that it wouldn't have been fun if the Duel ended so quickly.[55]

As Soulburner took his turn, he knew Varis ended the Lost Incident, and was conflicted about his father. However, Soulburner, reminiscing about his parents, thought he, too, had lost much. Soulburner summoned "Spinny", using it to summon "Balelynx". He sumoned "Salamangreat Gazzele", sending "Fusion of Fire" to his GY, then revived "Spinny" from his GY. Using two level 3 monsters, Soulburner Xyz Summoned "Salamangreat Miragestallio". He detached a material to summon "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar" from his Deck, then used "Balelynx" and "Miragestallio" to Link Summon "Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf". However, he did not use "Miragestallio" to return "Quadborrel Dragon", but rather used "Jack Jaguar" and "Sunlight Wolf" to bring another copy of the latter to the field, only to add "Fusion of Fire" from his GY to his hand. He then returned "Spinny" to his hand to summon "Jack Jaguar", and add "Wolvie" to his hand, by the effect of "Sunlight Wolf", then returned "Salamangreat Geyser".[55]

Varis noted that Soulburner's deck had strength in mobility. Soulburner proceeded to re-Link Summon "Heatleo", to return Varis' set card. Varis understood that his focus was on "Quadborrel Dragon" and to seal his Spells and Traps, rather than to return it with the effect of "Miragestallio". Soulburner bore respect for Varis to have predicted his strategy, to which Varis banished "Noctovision Dragon" to prevent his set card from being targeted by that effect. Varis claimed "Heatleo" misfired its effect, to which Soulburner summoned another "Heatleo" with "Salamangreat Sanctuary", to reduce the ATK of "Quadborrel Dragon" to 500. As Soulburner went to use "Fusion of fire", Varis played his set card, "Borrel Buster Barrier". He tributed "Quadborrel Dragon", to grant the former immunity to activated card effects and placed two counters on the Trap. Varis claimed that Soulburner should've used "Miragestallio" to return it to the Extra Deck.[55]

Regardless, Soulburner continued playing "Fusion of Fire", fusing "Wolvie" and "Heatleo" to Fusion Summon "Salamangreat Violet Chimera". The latter's ATK was increased by half of that of its materials: 2000. Soulburner also equipped "Salamangreat Kernel". As "Violet Chimera" went to attack, "Kernel" reduced the ATK of "Borreload Dragon" by 800, to which the latter reduced the ATK of Chimera from 4800 to 4300. However, since it battled a monster with different ATK, the ATK of "Violet Chimera" doubled to 8600. To save himself, Varis removed a counter from "Borrel Buster Barrier" to halve the damage, surviving the attack with 800 LP left. As Soulburner ended his turn, Varis mused that Soulburner failed to defeat him, but the latter was happy enough that he destroyed the ace monster and shaved off a lot of Varis' LP. As thunder started striking, Varis declared Soulburner would lose in the next turn.[55]

Varis belittled Soulburner for his attack, which could not have defeated him. Varis proclaimed he'd defeat Soulburner, and would get stuck to the past and the facility of the Lost Incident. Varis claimed Soulburner had Flame as his mentor, and without him, Soulburner was failing. Varis played "Boot Sector Launch" to revive "Anesthrokket Dragon", and used "Borrel Regenerator" to revive "Silverokket Dragon", then destroy it with "Squib Draw", chaining the effect of "Regenerator" to draw three cards in total. He Special Summoned "Absorouter Dragon", and used it and "Anesthrokket" to Link Summon "Quadborrel Dragon". Moreover, by playing "Borrel Half Replace", Varis summoned a "Borrel" monster, whose Link Markers equaled that of "Borreload Dragon" in his GY. He chose "Borrelsword Dragon", but with its ATK halved and its effects negated. He then banished "Anesthrokket" and "Silverroket" dragons from his GY to play "Borrel Half Replace" from his GY, summoning a "Booster Dragon".[1]

Varis then used "Quadborrel Dragon" to destroy a monster. Soulburner reminded that "Salamangreat Kernel" protected his "Salamangreat Violet Chimera", but Varis targeted "Borrelsword Dragon", allowing him to revive "Magnarokket Dragon" and "Rokket Recharger". Varis had "Booster Dragon" target "Magnarokket Dragon" to increase its ATK and DEF by 500, but in truth, he only had it targeted to destroy itself to send "Violet Chimera" to the GY. Since the latter was protected by "Salamangreat Kernel", Varis used "Link Burst" to destroy "Booster Dragon" and "Violet Chimera". Soulburner's "Salamangreat Kernel" returned "Sunlight Wolf" from his GY to protect the Fusion Monster. While Varis saw that Soulburner negated this tactic, too, Soulburner stated that for the rest of the turn, "Violet Chimera" could not be destroyed by battle, either.[1]

Soulburner pointed out that Varis' tactics only made his "Violet Chimera" even stronger. Varis pointed out his intention was not to destroy "Violet Chimera": the destroyed "Booster Dragon" let Varis Special Summon his "Borreload Dragon" back to the field. He then sent "Rokket Recharger" to summon "Quadborrel Dragon" to his field, then summoned "Rokket Synchron". The latter revived "Absorouter Dragon" and tuned itself with it, Synchro Summoning "Borreload Savage Dragon", who equipped "Borrelsword Dragon" to itself, gaining 4 "Borrel Counters" and 1500 ATK. Using the two "Quadborrel Dragons" he had left, Varis Link Summoned the Link-4 "Topologic Zeroboros", who gained 800 ATK - 200 for each banished card. Varis' "Borreload Dragon" went to attack, its effect decreasing the ATK of "Salamangreat Violet Chimera" by 500. Soulburner went to play "Salamangeat Geyser", but by removing a counter from "Savage Dragon", Varis negated that effect.[1]

While "Violet Chimera" was not destroyed, Soulburner took 1200 LP damage. "Borreload Savage Dragon" went to attack "Violet Chimera", whose ATk was doubled by fighting a monster, whose ATK was different from its original ATK. Soulburner was knocked down on the floor, as he took 900 LP damage. Finally, "Topologic Zeroboros" made its attack, leaving Soulburner wounded at 700 LP. Varis ended his turn, while Soulburner swore to burn Varis up on this turn. Varis reminded it was not over yet, as the effect of the destroyed "Magnarokket Dragon" brought out an "Autorokket Dragon". This activated the effect of "Zeroboros", banishing everything on the field. Varis smiled, as he blew away the flame of hope from Soulburner to defeat him. Soulburner analyzed Varis, viewing him as the greatest opponent he had ever faced. Soulburner wondered if he could even defeat him.[1]

Varis sensed that Soulburner's spirit was trapped inside, and he could not find a way to move forward. He claimed Soulburner could not find that path. Soulburner knew that Varis knew what happened to his parents, during the Lost Incient. In fact, he mentioned that he had a silly fight with his parents, on the day he was kidnapped. However, he could not remember exactly what he had told them, out of fear. He knew it was something horrible, and asked Varis how could he apologize to them if they were gone. Varis respected Soulburner, stating there was no need to apologize. He believed that those that have passed away haven't truly disappeared from their lives. However, Varis stated that he was living life that wouldn't bring shame to them, unlike Soulburner. He pointed out Soulburner was living a shameful life. The latter took offense to that, to which Varis dared him to defeat him. Soulburner revised that he had no cards in his hand nor on his field, and the next draw would determine his destiny.[1]

As Soulburner went to make his draw, he heard a familiar voice. He saw Flame, who commented this wasn't like Soulburner, and stated Varis was right. Soulburner gasped, while Flame reminded that he and Soulburner's parents had passed away, but they were still with Soulburner, in his heart. Flame dared Soulburner to move on, who regained his confidence. Flame became pleased and disappeared, to which Soulburner saw that everything he did was part of him. As the virtual rain stopped, Soulburner slapped himself to continue. As Soulburner drew a card, Varis Special Summoned his "Topologic Zeroboros". With 11 banished cards, it gained 2200 ATK. Moreover, it was placed so its Link Markers pointed to the two Extra Monster Zones. Soulburner stated this only gave him an opportunity. He played the card he drew: "Burning Draw". He drew four cards, one each for the Link Marker of "Zeroboros". Using "Link Fire's Return", Soulburner revived "Heatleo" and inflicted 600 effect damage to Varis.[1]

Next, he Special Summoned "Salamangreat Salamandra", using it and "Heatleo" to Link Summon "Salamangreat Pyro Phoenix". Varis suspected that he summoned a monster without knowing what'd happen: his "Karmacept Dragon" from his hand was equipped to "Pyro Phoenix". As "Topologic Zeroboros" would banish all monsters, Varis announced that the banished monster equipped with "Karmacept Dragon" would inflict effect damage to Soulburner, equal to its ATK. Using the Quick-Play Spell "Salamangreat Transcendence", Soulburner re-Link Summoned "Pyro Phoenix". Varis pointed out it was pointless: "Zeroboros" banished everything. While Varis applauded Soulburner for avoiding the effect damage of "Karmacept Dragon", but it had another effect: Varis targeted the Link-4 "Pyro Phoenix" in Soulburner's GY to Special Summon a monster with the same Link Rating from his GY, "Borreload Dragon".[1]

Soulburner refused to backdown, and instead move forward - "Salamangreat Salamandra" let him revive "Heatleo" from his GY, and negating the effects of "Borreload Dragon". Playing his second copy of "Salamangreat Sanctuary", Soulburner had "Heatleo" reincarnate. The new "Heatleo" had the ATK of "Borreload Dragon" lowered to that of "Balelynx": 500. Varis gritted his teeth, as "Heatleo" attacked "Borreload Dragon". However, Varis praised Soulburner for his victory, who remembered Flame's words that Varis wanted to apologize for the Lost Incident. As "Heatleo" destroyed "Borreload Dragon", Varis' helmet was shattered. Varis closed his eyes and was defeated.[1] The two sides were exhausted from the intense duel. As the facility disappeared, Soulburner thought of his parents and Flame, whereas Varis thought of Dr. Kogami. Varis noted that Soulburner overcame his past that was holding him. Soulburner believed that Varis didn't even care about the letter, only to help him out. Varis denied, for this Duel was to help himself, to break his own curse.[56]

Varis looked at Playmaker, seeing that Ai contacted him to reach out to him, and that his battle would be the final one against the Dark Ignis. Varis let Playmaker handle this situation, as he proclaimed his mission was over. He went to turn himself in as the criminal, but Soulburner stopped him, for he wanted to prevent that. He stated that Varis' duty was to monitor the network; Soulburner stated he would return to his hometown when all of this was over, and live life like he was supposed to, with his friend Kiku. He admitted there would be the time where people, including him, would forget about the Lost Incident, and was why he didn't want Varis to get punished and forget about that incident, for it was his duty to remember that. Varis closed his eyes, and promised do to that. Soulburner became happy, and admitted it was nice that he met Varis. Varis felt the same, and bid farewell to Soulburner and Playmaker, as he logged out.[56]

Kiku and Takeru in the future

Theodore shows Kiku how to log into LINK VRAINS.

Soulburner turned to Playmaker, and gave him Ai's message. Playmaker accepted the letter, and declared it was his mission. Soulburner watched as Playmaker summoned his D-Board and flew away. Later, Kolter served Theodore some coffee, praising him for the successful mission. Theodore thanked Kolter, and asked did Yusaku come at the food truck, since he was not seen at school. Kolter confirmed this, to which Kolter said that Yusaku would depart soon. Kolter added that Yusaku was always silent, to which Theodore noted that he already had left.[56] Three months later, after Ai's defeat, Theodore went back home. He met up with Kiku in his house, and showed her how to log into LINK VRAINS. Inside, he showed Kiku the cyberspace, to which Kiku shared her amazement. Kiku looked at Soulburner, and was amazed by his appearance. Soulburner blushed, but stated there was 'someone' even cooler than him. Kiku wanted to meet him, to which Soulburner explained that guy was on a journey.[57]



Flame is Theodore's partner who was modeled after him during the Lost Incident. Although the Ignis teases him at times and Soulburner is shown to be unamused by Flame's behaviours. Theodore is very close to Flame as they take on challenges together. It was Flame's encouragement that helped Theodore overcome his fears and move forward. Whenever Theodore shows a lack of confidence, he often relies on Flame for advice and shows genuine concern for him when in trouble. Similar to Ai, Flame sometimes mimics Soulburner's movements during his duels. Their closeness is best shown in their duel against Windy in which they proved the power of the bond between Ignis and Partner.

After resisting Windy's control, Flame ended up terminating himself, leaving Theodore devastated. Despite this, Theodore continued dueling against Bohman to carry on his partner's will. After he lost, Theodore apologizes to Flame, while staring at his Duel Disk. Even after some time, Theodore still mourned Flame's death.

Kiku Kamishirakawa[]

Kiku is a close friend of Theodore. She would often try to convince him to come back to school. She occasionally teases Theodore over is fear of ghosts or lack of computer skills. Still, the two care about each other, as Theodore came to save Kiku when Ryujiro and his gang kidnapped her, even though it meant dueling which he swore never to do again after the Lost Incident. Theodore trusts Kiku enough to look after his grandparents when he left for Den City, and even admitted he was not himself the way he was. She in return did not ask why, but understood when she noticed he was full of life in his decision to leave.

Yusaku Fujiki[]

Yusaku is a fellow Lost Incident victim and Theodore's partner, who idolizes him as the hero of LINK VRAINS. Although Yusaku was suspicious of him when they first met in person, he soon grew to understand and support Theodore after learning he's an ally. Since then, Theodore has served as a partner to Yusaku during their missions to find the remaining Ignis and stop the mystery duelist Bohman. Theodore is also very loyal and protective towards Yusaku, dueling Bit and Boot, The Gore, and Blue Gal so that Yusaku can move forward and complete his mission. Yusaku, in turn, sees Theodore as a partner and cares about him as seen when he shows relief after he regroups with him following his duel with The Gore and when he shows genuine concern for him when he falls prey to Shepherd's trap. When Ai suggests running away, Yusaku firmly says he won't abandon Soulburner, showing that he cares about his fellow comrade. When Theodore is eventually saved by Emma, Yusaku once again shows relief that he's okay.

Cal Kolter[]

Upon first meeting, Kolter was very welcoming of Theodore, Likewise Theodore is in good terms with Kolter and sympathizes with Kolter over Jin's situation. Kolter would soon add a second chamber to Cafe Nom for Theodore to use and not long after told him and Flame the story behind how Yusaku and Kolter met, noting that both Theodore and Flame are their allies in their fight, and therefore they should know more about Yusaku. When Kolter was erased following his duel against Yusaku, Theodore shed tears and mourned his death, becoming deeply enraged and promising to make Bohman and Lightning pay for their actions. In the dub, Kolter gave Theodore the nickname "Teddy".

Skye Zaizen[]

Theodore admires Skye as one of the heroes of Link VRAINS for defeating the Knights of Hanoi. When he met her as Blue Gal, he thought her new avatar was cool. He was excited for the opportunity to duel her. When Theodore introduced himself to Skye in the real world, he noted how different her personality was and wants to talk about how exciting their duel was. When Skye revealed she teamed up with Aqua and changed her avatar to Blue Maiden, he was both amazed and happy to be working with her.

George Gore[]

Theodore considers The Gore as one of the heroes of Link VRAINS. He was thrilled at the opportunity to duel George, referring to him as "senpai." However, Theodore soon became disheartened when George said he only cared about defeating Playmaker and proving he was the best. Theodore told George that "The Gore" he knew was a great Duelist who gave him courage, not at all the man he was now. Soulburner seemed to be disheartened at how the Gore had become during his second duel against Playmaker.


Much like Yusaku, Theodore initially believed the Knights of Hanoi were fully responsible for the Lost Incident and personally blamed Varis for it and the death of his parents. When Varis offered a temporary alliance with Playmaker's team, Soulburner immediately refused and lashed out against Varis, recklessly demanding a duel. After Soulburner calmed down Varis revealed his true identity as well as the fact that he was only an 8-year old during the incident. Ryoken also revealed that he was the one who reported the kidnappings to the police in the first place. Theodore cautiously decided to work with Varis, though he still remained wary of him. After the fight with Lightning and Bohman was over, Theodore still bore a grudge against Ryoken when the latter still viewed the Ignis as a threat, and vowed to settle things with him. When Theodore and his allies had to once again team up with Varis, Theodore felt uneasy. After hearing that Varis and the Knights of Hanoi are willing to turn themselves in once Ai is defeated, Theodore was shocked, noting that as guilty as they once were, it doesn't feel right. After realizing that Varis dueled him so that they can both overcome their Lost Incident past, Theodore lets go of all his animosity and sadness and tells Varis to hold onto the memory of that incident instead of turning himself in. Theodore and Varis both admit they were glad to have met each other, finally seeing each other as friends before Varis' farewell.


"Salamangreat" Deck[]

Theodore uses a "Salamangreat" Deck. The Deck's primary strategy is to rely on swarm and Graveyard effects to Link Summon "Salamangreat Heatleo" and use monster effects to disrupt the opponent's backrow. If pushed on the defensive, Soulburner is able to use a variety of cards with life restoring effects, such as "Energy of Fire" and "Salamangreat Raccoon", to restore his Life Points to sustain heavy damage. With "Salamangreat Sanctuary", Soulburner is able to pull off a "Reincarnation Link Summon", a different approach to Link Summoning, strengthening his ace monster further. Theodore compliments this by using effects that return cards from his Graveyard to the Deck, allowing him to recycle his Link Monsters to reuse "Reincarnation Link Summoning" multiple times. He is also able to use Ritual, Fusion, and Xyz Summoning as additional offensive measures.

Past Deck[]

Before obtaining his Salamangreat cards, Theodore used a FIRE Warrior Deck that focused on monsters that can Special Summon themselves with varied tactics such as strong offensive power or inflicting effect damage.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Unknown Duelist 61 Lose (flashback)
Unknown Duelist 61 Lose (flashback)
Ridley 61-63 Win (flashback)
Bit and Boot 49 Win
George Gore/The Gore 51-52 Win
Skye Zaizen/Blue Gal 56 Win
Kenneth Drayden/The Shepherd 62-63 No result
Ryoken Kogami/Varis 84 No result
Bit and Boot 86 Win
Windy 88-89 Win
Bohman 94-95 Lose
Ai copy 106-108 Win
Roboppi 112-114 Win
Ryoken Kogami/Varis 115-116 Win


  • Theodore's hair colors as Soulburner appear to be a combination of Playmaker's, Blue Angel's and The Gore's, all of whom he refers to as the heroes of LINK VRAINS for stopping the Knights of Hanoi.
  • Like many characters, Theodore says "Are you sure?" when he's about to turn a Duel around in the original. However, he says "Soitsu wa dou kana?" instead of "Sore wa dou kana?"
  • Theodore is the only character in VRAINS to use more than one Xyz Monster.
    • Out of the characters in VRAINS that used Xyz Monsters, Theodore is the only one to never use Synchro Monsters.


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