Wicked Eraser

The Wicked Eraser is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. It is one of the three Wicked Gods, and its Duel Monsters card counterpart is "The Wicked Eraser".


Maximillion Pegasus created 3 Duel Monsters cards, who were known as the Wicked Gods, to keep his Egyptian Gods in check, but stopped their production due to his fear of their immense power. After Pegasus passed away, Yako Tenma completed what Pegasus had left behind of the three Wicked Gods.

Yako used the power of "The Wicked Eraser", one of the three Wicked Gods, to revive Keith Howard, and gave one copy of it to Keith, and another to Yako. Keith used "The Wicked Eraser" during his Duel against Richie Merced, defeating him. Because "The Wicked Eraser", the final Wicked God, was Summoned, Project R.A can reach its final stage. Keith later uses this card against Jonouchi, in combination with "Card Hexative". During the Duel, Keith was complaining about the fact that "The Wicked Eraser" doesn't work with his Machine Deck, calling it a ridiculous card, and implied that Yako forced him to use it. Jonouchi eventually destroyed it by taking control of Keith's "Fiendish Engine Ω" with "Summon Capture". When it was destroyed, the effect of "Eraser" activated, destroying all cards on the field, as its black blood engulfed Jonouchi and Keith.

Yako used his copy of this card during his Duel against Dark Yugi. He was eventually in the upper hand thanks to this card, until Dark Yugi Summoned "Big Shield Guardna", whose DEF was higher than "The Wicked Eraser's" ATK. Yako then had no choice but to sacrifice it, activating its effect of destroying all cards on the field.

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