The The Valuable Book 3 promotional cards are two promotional cards, "Rocket Warrior" and "Nightmare's Steelcage", and four Character Cards, "Joey", "Kaiba", "Pegasus", and "Yugi", included with copies of The Valuable Book 3.


The set contains two Ultra Rare cards, an Effect Monster and a Continuous Spell Card, and four Character Cards.



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
VB-03"Rocket Warrior"「ロケット戦士」Ultra RareEffect Monster
VB-04"Nightmare's Steelcage"「悪夢の鉄檻」Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
"Joey"「城之内」Character Card
"Kaiba"「海馬」Character Card
"Pegasus"「ペガサス」Character Card
"Yugi"「遊戯」Character Card

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