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The Ultimate Creature of Destruction
(きょう) (じん) () (てき) (さい) (きょう)
English The Ultimate Creature of Destruction
French La Créature Ultime de Destruction
German Die ultimative Kreatur der Zerstörung
Italian La Creatura Finale della Distruzione
Korean 강인! 무적! 최강!
Portuguese A Criatura Definitiva da Destruição
Spanish La Criatura de la Destrucción Definitiva
Japanese (kana) きょうじん!むてき!さいきょう!
Japanese (base) 強靭!無敵!最強!
Japanese (rōmaji) Kyōjin! Muteki! Saikyō!
Japanese (translated) Impregnable! Unrivaled! Strongest!
Other names The Toughest! The Invincible! The Unbeatable!
Card type Trap TRAP
Property Normal Normal
Passcode 56920308
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