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The Traveler and the Burning Abyss
(たび) (びと) (とう) () (がん)
English The Traveler and the Burning Abyss
French Le Voyageur et les Abysses Ardents
German Der Reisende und der Weg zum Brennenden Abgrund
Italian Il Viaggiatore e l'Abisso Bruciante
Korean 여행자의 도피안
Portuguese O Viajante e o Abismo Ardente
Spanish El Viajero y el Abismo Ardiente
Japanese (kana) たびびとのとうひがん
Japanese (base) 旅人の到彼岸
Japanese (rōmaji) Tabibito no Tōhigan
Japanese (translated) The Traveler Arrives at the Afterlife
Card type Trap
Property Normal
Passcode 20036055
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