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{{Not archetype|Prophecy|魔導}}
{{Not archetype member|Prophecy|魔導}}
{{Unofficial name|Arabic|Chinese|Croatian|Greek|Portuguese}}
{{Unofficial name|Arabic|Chinese|Croatian|Greek|Portuguese}}
{{Unofficial lore|Portuguese}}
{{Unofficial lore|Portuguese}}

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The Transmigration Prophecy
(てん) (せい) () (げん)
English The Transmigration Prophecy
Chinese 转生的预言
French La Prophétie de la Transmigration
German Die Auswanderungsprophezeiung
Italian La Profezia della Trasmigrazione
Korean 전생의 예언
Portuguese A Profecia da Transmigração
Spanish La Profecía de la Transmigración
Japanese (kana) てんせいのよげん
Japanese (base) 転生の予言
Attribute TRAP TRAP.svg
StatusesLimited (OCG)
Semi-Limited (TCG Advanced and Traditional)
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