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{{Unofficial name|Greek}}
|frname = La Prophétie de la Transmigration
|dename = Die Auswanderungsprophezeiung
|grname = Η Προφητεία της Μετεμψύχωσης
|krname = 전생의 예언
|ptname = A Profecia da Transmigração
|kanji = 転生の予言
|phon = Tensei no Yogen
|trans = Reincarnation Premonition
|image = TheTransmigrationProphecySTON-EN-R.jpg
|thname = คำพยากรณ์แห่งการคืนชีพ
|attribute = Trap
|typest = Normal
|itname = La Profezia della Trasmigrazione
|lore = Select 2 cards from the [[Graveyard]](s), and shuffle them into their owner's [[Main Deck|Deck]](s).
|ptlore = Selecione 2 cartas do(s) [[Graveyard|Cemitério]](s) e embaralhe-as ao(s) [[Main Deck|Deck]](s) de seus donos.
|action1 = Returns from Graveyard to Deck
|action2 = Returns from your Graveyard to your Deck
|action3 = Returns from your opponent's Graveyard to your opponent's Deck
|number = 46652477
|en_sets =
'''[[Strike of Neos]]''' ([[STON-EN054]] - [[R]]/[[UtR]])
|fr_sets =
'''[[Strike of Neos]]''' ([[STON-FR054]] - [[R]]/[[UtR]])
|de_sets =
'''[[Strike of Neos]]''' ([[STON-DE054]] - [[R]]/[[UtR]])
|it_sets =
'''[[Strike of Neos]]''' ([[STON-IT054]] - [[R]]/[[UtR]])
|sp_sets =
'''[[Strike of Neos]]''' ([[STON-SP054]] - [[R]]/[[UtR]])
|jp_sets =
'''[[Strike of Neos]]''' ([[STON-JP054]] - [[R]])
|kr_sets =
'''[[Strike of Neos]]''' ([[STON-KR054]] - [[R]])
|ygo_sets =
'''[[Pack 43 (YGOO-BP)|Pack 43]]'''
|adv = Limited
|gx04status = Limited

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