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The New Ruler booster is a Japanese Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is the first Booster Pack in the OCG Series 3. This is the first Booster Pack to use three letter abbreviations for the set ID and use the order number, rather than a shorthand of the set's name. This set also marked the first use of the "World Standard" format within the OCG, matching their design and layout to that of the international Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game's format.

In other languages, The New Ruler and the Japanese Pharaonic Guardian are amalgamated into another set called Pharaonic Guardian.


It contains cards like "Helpoemer" and "Coffin Seller", the first appearance of the "Gravekeeper's" monsters, many cards used by Dark Marik, in the manga, and an Ultimate Rare reprint of "Red-Eyes Black Dragon".


Each pack contains 5 cards and each box contains 30 packs.

There are 50 cards in total, or 61 in the Master Set. This is comprised of:



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
301-001"Master Kyonshee"「達人キョンシー」CommonNormal Monster
301-002"Kabazauls"「大くしゃみのカバザウルス」CommonNormal Monster
301-003"Inpachi"「大木人18」CommonNormal Monster
301-004"Dark Jeroid"「ダークジェロイド」Super RareEffect Monster
301-005"Newdoria"「ニュードリュア」Super RareEffect Monster
301-006"Helpoemer"「地獄詩人ヘルポエマー」Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
301-007"Gravekeeper's Spy"「墓守の偵察者」CommonFlip monster
301-008"Gravekeeper's Curse"「墓守の呪術師」CommonEffect Monster
301-009"Gravekeeper's Guard"「墓守の番兵」CommonFlip monster
301-010"Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier"「墓守の長槍兵」CommonEffect Monster
301-011"Gravekeeper's Vassal"「墓守の従者」CommonEffect Monster
301-012"Gravekeeper's Watcher"「墓守の監視者」RareEffect Monster
301-013"Gravekeeper's Chief"「墓守の長」Super RareEffect Monster
301-014"Gravekeeper's Cannonholder"「墓守の大筒持ち」CommonEffect Monster
301-015"Gravekeeper's Assailant"「墓守の暗殺者」CommonEffect Monster
301-016"A Man with Wdjat"「ウジャト眼を持つ男」CommonEffect Monster
301-017"Mystical Knight of Jackal"「ジャッカルの聖戦士」Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
301-018"A Cat of Ill Omen"「不幸を告げる黒猫」CommonFlip monster
301-019"Yomi Ship"「黄泉へ渡る船」CommonEffect Monster
301-020"Winged Sage Falcos"「有翼賢者ファルコス」RareEffect Monster
301-021"An Owl of Luck"「幸運を告げるフクロウ」CommonFlip monster
301-022"Charm of Shabti"「シャブティのお守り」CommonEffect Monster
301-023"Cobra Jar"「スネークポット」RareFlip monster
301-024"Spirit Reaper"「魂を削る死霊」CommonEffect Monster
301-025"Nightmare Horse"「ナイトメア・ホース」CommonEffect Monster
301-026"Reaper on the Nightmare"「ナイトメアを駆る死霊」Normal RareEffect Fusion Monster
301-027"Dark Designator"「闇の指名者」RareNormal Spell Card
301-028"Card Shuffle"「ショット・ガン・シャッフル」CommonContinuous Spell Card
301-029"Reasoning"「名推理」CommonNormal Spell Card
301-030"Dark Room of Nightmare"「悪夢の拷問部屋」RareContinuous Spell Card
301-031"Different Dimension Capsule"「タイムカプセル」CommonNormal Spell Card
301-032"Necrovalley"「王家の眠る谷-ネクロバレー」Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Field Spell Card
301-033"Buster Rancher"「バスターランチャー」CommonEquip Spell Card
301-034"Hieroglyph Lithograph"「ヒエログリフの石版」CommonNormal Spell Card
301-035"Dark Snake Syndrome"「黒蛇病」CommonContinuous Spell Card
301-036"Terraforming"「テラ・フォーミング」CommonNormal Spell Card
301-037"Banner of Courage"「勇気の旗印」CommonContinuous Spell Card
301-038"Metamorphosis"「突然変異」CommonNormal Spell Card
301-039"Royal Tribute"「王家の生け贄」CommonNormal Spell Card
301-040"Reversal Quiz"「大逆転クイズ」CommonNormal Spell Card
301-041"Coffin Seller"「棺桶売り」Super RareContinuous Trap Card
301-042"Curse of Aging"「老化の呪い」CommonNormal Trap Card
301-043"Barrel Behind the Door"「地獄の扉越し銃」CommonCounter Trap Card
301-044"Raigeki Break"「サンダー・ブレイク」CommonNormal Trap Card
301-045"Narrow Pass"「狭き通路」CommonContinuous Trap Card
301-046"Disturbance Strategy"「攪乱作戦」CommonNormal Trap Card
301-047"Trap of Board Eraser"「黒板消しの罠」CommonCounter Trap Card
301-048"Rite of Spirit"「降霊の儀式」CommonNormal Trap Card
301-049"Non Aggression Area"「絶対不可侵領域」CommonNormal Trap Card
301-050"D. Tribe"「竜の血族」CommonNormal Trap Card
301-051"Lava Golem"「溶岩魔神ラヴァ・ゴーレム」Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
301-052"Byser Shock"「バイサー・ショック」Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
301-053"Question"「クイズ」Secret RareNormal Spell Card
301-054"Rope of Life"「命の綱」Secret RareNormal Trap Card
301-055"Nightmare Wheel"「拷問車輪」Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
301-056"Red-Eyes Black Dragon"「真紅眼の黒竜」Ultimate RareNormal Monster