The Lost Millennium: Vendor Edition is a Vendor Edition Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It follows Flaming Eternity: Vendor Edition and it is followed by Cybernetic Revolution: Vendor Edition.


Only contains the Common cards from Flaming Eternity, with five of them being Normal Parallel Rares:



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
TLM-JP001"Elemental HERO Avian"「E・HERO フェザーマン」Normal Parallel RareNormal Monster
TLM-JP002"Elemental HERO Burstinatrix"「E・HERO バーストレディ」Normal Parallel RareNormal Monster
TLM-JP003"Elemental HERO Clayman"「E・HERO クレイマン」Normal Parallel RareNormal Monster
TLM-JP004"Elemental HERO Sparkman"「E・HERO スパークマン」Normal Parallel RareNormal Monster
TLM-JP008"Ancient Gear Soldier"「古代の機械兵士」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
TLM-JP011"Lost Guardian"「ロストガーディアン」CommonEffect Monster
TLM-JP014"Moai Interceptor Cannons"「モアイ迎撃砲」CommonEffect Monster
TLM-JP016"Dummy Golem"「ダミー・ゴーレム」CommonFlip monster
TLM-JP018"Mine Golem"「マイン・ゴーレム」CommonEffect Monster
TLM-JP019"Monk Fighter"「モンク・ファイター」CommonEffect Monster
TLM-JP021"Guardian Statue"「ガーディアン・スタチュー」CommonEffect Monster
TLM-JP022"Medusa Worm"「メデューサ・ワーム」CommonEffect Monster
TLM-JP025"White Ninja"「白い忍者」CommonFlip monster
TLM-JP026"Aussa the Earth Charmer"「地霊使いアウス」CommonFlip monster
TLM-JP027"Eria the Water Charmer"「水霊使いエリア」CommonFlip monster
TLM-JP028"Hiita the Fire Charmer"「火霊使いヒータ」CommonFlip monster
TLM-JP029"Wynn the Wind Charmer"「風霊使いウィン」CommonFlip monster
TLM-JP030"Batteryman AA"「電池メン-単三型」CommonEffect Monster
TLM-JP031"Des Wombat"「デス・ウォンバット」CommonEffect Monster
TLM-JP032"King of the Skull Servants"「ワイトキング」CommonEffect Monster
TLM-JP039"Gift of the Martyr"「受け継がれる力」CommonNormal Spell Card
TLM-JP040"Double Attack"「ダブルアタック」CommonNormal Spell Card
TLM-JP041"Battery Charger"「充電器」CommonNormal Spell Card
TLM-JP042"Kaminote Blow"「ゴッドハンド・スマッシュ」CommonNormal Spell Card
TLM-JP043"Doriado's Blessing"「ドリアードの祈り」CommonRitual Spell Card
TLM-JP044"Final Ritual of the Ancients"「大邪神の儀式」CommonRitual Spell Card
TLM-JP047"Shifting Shadows"「うごめく影」CommonContinuous Spell Card
TLM-JP048"Impenetrable Formation"「鉄壁の布陣」CommonContinuous Spell Card
TLM-JP050"Pikeru's Second Sight"「ピケルの読心術」CommonNormal Trap Card
TLM-JP051"Minefield Eruption"「岩盤爆破」CommonNormal Trap Card
TLM-JP053"Mispolymerization"「融合失敗」CommonNormal Trap Card
TLM-JP054"Level Conversion Lab"「レベル変換実験室」CommonNormal Trap Card
TLM-JP055"Rock Bombardment"「岩投げアタック」CommonNormal Trap Card
TLM-JP056"Grave Lure"「墓場からの誘い」CommonNormal Trap Card
TLM-JP060"Lone Wolf"「孤高の格闘家」CommonContinuous Trap Card
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