The Gold Box is a special OCG-exclusive Gold Series set that contains all of the Gold Rare cards released in the four previous OCG Gold Series sets.

This set was later re-released as part of two special bundle packs, EX Value The Gold Box + GS2013 and EX Value The Gold Box + ABYR&CBLZ.


Each box of The Gold Box contains 5 cards per pack, 4 packs a set. There are 80 cards in total.



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
GDB1-JP001"Watapon"「ワタポン」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP002"Dandylion"「ダンディライオン」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP003"Marshmallon"「マシュマロン」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP004"Jinzo"「人造人間-サイコ・ショッカー」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP005"Exodia the Forbidden One"「封印されしエクゾディア」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP006"Sangan"「クリッター」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP007"Cyber Dragon"「サイバー・ドラゴン」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP008"Raiza the Storm Monarch"「風帝ライザー」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP009"Honest"「オネスト」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP010"Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier"「氷結界の龍 ブリューナク」Gold RareEffect Synchro Monster
GDB1-JP011"Mystical Space Typhoon"「サイクロン」Gold RareQuick-Play Spell Card
GDB1-JP012"Swords of Revealing Light"「光の護封剣」Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GDB1-JP013"Monster Reborn"「死者蘇生」Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GDB1-JP014"Heavy Storm"「大嵐」Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GDB1-JP015"Scapegoat"「スケープ・ゴート」Gold RareQuick-Play Spell Card
GDB1-JP016"Torrential Tribute"「激流葬」Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GDB1-JP017"Mirror Force"「聖なるバリア -ミラーフォース-」Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GDB1-JP018"Royal Decree"「王宮のお触れ」Gold RareContinuous Trap Card
GDB1-JP019"Bottomless Trap Hole"「奈落の落とし穴」Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GDB1-JP020"Crush Card Virus"「死のデッキ破壊ウイルス」Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GDB1-JP021"Beast King Barbaros"「神獣王バルバロス」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP022"Magician's Valkyria"「マジシャンズ・ヴァルキリア」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP023"Morphing Jar"「メタモルポット」Gold RareFlip monster
GDB1-JP024"Spirit Reaper"「魂を削る死霊」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP025"Mobius the Frost Monarch"「氷帝メビウス」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP026"Breaker the Magical Warrior"「魔導戦士 ブレイカー」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP027"Exiled Force"「ならず者傭兵部隊」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP028"Dark Armed Dragon"「ダーク・アームド・ドラゴン」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP029"Judgment Dragon"「裁きの龍」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP030"Ally of Justice Catastor"「A・O・J カタストル」Gold RareEffect Synchro Monster
GDB1-JP031"Book of Moon"「月の書」Gold RareQuick-Play Spell Card
GDB1-JP032"Brain Control"「洗脳-ブレインコントロール」Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GDB1-JP033"Fissure"「地割れ」Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GDB1-JP034"Lightning Vortex"「ライトニング・ボルテックス」Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GDB1-JP035"Giant Trunade"「ハリケーン」Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GDB1-JP036"Skill Drain"「スキルドレイン」Gold RareContinuous Trap Card
GDB1-JP037"Call of the Haunted"「リビングデッドの呼び声」Gold RareContinuous Trap Card
GDB1-JP038"Solemn Judgment"「神の宣告」Gold RareCounter Trap Card
GDB1-JP039"Magic Cylinder"「魔法の筒」Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GDB1-JP040"Sakuretsu Armor"「炸裂装甲」Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GDB1-JP041"Mask of Darkness"「闇の仮面」Gold RareFlip monster
GDB1-JP042"Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer"「霊滅術師 カイクウ」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP043"Injection Fairy Lily"「お注射天使リリー」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP044"D.D. Warrior Lady"「異次元の女戦士」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP045"Chaos Sorcerer"「カオス・ソーサラー」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP046"Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch"「炎帝テスタロス」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP047"Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter"「ライトロード・ハンター ライコウ」Gold RareFlip monster
GDB1-JP048"Chimeratech Fortress Dragon"「キメラテック・フォートレス・ドラゴン」Gold RareEffect Fusion Monster
GDB1-JP049"Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier"「氷結界の龍 グングニール」Gold RareEffect Synchro Monster
GDB1-JP050"Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier"「氷結界の龍 トリシューラ」Gold RareEffect Synchro Monster
GDB1-JP051"Nobleman of Crossout"「抹殺の使徒」Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GDB1-JP052"Dark Hole"「ブラック・ホール」Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GDB1-JP053"United We Stand"「団結の力」Gold RareEquip Spell Card
GDB1-JP054"Riryoku"「フォース」Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GDB1-JP055"Fires of Doomsday"「終焉の焔」Gold RareQuick-Play Spell Card
GDB1-JP056"Dust Tornado"「砂塵の大竜巻」Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GDB1-JP057"Ceasefire"「停戦協定」Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GDB1-JP058"Trap Hole"「落とし穴」Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GDB1-JP059"Compulsory Evacuation Device"「強制脱出装置」Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GDB1-JP060"Widespread Ruin"「万能地雷グレイモヤ」Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GDB1-JP061"Morphing Jar #2"「カオスポッド」Gold RareFlip monster
GDB1-JP062"Jowgen the Spiritualist"「昇霊術師 ジョウゲン」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP063"Lava Golem"「溶岩魔神ラヴァ・ゴーレム」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP064"Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning"「カオス・ソルジャー -開闢の使者-」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP065"Zaborg the Thunder Monarch"「雷帝ザボルグ」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP066"D.D. Crow"「D.D.クロウ」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP067"Armageddon Knight"「終末の騎士」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP068"Lonefire Blossom"「ローンファイア・ブロッサム」Gold RareEffect Monster
GDB1-JP069"Stardust Dragon"「スターダスト・ドラゴン」Gold RareEffect Synchro Monster
GDB1-JP070"Wind-Up Zenmaines"「発条機雷ゼンマイン」Gold RareEffect Xyz Monster
GDB1-JP071"Soul Release"「魂の解放」Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GDB1-JP072"Creature Swap"「強制転移」Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GDB1-JP073"Necrovalley"「王家の眠る谷-ネクロバレー」Gold RareField Spell Card
GDB1-JP074"Enemy Controller"「エネミーコントローラー」Gold RareQuick-Play Spell Card
GDB1-JP075"Pot of Duality"「強欲で謙虚な壺」Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GDB1-JP076"Gravity Bind"「グラヴィティ・バインド-超重力の網-」Gold RareContinuous Trap Card
GDB1-JP077"Destiny Board"「ウィジャ盤」Gold RareContinuous Trap Card
GDB1-JP078"Icarus Attack"「ゴッドバードアタック」Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GDB1-JP079"Dimensional Prison"「次元幽閉」Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GDB1-JP080"Starlight Road"「スターライト・ロード」Gold RareNormal Trap Card

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